Up To $4 Money Maker on Schick Disposable Razors & Shave Gel at ShopRite!


Schick Coupon

Yay! this deal just got better! Through 9/23. ShopRite will have a great deal Buy  One Schick Quatro, Xtreme 3 and Slim Twin Disposable Razor Packs on sale for $5.99,  and One Skintimate or Edge Shave Gels on sale for $2.99 save $3 instantly. You must buy 1 of each to receive the $3 savings. The limit on this is  4 DEALS per transaction.


We have these offers available:

Depending on the coupons that you have available, you can score yourself up to a $4 Money Maker!

Here are your deals at ShopRite

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  • bilinval

    Just came back from Shoprite. The $3 instant saving didn’t come off. The manager added it once I showed him the flyer. I bought 3 of each for a $9 savings. (Almost $2 in tax.)

    • Donnyfan

      Did all of the digital qs come off in one transaction?

      • Ash Patel

        they all came off for me

        • Irma Tertulien

          What razors and gels did you buy?

          • Ash Patel

            all my digital coupons came off for me i bought 3 skintamate sensitive skin shave gel the light blue one, and i bought 3 of the shick quatro for men the bonus packs with the hydro razor inside. i had the cashier scan the shave gels first and then the razors idk if that made a difference but all of the digitals the 1 on shave needs, 1 on shave gel, 3 on razor, and 5/2 razor all came off.

            • Irma Tertulien

              Did the $9 instant savings come off?

              • Ash Patel

                no that did not come off for me. in regular shoprite match ups in the comments yan posted a pic of his receipt showing the discount and what specifically he bought.

                • Yan

                  she 😉 yes, the IS only came off in one store, but i went to another store soon after and it did NOT come off

                  • Ash Patel

                    my bad on the on the he vs she 🙂 sorry!

                    • Yan

                      no worries 🙂 someone told me before that my name is a male jewish name as well which was interesting to hear!

      • bilinval

        All of mine came off. I bought 3 xtreme 3 razors (one woman’s), 2 Edge, one Skintimate. The 2 digitals attached to the 2 Edge, not Skintimate. $5/2 and $3 both came off.

        • Joan

          Did the $9 come off

    • Jeff

      What page of the flyer is it on? I can’t seem to locate on the digital one available online. Mine didn’t come off so will stop by today on my way home.

  • Ash Patel

    same here the instant savings did not come off at checkout went to cs and hey refunded me the money. cs tried to ring another variety to see if that would trigger the 3 dollars off it did not….

  • Kim

    I don’t think the printable coupon is available … or I’m reading them wrong 😀

    • D

      $3 Schick Disposable printable has been NLA for me all morning…unless you need a specific zip, I don’t see it either.

      The $1/1 shaving needs digital is NOT coded to come off on any of the shaving creams (only razors) even though it is listed so for example in deal #1, if everything worked, it would be a $3.06 MM since only 1 shaving cream digital will come off.

      • MisterBill

        Someone posted in the weekly thread that the $1/1 shaving needs e-coupon DID come off on the shave gel, even though it didn’t appear to be coded for it.

    • Linda

      I also can not find it so if there is a specific zip code I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

  • Jen

    This is not good! I can hear CS telling me the $3 eQ is the $3 instant savings.

    • Karen SJ

      LOL! That’s what CS tried to tell me this morning! No, I pointed out, it is my ecoupon. CS did refund the $3.00 instant savings for each razor/shaving cream deal I purchased.

  • Joan

    It didnt work for me. I bought 3 razors and 3 edge. Had to go to customer service to get my $9 back

    • Selma

      I’m guessing there is a glitch going on, hopefully it’s fixed by the time I go tomorrow. Didn’t something like this happen last time too? But I remember it being corrected by Monday.

      • Joan

        It worked for me today. 3 schick extreme and 3 edge shaving cream. All digitals came off and the $9.

        • Selma

          Yup, just came on to report it worked for me too! I did 3 Schick Razors in the green package and 3 Skintimate. Great deal!

          • Ash Patel

            which green package? was it the quatro you variety or another?

            • Selma

              It was the Slim Twin 2 (ST2), 12 come inside. Sorry for late reply!

        • anon

          What variety if Edge did you purchase? tia

          • Joan

            I got ones with the orange cap.

  • Pipperroo

    There is a $3.00 razor coupon in today’s paper, journal news, NY post, daily news WSJ,

    • Michelle T.

      I was just coming here to say that. It was in the Star Ledger and Home News in Central Jersey. Yay! I was only able to get 2 prints yesterday 🙂

  • bilinval

    The $3 instant savings is now working! Just tried it and all digitals also came off.

  • anon

    Is the Men’s Schick Quattro High Performance Disposable part of the Instant Savings? tia

    • MisterBill

      Per SRFH (which you could have checked yourself), it is.

  • anon

    Head Cashier thwarted my purchase yet again! at the Norwich, CT store. She rang out the purchase and told me I owed $9.00 for the purchase, which is impossible as I had three newspaper coupons and downloaded the digitals. She does this every single time. She said the $3.00 coupon was labeled “D” which u got for purchasing razor plus shave gel. I politely left, and noticed her new enthusiastic behavior with the next customer, who happened to be a minority.

    • nick hill

      I too have had very mixed experiences at the Norwich store. I go to Manchester or elsewhere when I can to avoid potential “interrogations” and other issues I have had there.