Important Update on Annies & General Mills Catalina at ShopRite


Annies Catalina Deal ShopRite

As many of you know, there is a Catalina deal at ShopRite this week on General Mills and Annie’s products. The deal is suppose to be, Buy $15 worth of participating Natural and Organic products from Annies, Epic and General Mills and get a $5 Catalina.

We headed out this morning to test the deal, as we do every Sunday. Unfortunately, the deal is not working….at all.

We tried several deal scenarios to determine what the problem was and came up completely empty. It’s not working on sale or self prices and we also tried different varieties and brands with no success.

Here is what we tried:

  1. Based on Pre-Price Plus Prices: Bought 4 Annies Shells & Cheddar (purple box) & 4 Annies Aged Cheddar (orange box)
  2. Based on Sale Prices:Bought 4 Annies Shells & Cheddar (purple box) & 4 Annies Aged Cheddar (orange box) & 3 Low Sodium Mac & Cheese (burgundy box)
  3. Based on Pre-Price Plus Prices: Bought 4 Annies Classic (blue box) & 4 Annies Cheese (red box)
  4. Based on Sale Prices: Bought 10 Larabars & 2 Food Should Taste Good

So what are your options at this point?

  1. If you would like to do the deal right away, then base your transaction on the sale price so you can easily go to customer service and get your catalina. Customer service, at the store, will look at your receipt to see that you met the catalina requirements based on sale price as that is how the store views the offer. Remember, Catalina Marketing, views it at the pre-price plus prices, not ShopRite. I’m not sure, at this point, if Catalina Marketing is actually showing the complete deal on their end right now.
  2. You can try to do the deal as we had originally posted and then submit to Catalina Marketing, however, as I mentioned above, I’m not sure how it’s in the system right now at Catalina Marketing. If they don’t see it in their system, they will not process your catalina.
  3. Wait it out. There may just be an issue with the deal in the system on ShopRite’s end or even on Catalina Marketing’s end that just need to be corrected. Hopefully, that fix will be done quickly.

Keep us updated!

Let us know, in the comments below, if you tried the deal and how it went. Please include, what you bought, including varieties, and how many you bought. We will update with a new post once we know the deal is fully working.

Remember to check out the full ShopRite Match Ups before you head to the store.

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  • frink

    Thanks so much for testing these for us!!!

    • America Jones

      Yes. I am so grateful to LRWC for testing these deals. Based on this information, I just opted to get 4 boxes w/ coupons instead of worrying about the catalina deal this time.

  • acappy

    Catalina has asked me to send a screenshot of a deal a few months back. Perhaps that was one new glitch with Catalina…not seeing it in their system.

  • Kris

    I bought 4 Annie’s Mac and cheese low salt variety (maroon box). 8 larabars, four lemon, 2 cashew, 2 pb chocolate chip. So shelf was a hair under $16. No cat, it was working because I got the cat from the Huggies deal same transactions. Hope this helps.

  • Maggie

    I think it has something to do with printable coupons. They have changed their policy on printable coupons and have been flagging them. This has happened to me twice.

    • Printable coupons don’t effect it. One deal I tested with no Coupons at all

      • sl

        So what should we do? I don’t know how long it takes for Catalina to resolve this problem. I guess we have to buy 11 boxes to reach the $15 threshold and then go to customer service to request the $5 coupon.

        • That is one of a the options I listed above

          • sl

            Do you know if ShopRite issues $5 coupon in a raincheck form, add it a $5 coupon as a digital coupon to one’s loyalty card or gives a $5 Shoprite gift card when a Catalina coupon does print out?

            • klaral12

              Usually they have a binder with current catalina offers and are able to print it as if you received it at the register.

              • sandyk

                They did that for the Nivea deal for me last week. The Cat machine jammed while it was printing so I didn’t get any of my regular coupons but at least I got the $5 cat after she scanned it from the binder.

              • dana

                that wouldn’t work if the deal is not working at all, though, unless they scan another one with $5 value

              • sl

                I bought 8 boxes of Annie’s mac and cheese and the Catalina did not print out. The front end manager said it didn’t print out because it is based on the total amount spent after all coupons are applied, even though it doesn’t state so on the ad. I spoke to the store manager and she said the information I was given is incorrect, the Catalina coupons are generated based on my shopping history and she gave me the $5 in the form of a Shoprite gift card.

    • Selma

      I don’t think there’s been a change in policy with IPs.

