Acme Coupon Deals – Week of 9/22


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Acme Coupon Match Ups Week 9/22:

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  • ruth

    pepperidge farm swirl oatmeal bread is $2.50
    – $2 mymixx coupon

  • Rebecca Thompson

    Bummer, my store was completely out of Coffee-Mate when I was there yesterday.

  • Leslie

    I had a bad day at Acme yesterday. It was an issue with using the in ad store coupons. I do know about the $25 additional purchase for I do this all the time at S&S with their in ad coupons and at SR with their super coupons. Before the cashier even rang my order she saw the in ad coupons in my hand and said she was not going to scan them if I did not make the additional $25 purchase and she was not too kind. My store total was $49 without using MY MIXX or manufacturer coupons. The cashier and young man from customer service refused to scan the in ad coupons saying I did not spend enough. They would not even try. I did not mind even if just one of the three coupons worked but they were adamant in their refusal. I left disgusted with my items on the belt. I have been a LRWC couponer for over eight years. Though not an expert I do have some couponing experience under my belt so I am not a total newbie. Also I had other bad experiences at Acme that I will not get into. I was wondering if anyone had similar experiences there. Suffice to say I will not be going out of my way to shop there. I will focus on my SR and S&S where I would never get this treatment from their cashiers.

    • Yan

      i have had poor experiences at acme as well: cashiers stating that the coupon can’t be accepted because it beeped then attempting to keep my coupon. refusing to scan store coupons because the price of the item is less than the coupon amount even though i know from previous experiences that the store coupon will automatically adjust without intervention or would purposely go back at my 2 coupons for my 3 item transaction after scanning everything then hem and haw at the coupons then told she can’t take it. or cashiers just snide because i was going to get the free item.

      i’ve also had pretty good experiences where cashiers would manually enter coupons after they verified that i got the correct item or congratulate me on a good coupon trip. it all depends on the cashiers i’ve had (there’s a trend on the demographics who’s more coupon friendly in my experiences), but between the bad experiences and the much higher costs, acme is a store i typically do not shop at. not to say that i never had bad experiences at shoprite as well–bad enough that i stopped shopping at this one particular store for a month, but i’ve generally had good experiences.

      • Leslie

        Thanks Yan for sharing. I do believe it is particularly at this store with the cashiers. I did contact customer service and related the same. If this has happened to me I know it has happened to many others. Just by the number of shoppers I see frequenting this Acme I am sure this location is not a large money maker for them. I will wait and see and will not be running back in the near future.

  • MisterBill

    Free Gardein product with e-coupon. Clip by Sunday, use by Monday.

    • geoff84

      The e-coupon didn’t come off for me. I got the 8.8 oz. mini crabless cakes, which was perhaps appropriate since folks at Acme were in a crabby mood this morning. I told the cashier the item should be free with e-coupon. She wouldn’t deal with it and said I’d have to pay her and take it up with Customer Service. (She added: “I wish they’d do away with it – My Mixx.”) So I did. Customer Service, exasperated, said I should have taken it up with the cashier.

      • Rocky

        Hahahahah! I’m sorry you had to go through that, but, I had to chuckle at the crabless/crabby mood line…oyyyy…

    • JDE424

      I got the veggie burgers and the e-coupon only deducted $1 off mine. The cashiers at my store are always accommodating and they adjusted it down for me. They always joke that I’m the only person who ever uses MyMixx at the store.

  • Hanna

    Slim pickings on the free Gardein. Hope these taste okay.

    • Yan

      just tried the teriyaki chicken one. the sauce tastes good, but the chicken is pretty much strips of firm tofu–texture and taste wise. after reading the ingredients i should have expected it….

  • JDE424

    Icelandic Provisions Skyr are 3/$5. Use 3 $0.50 coupons off their website. Pay $2, then get $2 back on Ibotta.
    Also, there are a MyMixx store e-coupons for O Organics products valid thru 9/29 on Italian soda, juice, family pack coffee pods, pasta/pasta sauce, deli cheese, salad mix, deli soup, and boneless skinless chicken breasts. The pasta is on sale for $1.50 a box so with the e-coupon it will drop to $0.75.

  • JDE424

    The GoodnessKnows bars are $1 each. $0.50 coupon won’t double automatically but doesn’t hurt to ask if it can be manually adjusted.