Acme Coupon Deals – Week of 10/13


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Acme Coupon Match Ups Week 10/13:

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  • MisterBill

    As posted above, Campbell’s Well Yes soup is a $1 MM with 75c coupons and $1 Ibotta. My e-coupon is $1/1 (it says 75c above). If it comes off with the coupons, it would make it a $2 MM. Sadly, the printable coupon has not reset, but I have a couple from last week’s SS.

  • Rocky

    I’m happy to see asparagus for $1.99 lb., again!!!

  • melvan

    why do the deals cut off in the Dairy? This is the second week in a row.

  • JDE424

    B1G1 Free MyMixx coupon for Annie’s Organic Yogurt. Clip by tomorrow and redeem by Monday. I am not able to tell if this is a manuf. or store e-coupon, so I don’t know if you would be able to combine a paper coupon from the Annie’s website with it.

    • MisterBill

      My experience this week with the Well Yes e-coupon is that the cashier will generally override the beep if you use both types of coupon. Just make sure you give them your MyMixx info BEFORE scanning the card. If you give it after, the register will just remove the paper coupon when applying the e-coupon. And of course, it’s YMMV. As usual, teenage male cashiers will usually result in more favorable outcomes.

      • JDE424

        Apparently when you use a MyMixx and paper coupon that aren’t identical but are for the same item like with the Well Yes soup or Cottonelle Toilet Paper, their screen says “too many coupons” but allows them to approve it. When you use a MyMixx coupon that is identical to a paper coupon printed online, it says “identical coupon used,” so they would have to manually enter the coupon (if they were to allow it) because the approve option doesn’t appear. As always, make sure to put in your number as soon as the transaction is started.

        • MisterBill

          Interesting theory, thanks for posting. You definitely need to get the MyMixx number in before paper coupons are scanned. I made the mistake of doing it afterwards a while ago for a Pillsbury deal and it just removed a paper coupon, after the cashier had already taken it. I was pleased to be able to use the Well Yes e-coupon with paper coupons on all of our MyMixx accounts last week.

  • tim

    yea the list is short??

    Also i have been getting flyers for free or discount items and you can get 10% off as well.
    Next week free bacon without purchase needed

    • MisterBill

      Flyers addressed to you in the mail, or just with the weekly circular? I haven’t gotten anything for free items. I do have coupons for discounted items with a $25 purchase.

      Where do you live, NY or NJ (or somewhere else)?