Update! Up to a $10 Money Maker on Sharpie Highlighers & Paper Mate Pens & More at ShopRite! {Rebate}

Writing Products ShopRite Catalina

Can you believe we’re already thinking about Back to School?  I feel like summer just started and here the Back to School deals are already rolling in.  Here is one you might want to take advantage of at ShopRite!  Through 7/15,  ShopRite has  a Writing Products Catalina offer – Buy $15 of participating products and get a $5.00 Catalina. We told you about this deal HERE.  It has been confirmed that is is working off Pre Price Plus card prices!



Current offers available:

We came acrossed this great rebate offer to stack with this deal.  This rebate is super easy!  All the information can be found here.  Sharpie/Paper Mate Rebate.   It seems this rebate is working off Pre Price Plus Card prices as well. Our team tested this rebate and received the full $6 back  (our shelf price was just over $16 )


We can score  Paper mate Ink Joy Pens, Sharpie Highlighters  for FREE +$10.61 Money maker after stacked offers.

Even if you did not receive this coupons in your inserts you can still score a deal!  Check out the deal below with out coupons.

*Please note Pre Price Plus Card prices can vary by store, always check your stores Shelf prices and adjust accordingly

Here is your deal at ShopRite through 7/15:

This List Has Expired

shoprite through 7/15

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  • Elvis Has Left The Shoprite

    Kind of strange that the Elmer’s Glue Sticks on sale now for $1.49 (pack of 6) are not on the eligible list and therefore can’t be included in the rebate.

  • Harmony Spaloss-Mueller

    My neighbor wants to do this for her grand kids and asked if i could use my phone to submit for her because she has a flip phone. I did my three already can i do hers with my phone and enter her information for her

    • Ash Patel

      honestly i am all for helping people out but they may be tracking phone numbers from what number you send the text from. there is an email address for this offer that you can email to as well, so your neighbor can use the email address.

  • Alyssa Cohen Kaplan

    Usecheckout51 offers to get rebates on 5 ink joy gel and 5 sharpies extremes

  • dowman

    papermate flair pens $1.34 (PPC 2.69) are also included, so you could marginally improve some of the deals listed by getting one flair pen instead of two of the $0.79 pens or the pencils

  • loveyourground

    If my Catalina didn’t print, who do I contact? Shop Rite?

    • dowman

      go to support(dot)catalinamarketing(dot)com
      you will be asked to provide a picture of your receipt and information about the offer.

  • Melissa

    I am trying to upload my receipt but I have to snap 4 pictures to get it all. It doesn’t seem to allow me to include all of the pictures. Has anyone else had this problem and how were you able to do it

    • dowman

      Try folding the receipt so only the top portion (the store name and date), the qualifying items, and the receipt total are showing.

    • disqus_eizsgrfUr8

      I am having the same issue. I had to take 4 pictures, but I continually get rejected because the receipt is deemed “Illegible”.

  • Maricel

    None of the Sharpie markers say “extreme” as noted on the checkout 51 rebate – has anyone been able to find them at Shoprite or does the regular “fine” sharpie markers which is what I’ve seen in the store work for the C51 rebate?

  • Sherrice

    there were no paper mate coupons in the 6/4 and 7/9 SS booklets. Are the dates accurate?

    • Karen

      Regional coupons per other posts.

  • Monica R Steinreich- Crim

    I submitted this morning and only received $2.00

  • Tina Palmo Masi

    I click on the “upload” button and nothing happens… 🙁

  • disqus_SBL1VEVuDA

    I submitted a Rite Aid receipt with more than $16 of Sharpie purchases, but I only got $4.00 instead of $6.00. Two of the Sharpies came out on the receipt as “Sanford,” so that might have been the problem. I e-mailed customerservice@tpgny.com and re-attached the receipt and explained the Sanford/Sharpie discrepancy. Waiting for their response.

    Another issue is that I have been unable to successfully use the $4 reward online. I tried it on Amazon and then I tried to pay $4 towards my cable bill, but all charges were denied. Anyone have any success using this virtual card?

    • dowman

      I used mine to buy a Amazon gift card. Did you verify that the virtual card has the same zipcode as your amazon address?.

      • disqus_SBL1VEVuDA

        Yes, the zip code definitely matches. I have tried twice to order the Amazon gift card (or reload my Amazon gift card balance) and it still is getting declined. I think that they may be trying to authorize an extra $1 which is causing the decline. Is there any way to check the balance of the virtual card online?

        • dowman

          I don’t see a website or phone number to call to verify the amount, just the email contact. If you think it’s the dollar amount causing the problem, you could try buying a $3 GC instead of $4 and see if that works.