Acme Shoppers – FREE Sara Lee Artesano Bread & Splenda Naturals! {2 Days Only!}

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Heading to Acme? Grab these new Acme MyMixx Coupons for some awesome freebies! These coupons are available to clip through tomorrow 10/22 and must be redeemed by Monday 10/23! Here are your newest offers:

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  • D

    Store I went to didn’t have any Sara Lee brand loaves of bread and wouldn’t substitute and for the Splenda, only carried 50ct boxes and again, wouldn’t substitute. Pathetic. There’s only one Acme semi near me and the other is way too far to go to just for this. 🙁

    • MisterBill

      Did you ask for a rain check? In your case, I’d suggest contacting corporate. When I had a problem with one of their freebies a while ago (a free box of cereal), they sent me a couple of free coupons for any Big G cereal. Much better than A&P “customer service” used to be.

      • D

        Nope, didn’t ask but I might call customer service and complain. Thanks for the idea.

        • MisterBill

          I just went to Acme to get the freebies on our other account (I got one on Saturday). They were OOS of both and was able to get rain checks for each. The CS person was copying from another rain check so I obviously was not the first one to ask for one.

          • D

            I sent an email complaining on Monday and finally got a reply w/ a generic ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ response and a promise to actually have the free items at that store next time. No offers to send me anything so a big waste of time filling out the contact form. Rainchecks really won’t work when the store doesn’t even carry the items (they were not OOS) since the next closest Acme is like 40 min. away and I rarely am in the area.

            • MisterBill

              That’s too bad. When I got my coupons I think it was the first time they offered a freebie so maybe they were nicer back then.