Updated List of August Catalina Deals


July Catalina Deals 2017

Here are the August Catalina Deals that started 8/7.   We will continue to update you once we learn of some more! Remember, you can see all the Catalina deals on each of the MyStore pages (select your store under the “My Store” tab in the navigation bar)  under the Catalina Tab.  Or, select “Catalina Deals” under “Savings Tools” in the navigation bar.

Watch Cindy explain exactly what a Catalina offer is and how they work

Catalina Announcements Wanted:

We depend on readers like you to keep the Catalina Offers up to date. If you receive a Catalina Printout or you see a shelf tag at your store, please submit the info using the form below:


Here are all the details we have for the current month’s Catalina deals:

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Be sure to check out all the  Catalina Deals for the month from your local store.  And, remember to check the Coupon Database for any coupons available.


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  • Margarita Wiltshire

    Shoprite had the tags for almay too.. forgot to take a picture

    • LRWC

      Hi MArgarita, do you know which one of the Almay offers? there are two listed. Thank you!