    • MisterBill

      Is this something a store employee told you? They are notoriously misinformed (and just plain wrong) when it comes to stuff like this and will tell you how they think it SHOULD work to justify your not getting a coupon.

      • Jeffrey Olah

        I saw it in writing but they’re still a-holes about it

    • Jeffrey Olah

      I’ve been getting crap too from shoprite in hazlet about my printed coupons and I said I’ll go shop somewhere else give me the coupons…they said oh oh we’ll put them through this time

      • Lorraine

        Jeffrey, go to the Middletown Shoprite. I usually go in the morning and even if some of my printed coupons do not print, they usually call someone to override them. Ha, I’ve wanted to try the Hazlet store, think I will stay put in Middletown.

        • Jeffrey Olah

          too far…the Aberdeen store is more friendly and they actually try to scan the coupons but they don’t have as much product as the Hazlet store

      • Annie

        I used to go to the Shoprite on Rte. 37 in Toms River with the same owners as the Hazlet store. I stopped shopping there because I was treated HORRIBLY one day after trying to use a total of five coupons, three of them with matching digitals. Had never had a problem in all the years I shopped there, but this time, the cashier noticed my digitals come off, and refused to scan the manufacturer coupons. She called a manager, who was extremely rude and treated me like a criminal. He put my coupons through, but proceeded to adjust the dollar amounts down, so I wouldn’t get any overage. Actually took 40 minutes & used a hand-held calculator to tally up my order to ensure I didn’t get an extra penny. I called up corporate, who said they would notify the store owners, and I would hear back, but I never did. I haven’t shopped there since, although a co-worker of mine informed me that she witnessed the same thing happen to someone else. I now shop at a ShopRite with different owners, and like it much better (especially the part about being about to scan my own coupons!). Just wanted to let you know that this is happening at other ShopRites, too. Seems like couponers are their new target!

        • Chris

          Hi Annie, Shoprite’s coupon policy has always stated very clearly you cannot get money back (i.e. money maker) from coupons. Even though that’s the case it does still happen where you make money. What the manager did is correct per their coupon policy and is the case in most of my transactions. The reason for this is Shoprite will not be reimbursed from the manufacturer and will be on the hook for the overage, losing money. The same is the case when coupons are used not per their stated policy, one per transaction, etc. LRWC should have disclosed this to everyone but instead they’re telling people to do things against the stores policy. The same is true with Stop & Shop. LRWC says you can use their ecoupons and paper coupons together to purchase any given item which again is against Stop & Shop’s policy. I would read each stores policy before shopping, regardless of what LRWC says. People have to realize the stores need to make money and if we keep leaving them on the hook for the overages they’re going to further change their policies, making it worse.

          • Tracy Z

            Show me one instance where LRWC has told people to “do things against the stores policy”! As for Stop & Shop, it is NOT LRWC that is telling people to use both ecoupons and paper coupons, it is other people who are commenting. Look at their match ups in Stop and Shop and show me ONE instance where they list an item using both ecoupons and paper!

          • We ALWAYS follow store written policy. Not sure why you think we do not. It’s something we pride ourselves on. As a matter of fact, I spent the last part of this past week with brands helping them to control the misuse of Coupons. They would not have asked me to be there if our site was one that did not follow policy.

            We do not post deals from stop & shop with stacked digital coupons. We may list them as available Coupons however we do not post deals showing the use of both.

            • Chris

              Cindy, I’ve been using your site for years and there have been many postings that have told people they will make money from stacking paper and digital coupons ,resulting in the store losing money and violating their policies. Because of these postings they are running over there and causing all kinds of problems, demanding money back. Using coupons is becoming increasingly difficult because of this. Both Hazlet and Middletown NJ Shoprite’s are getting sick and tired of dealing with couponing issues that are resulting in a loss to the store. Now I’ve seen LRWC has been cutting back on on these postings but it hasn’t changed the mindset on making money at the store. If you read Annie’s comments she is clearly upset because she did not receive money back from the store. I Noticed you didn’t respond to that and I would appreciate that LRWC reiterate Shoprite’s policy that states they do not allow money back. As for Stop & Shop there has been postings in the past as well that stacked both paper and digital. Maybe the policy was different in the past but I know that is not the case now. Because most stores allow shoppers to use both there should be something listed stating you cannot use both per store policy because shoppers are attempting to use both.

