Save Even More With the New ShopRite Downtime Dollars Program

ShopRite Downtime Dollars

UPDATE: It appears that ShopRite has pulled the program, probably temporarily. My guess is they received a ton of traffic and the site couldn’t handle it so they pulled it while they update.  We’ll let you know when it’s back up and running. Either that or they were trying to quietly do a trial run on it.

ShopRite has a brand new way to earn money. It’s very similar to the old Rite Aid Video Values program, if any of you remember that. Head over to the new ShopRite Downtime Dollars and click on “Get Started”. It will ask you to log into your Price Plus account.

Once in the Downtime Dollars, you will be able to watch videos from various brands to earn dollars. These dollars, once you reach thresholds of $3, $6, $9 or $12 can be added to your price plus account and deducted at checkout on your next shopping trip.

Here is some info from the FAQ section on their site:

What is Downtime Dollars?

Downtime Dollars is an interactive experience that rewards you for watching and engaging with advertising from your favorite brands. The digital coupons you earn can be loaded onto your ShopRite Price Plus® Club card and are automatically applied to your next shopping trip at ShopRite. The Downtime Dollars experience is available on

Do I have to be a ShopRite Price Plus® Club card member to use the ShopRite Downtime Dollars app?

Yes, you must have a ShopRite Price Plus® Club card to participate. If you do not have a card, you can get one at, on the ShopRite app or at the customer service counter in store.

How do I link my ShopRite Price Plus® Club card number in Downtime Dollars?

Because Downtime Dollars is fully integrated into, all you have to do is log in and select Downtime Dollars from the main menu. We will use your existing credentials to ensure dollars earned are properly applied to your ShopRite Price Plus® Club card.

How do I earn rewards using Downtime Dollars?

Once you’ve accessed Downtime Dollars from, you will have the opportunity to earn digital ShopRite coupons by connecting with your favorite brands and spending time with them on the app.

How do I load Downtime Dollars to my ShopRite Price Plus® Club card?

Downtime Dollars rewards can be loaded to your ShopRite Price Plus® Club card at pre-defined value tiers – $3, $6, $9, or $12.  Once you reach each tier, a button will activate allowing you to choose to load to your card or keep until the next earning tier.  At $12, you will be asked to load the value to your Price Plus® Club Card in the form of a digital coupon.

Where can I check the status of Downtime Dollars earned?

From the main feed screen, tap on the card icon in the top right hand corner of your screen.  This will navigate you to an Account screen, which provides information on a) coupon value loaded to your ShopRite Price Plus® Club card and ready to spend, or b) progress towards your next $3, $6, $9, or $12 earning tier.

How much digital coupon value can I earn on the app?

There is no limit to how much you can earn overall on the Downtime Dollars app. The total amount available will vary week to week. The total digital coupon value you can earn at any given time appears at the top of the home (or “Earn”) screen; the value you can earn from each specific advertiser appears in the main feed.

Do digital coupons that I have loaded to my ShopRite Price Plus® Club Card expire?

Redemption periods for all digital coupons generated through Downtime Dollars are 30-60 days. The expiration date will be clearly displayed underneath the card image on the Account screen. The value accumulated in a customer’s account before an earning tier is reached and a coupon is generated, however, does not expire for as long as the Downtime Dollars program is ongoing.

How are my digital coupons redeemed?

To apply your earned digital coupons, simply present your ShopRite Price Plus® Club card or enter your card number into the keypad during checkout. Your accumulated digital coupon balance will be applied to your current purchases and automatically deducted from your order total.

Do Downtime Dollars digital coupons only apply to the brands with whom I’ve connected and interacted?

The digital coupons you have earned may be applied to any subsequent shopping trip you make at ShopRite stores, and will be applied to your order regardless of what is in your shopping basket.

We haven’t had the opportunity to redeem it yet as we have not been able to meet the $3. If you have tried it, please let us know how it worked for you.

Thanks Heather!

