Join the Furry Club Community – Earn Up To $40 for Sharing with Others!

Does your fur baby hold a special place in your heart?  True animal lovers understand!  Our “FurrBabies” are part of our family, coming home to them at the end of a long day can bring so much happiness.  It seems as though they are the only ones that truly “get” us.

So why not join a community of like minded “FurrParents” who “get” the love that comes from all those paws!  The Furry Club Community is all about sharing with others.  Along with sharing you can earn Furry Club Points for Participation in all activities!

As a member you will be able to take part in surveys, polls and online discussions – chat with other Furry Club members about your pets. You’ll have your chance to influence one of the largest pet food brands in the world!

And you’ll earn Furry Club Community points for taking part. Furry Club Points may be redeemed for Tango gift cards. You’ll earn points for each activity you participate in.  You’ll have an opportunity to earn up to $35 for participating over two short months!  Plus, you may earn even more.  You may be invited to participate in a private discussion and earn an additional $30-$40 for taking part.

You are already sharing stories with your friends and family about your “FurrBabies”.  Why not join the Furry Club Community and get rewarded too!

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