6 Easy Hacks That Will Save You BIG On Travel!

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6 Ways to Save on Travel

Looking to book your summer vacation? Don’t drop that super saver mentality — get the most for EVERY DOLLAR you spend!

I keep my eyes on a few different travel providers to make sure I get the BEST deal possible when I plan our family vacation. Here are some best practices to follow when making those get-away plans whether it’s a romantic getaway for two, or the whole family on an adventure!

1. Shop Around

Don’t get click happy and book the first thing you see! Shop around and know the going rates so you aren’t lured into a deal that you find out later is less than competitively priced.

2. Use Travel Deal Sites to Save 70% or more!

Save 70% or more on vacations, cruises, airfare and more through Dunhill Travel Deals or Sherman Travel Updates. These saving travel pros give you access to the sweetest of the deals saving you more on your trips and alerting you when it’s time to pull the trigger on that vacation you’ve been dreaming about.

3. Bring Some Meals with You!

Pack up some easy grocery essentials. One of the biggest drains on your travel budget is pricy dining! Think ahead and bring along easy meals that are lightweight and mess free.  Some of our favorites include: instant oatmeal packets for breakfast, dried fruit and granola bars for snacking, easy mac, and don’t stop there — stop by the grocer once you reach your destination and grab fixings for some delish cold cut sandwiches!

4. Freeze Your Water!

Freeze your water! We all know that you can’t bring an open bottle of water through security — beat the system and freeze it first!  You’ll save yourself the pain of over-priced airport water!

5. Plan Ahead with Brochures

Plan out your trip ahead of time. Don’t make the mistake of failing to plan — you’ll find yourself in inconvenient locations at inconvenient times, spending out-of-budget money in moments of desperation. We love Travel Guide’s FREE full-color travel brochures — the best part? They include bonus discounts, special hotel packages, and even the chance to win free getaways! Click here to get yours!

6. Don’t Check Your Bag!

Fit everything into a carry on — this sounds easy, but it really can be a challenge. When packing keep in mind to roll you clothes, and keep no space unused! Stuff your shoes with the rolled clothing, and be sure to wear your bulkiest pieces on the flight to free up suitcase space.