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  • MisterBill

    This may be a bit similar to Rite Aid’s Video Values program in that you watch videos, but it seems like you earn money off anything you buy as opposed to a specific product. It’s much better than VV in that regard!

    • Barbara

      it may be a bit overloaded, its a hot subject in the FB group. i was able to complete all tasks. today. works best on PC then mobile though

      • MisterBill

        I was doing it on a PC.

        • Susan Scatena

          It says, in the upper right corner, My Shoprite. There is no little card pic. in the My Account info, there is no mention of Downtime Dollars.

          • Laura D.

            Lol! That’s probably why they took the entire thing down and the curtains are back up. They must have forgotten about that. They really need a new IT team.

      • Susan Scatena

        I got the link, went to my account. watched the videos, got the $3. but how do I see if it’s on my card? There is no little card in the upper right hand corner. I went to the just plain My Account, but I don’t see a Downtime Dollars info link.

    • KLM

      yea,, not working for me either.. i’ll keep trying, this seems like a cool concept…

  • sandyk

    I just tried it. I did 4 but it says I only made .50 so I think there must be some sort of limit so you can only do one per logon or per day or something.

  • Denise Davis

    so… I did them all this am and got to 2.40, then it said to come back in a few days. I was on my pc, but it took awhile for it to open. I am sure it’s being well used right about now.

  • Kim

    Anyone else’s “get started” link doesn’t work? I keep clicking on it, and NOTHING happens

    • Pat Conn

      Same thing with me

    • joan

      Me. I keep clicking and nothing is happening.

  • joan

    I still can’t get on with my PC, and I have been trying off and on for an hour. Should I switch to my Mobile?

  • Ash Patel

    i keep clicking the get started button on the page but it does not go anywhere….is anyone else having this problem

    • Donna Lee Anderson

      hasn’t launched yet

    • joan

      I still am. Same problem you are having.

  • Sherry Z

    I have been trying to ‘get started’ to no avail.

  • Danette
    • Laura D.

      Same here. Looks like it’s not ready yet.

      • MisterBill

        Neither is the new app yet it didn’t stop them from releasing it!

        • Laura D.

          So true!

    • IK

      another fine job by SR IT folks

  • Ash Patel

    has anyone been able to make downtime dollars work recently, saw a shopping trips posted by lrwc where down time dollars dc was taken off, so i was curious if anyone who was not able to make it work two weeks ago now able to make it work? I tried to go to the page my self i get a red down time dollars page with a loading circle that keeps turning but nothing seems to be happening….

    • IK

      i was able to use it successfully yesterday

    • Karen

      I used it successfully yesterday too to earn $3 in about 10 min. I accessed the site at downtimedollars(dot) shoprite(dot)com. I can’t access it thru app or shoprite website under “save”… I don’t even see it as an option.

      • Laura D.

        Any idea when how long it takes for the new offers to reload?

        • Karen

          No idea. I hope at least once a week!

      • D

        After seeing here that it is now working, I tried it and was able to easily earn the $3 but opted to wait until $6 to load. I hope new offers come soon.
        I initially used the link in this post to access the program but once there, I signed in to the SR site and under the ‘Save’ drop down menu (between ‘Shop’ and ‘Discover’), there was an option for ‘Downtime Dollars’ under ‘more savings.’ I used their reg website on my desktop.

        • Karen

          Thanks, I also see it in same menu on reg website using desktop. Interestingly, it does not show on reg website on mobile device or app.

    • Laura D.

      It just worked easily for me, earned $3. I went directly to the site as suggested by Karen, below. It was approximately 7:30 am. In the past I’ve had exactly what you’ve experienced, hopefully it’s fixed now. Good Luck!

  • Michelle T.

    Yay! I earned the $3 yesterday, and it deducted from my order when I shopped today! Hope more are available again soon 🙂

  • Lorrinda Robinson

    I used the app and also had earn 4.00 used 3 on a purchase I have

  • Lorrinda Robinson

    I used the app and used 3.00 have a balance of 1.95 since after I can’t get back on the web site I hope that they fix the problem.