Confirmed! Nivea, Eucerin & Aquaphor Catalina at ShopRite – Better Than FREE Eucerin Hand Creme & More Deals

Nivea, Eucerin or Aquaphor Catalina

Woot! Who is ready for yet another awesome Catalina Offer at ShopRite !  Through 10/14, ShopRite has a Nivea, Eucerin or Aquaphor Catalina Offer available – Spend $20 on  Nivea, Eucerin or Aquaphor Products, Get a $5 Catalina. 

We headed out early this morning and can confirm this deal is working off Pre Price Plus card prices.



We have these coupons available:

We can score 4 Eucerin Hand Creme for FREE +$2.20 Money maker.  This best part of this deal is that the ad states all Nivea, Aquaphor and Eucerin Products are included in this Catalina offer.  However not all are on sale.

You can mix and match this to fit your needs.  WootA

Here is your deal at ShopRite through 10/14

This List Has Expired

ShopRite Through 10/14

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  • anon

    I believe it would be a $2.20 mmm b4 tax. hth

    • Barbara

      Thanks. early morning math gets me every time

  • Ash Patel

    strange that it worked the eucerin deal did not work for me…

    • ueen

      did you get similar products (2.07 eucerin advanced repair cream) posted on this thread?

      • Ash Patel

        no i had gotten the exact item that was pictured but i went back and i was able to get it to work it printed. I do not know why it did not print the first time. I dont think the nivea men tin is producing the cat I bought two of the eucerin that are on sale for 3.70(5.29) (if you buy 4 the cat printed) and 3 of the 2.84 nivea men cream tin, and the cat did not print, I had to go to cs.

        • Selma

          Hmm, must be the tins that are not working. I am going to try two Eucerin hand lotions and 2 Nivea Silk body washes tomorrow and see what happens. Should be $4.88, and then get back $5 cat.

          • Ash Patel

            did that work for you?

            • Selma

              Sorry for late reply, my store was out of the hand lotions by Monday morning (ugh) so I substituted with a large Eucerin and two Nivea silk body washes, cat didn’t print.

              • Ash Patel

                thank you so the silk body washes thank you again for the head ups =)

  • Garret Conger

    Did not work for me 🙁

  • LD

    Can anyone confirm if the 3x Nivea Men’s creme and $3 Silk Body wash
    deal posted in the main SR thread works? Do the $2/1 creme IPs beep on the Nivea Men’s tins? I wasn’t sure as they say
    excludes trial size and tin is so small. Hard to say if it’s technically
    “trial size”.

    • Barbara

      its not a trial size. I just finished updating the weekly matchups and took that deal out. We tried it and it did not work. Although all items are included in the Catalina. We don’t know if it was the small tins or the new silk mousse body wash that was the issue at this time.

    • bilinval

      It did not work for me and the tin coupons did not scan. Luckily the cashier put it through and customer service printed the Catalina.

  • Fartface McGhee

    how many times can you do the offer? can i do one round with nivea and another with eucerin

    • Selma

      You can do the deal as many times as you’d like during the week, just once per transaction. HTH!

  • Elaine

    I bought 4 nivea lotions $5.99 shelf price but the cat didn’t print. Went to customer service she told me it’s based on sale price not shelf price

    • Selma

      They usually say that. Contact Catalina marketing with your receipt. Seems to be some sort of issue with this deal, many are not getting the cats.

      Can anyone post exactly what DID work for them please?

    • disqus_eizsgrfUr8

      I purchase 3 Nivea men’s creme tins, 1 Eucerin, and 1 Nivea mousse body wash…nothing printed…I’m just going to return the merchandise. CS will pull out the calculator and calculate sale price only…

  • Kate

    Just buy the 4 hand cream intensive at Cvs. Saves a lot of heartache and standing in extra lines as is usual for SR.

  • Pat K

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but can that Eucerin coupon be printed 4 times so you can use it to buy 4 tubes? If not, how do you get 4 coupons with different bar code numbers on them?

    • Barbara A.

      You can print 2 coupons per computer so you need to have 2 computers to print 4 coupons.

      • Pat K

        Thank you!

    • MicheleAna

      Actually Pat, you can print from LRWC coupons section then get another two from the app

  • D

    Has anyone done Deal #3 and just bought 4 of the hand creme at $3.70 each ($5.29) & used 4 $3 coupons? I’d like to know if the $5 Cat is consistently printing for that.

    • Ash Patel

      i did deal #3 twice and it printed the cat both times….

      • Cara

        Can the 3/1 from this weeks SmartSource also be used for this deal?