              • Yes we stack paper and digital Coupons at ShopRite as per the ShopRite Coupon policy and yes there are time when the stacking of hose 2 offers results in overage. ShopRite policy states that it will not give overage on presented manufacturer Coupons. The overage is the result of 2 offers and not the use of a single manufacturer Coupon. Similar to an overage you would receive from an Ibotta rebate or the cash back from a Catalina deal. We never post overage when there is a single manufacturer Coupon even when we know it’s hapoening. However, with that said, each store has the ability and authority to adjust the policy as they see fit and have even allowed overage (like Walmart does) on single manufacturer Coupons. We don’t post deals that way.

                Trust me when I tell you, there is no loss to the stores. They are 100% reimbursed from the brand. Every penny. The price plus discount, digital Coupons and manufacturer Coupons are all reimbursed at full value to the store even if the store adjusts the coupon down. However, if their policy is to adjust single manufacturer Coupons down, we abide by that. Give use 2 or 3 offers to work with, we will take the overage. As a brand said to us this past week during our brand and Coupon summit “Shame on us if we don’t see all the ways that the consumer benefits from the right hand not talking to the left”. What they meant by that was, if they put all those offers out there for the taking without realizing they have done so, they’ll take the loss. But there are also many times, when there are new products or old products, packaging, that they need off the shelves and, in that case, they intended there to be a free product or even a money maker. We don’t know when those are meant to happen and neither do the customer service people in the stores. Hope that helps with why we do what we do here and how we post. Trust me, we have sat and discussed everything and every way we post for way longer than it took me to write this. Another words, everything we post here is very thought out and researched. We often reach out to stores and brands to be sure we are in compliance with correct store policy and correct Coupon use

                • ebs427

                  My shoprite will adjust down the coupon if doubling it combined with a digital will result in an overage. The register does this automatically (ie: the Aquafresh deal last week – got the digital, had the 75cent coupon and when it doubled it automatically adjusted it to 69cents for the double – resulted in a free product). Even though it was two offers, it did not allow the overage. I’m not complaining – have a free tube of toothpaste, but, at least here, no overage if the coupon doubles. If the coupon is for $1 or more and there is a digital, then there may be an overage that slips through, but never if the coupon has to double.

                • MisterBill

                  Glad to see you commenting on the full reimbursement to the store even when there is overage (or when they reduce the amount of a paper coupon). I just posted the same before seeing this post.

                • sl

                  If digital coupons and paper coupons are used in one transaction for a particular item and there is overage, Shoprite doesn’t give money back to the customer, correct? i ask because earlier this year, I bought Annie’s mac and cheese that were on sale for 99 cents a box if one buys 5 boxes, and it was $1.99 per box if one doesn’t buy in increments of 5. If one buys 5 boxes, $5 would come off the bill. I had $.50 paper coupons that fully doubled because the register knew the price as $1.99 instead of $.99 when buying in increments of 5. There was overage of 5 cents and I was confused how there was overage, but the cashier gave me a nickel. The cashier must have encountered this in the past because she was not stumped when it happened. I even questioned why she was giving me a nickel, because I thought it would just be free. I don’t know if individual Shoprite stores can make their coupon policy more lax than the corporate policy regarding coupons. This Shoprite was less than a year old when this incident occurred, so maybe the store or cashiers were not aware of the coupon policy. I don’t know.

                  • MisterBill

                    SR registers don’t allow overage on doubled coupons based on the price the item rings at (after Price Plus discount). However, if there is a volume discount, as there was with your Annie’s example, the register does not take that into account and will double based on the pre-volume discount price.

                    I’m surprised you got the nickel back. Most cashiers won’t let you end up negative and make you add something else to the order.

              • Annie

                You are misreading my post. I was not “clearly upset” because I didn’t get money back from the store. I was upset because: 1. the cashier did not do her job & scan the manufacturer coupons, as is ShopRite’s policy, and 2. the manager was rude, arrogant & held me up for 40 minutes, calculating my small order, something which should have been done much quicker. If the cashier had simply let me have the items for free, I would have been more than happy. I don’t appreciate stores treating me poorly, though, and when they do & corporate is unresponsive, I’m happy to take my business elsewhere!

          • Selma

            Huh? When S&S changed their policy, LRWC immediately removed all match-ups that list the combination of e-coupons and paper coupons. Clearly you haven’t been in the S&S match-ups if you believe otherwise.

