Up to a $6 Money Maker on okocat Litter at ShopRite! {Rebate}


Okocat Coupon

Woot! I have been waiting for this to go on sale.  Through 9/23, ShopRite has Okocat Litter 8-9lb Boxes on sale for $4.88.


We have the following offers available:

Although both ShopRite eCoupons are no longer available to be clipped they have not yet expired. After coupons and Rebates we can score 2 Boxes of okocat litter for FREE +$6.12 Money maker after coupons and rebate.

Don’t have those eCoupons, well you can still score this 2 of these for FREE  +$1.24 Money maker.

Here is your deal at ShopRite through 9/21

This List Has Expired

shoprite through 9/23

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  • Gina Carminucci

    I haven’t utilized a Hopster rebate yet. Does anyone know if you can redeem the rebate without downloading the app?

    • No you need to download the app. Its just like ibotta and mobisave but payouts are direct to paypal each receipt

  • Selma

    WHAT A DEAL! Glad I saved my e-coupons!

  • MisterBill

    So, the fine print on the rebate says

    – Must Purchase: Any Two (2) ökocat™ litters, any kind, any size for $5. OR Any one (1) ökocat™ litters, any kind, any size for $3.

    – Must spend: $10.00 or more on each (2) qualifying product(s) to be eligible for the $5.00 rebate and $7.00 or more on (1) qualifying product to be eligible for the $3.00 rebate.

    This appears to be on Price Plus (based on the “limit 4” wording) so hopefully whatever processes the rebate takes the pre-card price to determine that it’s over $7 or $10.

    How much do you need to cash out from Hopster?

    • Barbara

      it goes right to paypal once approved. no cash out . its quick too.

      • Chayne

        I’ve been waiting 3 days for approval on a CVS receipt. I don’t think they have an automated system.

    • Laura D.

      Any chance you’ve submitted two rebates with two different cards? It states limit 3 rebates.

  • Lisa

    I bought Okocat yesterday at Stop & Shop, on sale for $5.99. I had a BOGO catalina Q which auto’d at $7.99 = $3.99 for 2. It would work for the fine print in the Hopster rebate.

  • Lesley

    Can we used two $3 coupons along with the two $3 digital coupons? And then submit for the rebate? I don’t see that listed above, which is why I ask. Thanks!!

    • Yan

      that’s what i’m planning on to do since it’ll be a bigger mm that way

      • Lesley

        Worked for me. Just waiting for my receipt to process for the Hopster rebate. There were $3 coupons attached to the two boxes I grabbed. I used those, so I can use the $3 insert coupons on my mom’s card.

        • Yan

          worked for me as well 🙂 the hopster rebates seem to be taking awhile for me….i have a receipt from 9/16 still pending

        • Laura D.

          The hopster rebate states limit 3. So, can we submit a second receipt from a second card?
          I used 2 $3 coupons also. Great deal!

          • Lesley

            I’m not sure. That’s a good question. This is the first time I’ve used this app. I tried getting two more tonight, but my store was sold out. I’m going to try a different store tomorrow!

            • Laura D.

              My first time using it too. I have the second receipt. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

              • Lesley

                I just got credit for my purchase this morning. I bought two boxes on Sunday and got credit for $5. Hopefully the ShopRite I try tonight will have at least one box left!

                • Laura D.

                  I just submitted the other receipt, hopefully it will credit soon.

        • Yan

          i’ve already had to contact them three already since uploading 3 receipts :))))) i’m having the worst luck with this new rebate app.

          one, because they only gave me $0.75 versus the $2.25 I was expecting for the trans ocean crab classic (rebate states limit of up to 3 per receipt and they only credited me for 1). second, they said one of my receipts for the okocat was already submitted. third, they said one of my okocat receipt was disqualified because i didn’t purchase the correct quantity (i purchased 1 box since i only had 1 digital coupon on a family member’s card and i told them the rebate detail says that i submit a $5/2 OR a $3/1).

          on a happier note, their CS is MUCH faster than their rebate processing time since i got a reply to my first email within 24 hours. we’ll see how long the other emails will take.

          • IK

            was the okocat that was refused the one where you had the digital? was the other honored? TIA

            • Yan

              i used two cards–1 had two digitals and 1 had one digital. the card that only had 1 digital was denied because the price of the item was too low; CS saw the two discounts (store discount + digital coupon) and said that dropped the price. the second rebate was disqualified on the same day because the receipt was already submitted; i submitted it again thinking it was an error or something on their end which now that 3 days have passed and it’s still processing, i should have contacted CS as it would’ve just been faster.

              in addition, when my crab classic rebate was processed i was given $0.75 versus the correct $2.25 that i should have been given, CS said they would send the difference “shortly”, which 3 days later i haven’t gotten 🙂

              so all in all, the hopster rebate is not my favorite rebate app

  • ynot

    My store has it at 7.49
    OkoCat Wood Clumping Cat Litter131.2 oz $0.06/oz
    $7.49 $9.99
    On Sale!

    • Mike M.

      Same here at store closest to me and at all stores with the same owner, but another Shoprite near me with different owner has the $4.88 sale price. Try checking another SR near you if there is one with a different owner using SRFH.

  • IK

    for those whose hopster rebate was processed (either way – approved or rejected) – how long did it take? mine has been pending since last Sat. I only purchased one… had the Crab Classic on the same receipt which processed the next day… TIA

    • Lesley

      The first receipt went through for me in a few days. I bought two, used two coupons, and two digitally coupons. Was approved. I submitted a second receipt, same as the first with all the coupons. I emailed them when it wasn’t processed in a week. During this time, I submitted a third receipt after purchasing a single box with one insert coupon. I had to email customer service as well. Got a response that both receipts were rejected because it did not meet the criteria of the rebate. Not sure why the first receipt was accepted, but the other two (especially the one that was identical to the first, approved one) were rejected. I hope you have better luck than me!

    • Yan

      It is probably rejected. Mine was processing since 9/19 so I emailed them the other day regarding that matter and the difference for the crab classic that they owed me a week ago. Was *finally* given the difference and got rejected by CS for the okocat

    • Laura D.

      My second rebate says still processing, its been a week. I’ll have to email them.