        • Ash Patel


          • Cara

            Thank you!

      • anon

        Would you provide the UPC for Deal #3? tia

  • Andrea

    I bought >$20.00 after the price plus discount and the cat didn’t print out- had to go to customer service

    • Selma

      What did you buy?

  • Jersey

    What newspaper did the coupons come in or is it just the printable?

    • Christine R.

      They are listed in the list above the deals. I believe they’re all from 10/8 SS.

      • Jersey

        Thanks. Not in Asbury Park Press SS

        • Barbara

          they were in the Philadelphia inquirer. if you have access to this paper. We get just about everything.

    • sandyk

      I bought 4 different newspapers in CT and they were only in 1 of the 4.

  • sandyk

    What is the price of the lip balm shown in the ad before the price plus discount (afterwards it is 2/$4.)

    • Gina


  • Fartface McGhee

    this catalina deal is darksided

  • Selma

    Following deal did NOT work for me (store was out of $3.70 Eucerin creme):

    2 Nivea Mousse body washes $3.74 ($4.99)
    1 Eucerin Advanced Repair “Light Feel Lotion” 16.9 fl. oz $7.34 ($10.49)
    $14.82 ($20.47)

    Nothing printed. I don’t even bother with my CS so have to contact Catalina. Again, has anything worked? Besides the $3.70 lotion, of course. My store wasn’t even tagged for the cat, sigh.

    • I tried testing a deal with the Nivea tins and the mousse and it didn’t print. Thinking it may be the mousse that is causing the issue especially since it’s a new product

  • Nicole Stenger Betancourt

    Did (4) Nivea Body Lotions this afternoon and Cat printed. Did (1) Nivea Body Lotion & (3) Nivea Foaming Body Wash and Cat did not print…had Customer Service print Cat.

  • Cynthia

    Tried 3 mousse body washes and two lotions Catalina didn’t print then did the deal confirmed with the 3 Nivea men’s cream and 2 mousse body washes didn’t print so I have no clue what’s going on only the lotions printed for me but CS did give me the 5.00

  • Trina

    brought 2 aquafor jars, 2 nivea lotions big size, and 2 nivea foam body washes, and the $5 cat printed.

    • Em

      Did you use $3 eucerin coupon on the aquaphor? Wondering if it works because aquaphor is made by eucerin.

  • Christine R.

    I bought 2 Eucerin hand cream intensive repair ($5.29) $3.70 and 2 Nivea silk mousse body wash ($4.99) $3.74. Total: ($20.56) $14.88 – $10 cpns = $4.88. CAT did NOT print. This was Washington Twp, (Sewell) NJ location. Went to CS to advise and he didn’t even review my receipt, just advised that the cat machine wasn’t working so he gave me a $5 gc. Okay that works.

  • Michelle T.

    I bought two Eucerin Baby lotions 5.59 (7.99), and two Nivea silk mousse body wash 3.74 (4.99). Sale price totaled 18.66, minus two $3 and two $2 coupons, and the Cat printed. Not free, but it’s stuff we’ll use for a great price!

    • Ash Patel

      thank im going to try two of the smaller hand creams and two of the mousse body washes hopefully it works

      • Michelle T.

        Well you can definitely go by pre-price plus. Good luck

  • Em

    Does anyone know if $3 eucerin coupon works on aquaphor they are same company

  • anon

    Does anyone who did deal #3 & received the $5 cat, provide the UPC? tia

  • Harry

    I did Deal 3 (4xEucerin) early in the week , CAT printer working, but nothing printed out, filled form on support dot catalinamarketing dot com (now they require full receipt upload for everyone). Got approval today:

    “Thank you for contacting the Catalina Support Team.
    Your request has been forwarded to our Fulfillment Department for processing. Please be assured that we are aware of the expiration date and will be providing a resolution with the time limitation in mind.
    Processing/mailing is typically completed within 2 business days. Once mailed, you can expect to receive the replacement coupon within the next 10 business days. ”

    These small cream tubes are good to keep in the car during the winter.

  • Lori Sanferraro Juliff

    I just found that the 3 of these cats that I got only gave a week on the expiration date and now they are expired! Did anyone else have this problem?

    • Ash Patel

      if they are not long past date you may be able to use it. I had one that expired on 10/15 and forgot to use it. I went to CS on 10/16 and asked if i could please still use it, CS said it was okay if i was going to use it that day. CS changed the date and signed it, and it scanned fine at the register So, i guess it depends on your store CS, I guess if you ask nicely they might let you(not all stores are the same your store may say no… or yes)