          • MisterBill

            Do you seriously believe that the manufacturers know when paper and e-coupons are stacked in an order to be a MM and reduce the amount of one of them? Unless you have some technical knowledge of how their systems work and know for a fact that this happens, I’m going to call BS on this claim. Just like when the stores reduce the amount of a paper coupon if it exceeds the price of the item. The store is still getting the full value of the coupon when they send it in for redemption, no way anyone can convince me otherwise on that one.

            • America Jones

              From reading all the comments, I believe the deal isn’t coded properly in the system, wouldn’t you agree? We won’t know for sure until someone submits to catalina marketing and tells us what the response was. Cashiers, FEMs and even store managers are often misinformed on coupon policy, so anyone saying they were told this and that, I really take it with a grain of salt.

              • MisterBill

                Yes, it’s pretty obvious that the whole deal is broken. And yes, it’s clear that store employees know less about how Catalina actually deals work than people here (both the LRWC folks and many posters who have personal experience) so anything an employee says should be taken with a big grain of salt. It’s easier to make excuses rather than admitting that something is broken, especially if it matches your opinion of how things SHOULD work.

        • acappy

          Rte. 37 certainly has its’ gambit of customer friendly employees. Stores can override but there is no need to treat customers poorly.

  • Alissa Gloriande Berse

    Bought 6 Lararbars (3 chocolate chip peanut butter, 3 cherry pie)
    2 bags of multigrain Food Should taste good chips and 1 box of Annie’s Berry Fruit snacks. Got nothing

    There were signs on the Muir glen products as well so if those are supposed to count towards it I had a 14.5 oz can of diced tomatoes, 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes both with basil, a jar of Cabernet Marinara sauce and a 14.5 oz can of tomato sauce.

  • Jamie Bobel

    Did not work for me either. I bought 1 annies fruit snack (used 1 printable $0.75 coupon) bought 6 larabars (used 3 $0.50/2 mfr coupons) and bought 2 food should taste good chips (used two $0.75 mfr q’s) and got NO catalina. =(

  • Chris

    My girlfriend and I did two of the listed options and neither option resulted in a cat. We went over to customer service and they told us the rules have changed. The only way the cat will print is if you meet the required dollar amount after price plus card savings, ecoupons and paper coupons. Because I’ve shopped there for years they printed the cat’s for us. This was also true with Eucerin and Nivea deal last week, which didn’t work either; after trying two different stores. I would recommend not following the above advice of purchasing everything at sale price thinking you’re good, when that appears not to be the case; based on the information given to me from two separate stores. I would go to customer service first and speak with someone beforehand to confirm their new rules.

    • The fact that his is not working has nothing to do with sale cs pre price plus. It’s just not working. The response you received is a standard response from customer service (as I mentioned above in the post). The Nivea worked last week except there were items not triggering it. I’m guessing you probably bought the Nivea mousse

    • acappy

      The end cost is what customer service said at one of my local shoprites as well. My Annies and Larbars as well as Eucerin/nivea mousse/Nivea men cream failed to print. A different shoprite issued the Eucerin/Nivea without a qualm last week.

  • Mimi Mi

    Thank you so much for this update. so helpful

  • Kristin

    Still not working. Bought 8 larabars 4 boxes Mac and cheese, and 1 good for you chips. Well over 15 sale no cat. Just tried Monday morning.

  • Jeffrey Olah

    has anyone called corporate before I do and what did they say

  • Peggle

    Wow, just reading the comments leaves me dizzy.

    • America Jones

      Just don’t read them. I wish I didn’t. LOL

  • chris

    anyone try it today?

    • Ash Patel

      i bought the 4 mac and cheese and the food should taste good and the 6 larabars and it worked for me too!! thank you melissa snyder for the head up about the mac and cheese!!

    • kathloon

      Just tried it in CT. 8 mac & cheese plus coupons. Catalina printed 🙂

  • Lauren Vivenzio-Borawski

    What store did you shop at? This is exciting!

    • Melissa Snyder

      Shoprite in Albany, NY

  • pww

    If I use 8 of .50c mac& cheese coupons will they all double the value?

    • Melissa Snyder

      No you can only use 4 of the same. Print yourself 4 of the $.75/1 Annie’s homegrown and use 4 $.50/1

  • Dusya

    It worked for me yesterday. Catalina printed after buying 4 Annies Mac and Cheese, 2 FSTG and 2 larabars.
    Pre price $15.54
    Sale price $12.96
    In my store the coupons double up to $0.99
    After ecoupons and man coupons paid $4.53, and got $5 catalina.