Confirmed! Kellogg’s Catalina- Special K Cereal & More as Low as $0.07 at ShopRite


Kellogg’s Catalina

Woot! We have been waiting for this deal! Through 9/16 , ShopRite has a Spend $25  and receive  (2) $5.00 Catalina’s  offer on select Kellogg’s and Keebler Items.

 We headed out early this morning and can confirm this deal is working of Pre Price plus card prices. 


The best deal we have is pick up 5 Boxes of Special K Cereals and 3 Keebler Club Crackers for just $0.07 each after coupons, rebates and Catalina.

Check out our other deal ideas we put together below.

Here is your deal at ShopRite through 9/16

This List Has Expired

shoprite through 9/16

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  • frink

    Keebler NLA?

    • Barbara

      i still see it when i click the link.

  • Jonine B Morton-Sanger

    I did the deal, but I didn’t get the $10 catalina. I guess my ShopRite isn’t working off pre sale prices.

    • Selma

      Which deal did you do?

      • Jonine B Morton-Sanger

        I bought 2 Special K with Berries, 2 Special K Blueberry, 1 other Special K, all with the sale price $2.49, and 3 varieties of the Townhouse crackers included in the 3/ $5.99. I used the $1.50 Keebler coupon, (3) $1.00 Special K coupons and (2) $.50 Blueberry Special K coupons.

        • Fiona

          What was the other Special K?

  • Rocky

    Plus, if you belong to the Kellogg’s Family Rewards Program, they have a Bonus Points deal going on. I don’t remember the details, but, the more you buy, the more bonus points you earn. So, this deal should add a bunch of points!!!

  • Lorraine

    I purchased the following: 1 Specical K Blueberry with Lemon Clusters Cereals $2.49 ($3.49); 4 Special K Cereals (any variety $2.49 ($3.49) and 3 Keebler Club Crackers (mb3) $2.00 ($2.99)
    Subtotal $18.44 ($26.42), and did not received the $10 Cat. I contacted Catalina Marketing this morning in hopes that they will honor the deal. My ShopRite informed me that with coupons and sale price, I did not purchase the $25 quantity.

  • Joy

    If this deal DID work for some folks can you post exactly what flavors you bought?

    • Kari

      Four fruit and yogurt and four red berries

    • Rocky

      My deal was a little different. I bought the following:
      – 3 Special K: 2 Blueberry w/Lemon Clusters and 1 Cinnamon Pecan
      – 2 Pop-Tarts: 1 S’mores and 1 Cookies and Cream
      – 2 Rice Krispie Treats (the large size that’s included in the deal), both Original
      I received both $5 cats. But, I did check my pre price plus prices before I got to the register, just to make sure!

  • Kate

    I did the last deal only instead of Club crackers I got Town house. The catalina did NOT print.
    Also anyone had a hard time with internet coupons not scanning? I’ve never had a problem before but lately they stopped scanning 🙁 I thought my ink was not a good quality one so I went and spend $30 on one black cartridge and still they are not scanning :((( Do I have to buy a new printer? I don’t understand what happened. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    • Laura D.

      Clean your printhead, it may help.

  • dowman

    The nutri-grain bars actually have a PPC price of $3.29, so another option is to buy 3 Nutri-grain bars, 2 Special K, and 3 Club crackers. The PPC total was $25.82 and the two $5 catalinas printed. Net cost was (3 x 2.33 + 2 x2.49 + 5.99) – $5 in coupons (.75 nutrigrain doubled, two $1 special k, 1.50/3 keebler) – $1 checkout51 – .25 ibotta cereal – $10 cat = 1.71

  • Fiona

    I bought 4 Special K Blueberry with Lemon Clusters and 4 other Special K (2 Red Berry, 1 Cinnamon Pecan, and 1 Vanilla Almond), and got the 2 Catalinas. My favorite cereal, so this deal is great!

    • Jersey

      Are the cat coupons just for Kellogg and Keebler purchases or $5 off shopping order?

      • dowman

        any shopping order and can be used immediately

  • Michelle T.

    I bought 3 Nutri Grain, 2 Cheez It, 3 Keebler Club, subtotal was $18.98. Used .75/2 Nutri grain, 2 .40 any Keebler & 2 .70 any Cheezit/Keebler both from KFR emails, so OOP was $13.08 and received the 2 $5 Cats. Great deal on lunch box snacks!

    • Ash Patel

      what was the date of the email for the .70 cent coupon?

      • Michelle T.

        The .40 was from 8/30 “Make your labor day amazing” also “holiday weekend eats and treats” and the .70 was from a happy birthday from Kelloggs email, I guess everyone didn’t get that one.

        • Ash Patel