ShopRite Shoppers – Huggies Diapers & Pull-Ups Training Pants as Low as FREE!


Huggies Coupon

Yay! Here is another great Huggies Deal you can score at ShopRite this week! Starting today10/1, ShopRite has  the Huggies Diapers and Pull-Ups Jumbo Packs on sale for $6.99.

We  also have a Catalina Offer available. Here are the details of the Catalina:

Huggies Diapers, Huggies Wipes, Pull-Ups Training Pants or Goodnights Underwear:
starts 10/01/2017-, exp. 10/29/2017
Spend $30 or more get $10.00

These Huggies catalina offers have always worked on Pre Price Plus Card Prices in the past,  there is no reason to believe that this would work any differently.

We also have the following coupons available to use with this deal:

Depending on the variety of coupons that you have a available on your ShopRite account, you can score 3 FREE Packs of Huggies & Pull-UPs + $1.03 money maker! Awesome deal!

Here is your deal at ShopRite

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  • Loyda Glaser

    Anybody tried this deal yet in NY?

    • Rebecca Kalmer Tipa

      Yes, it worked in West Nyack!

    • Alex

      Yes! It works I bought 9 packs in 3 transactions and used my loyalty card for all three. Paid 15.94 for the first transaction and then used the 10 I got to pay the others so it was 5.94 for the other transactions. You get it as 2 $5 Catalinas.

      • Alma Serra

        They let you use your catalina same day?

        • frink

          I have never seen any CAT day restrictions at SR, only when they are future weeks. This is not one of those, they can be used immediately.

          • Alma Serra

            They usually never let me use a catalina I just received the same day maybe it’s just my shoprite

            • frink

              That stinks..if you go to another register how would they know??

              • Alma Serra

                lol I’ve tried and it beeps but it’s been almost a year since I’ve couponed the way I used to so maybe it’s changed since I last couponed .. I’ll try today when I go

                • Alex

                  Yeah it works. Sometimes the managers have heart attacks when I extreme coupon so they will not let me use the CAT right away. But other times they dont care. it all depends on the staff. I walked out with pallets before lol and sometimes they only limit me to 4 of something. All in the same store so it just depends.

  • Jamie Jarry Ceruti

    I did the transaction twice first time 2 pull ups and 1 Huggies worked perfectly then did 2 Huggies and 1 pull up cat?!can someone tell me what I did wrong ..thanks

    • Ash Patel

      did you make sure to get the right huggies? with a base price of 10.69 before the price plus sale, at my store there most of the huggies diaper were 6.99 (sale) but some have a non-sale price of 10.69 and some are 9.49 (non-sale price). Did you make sure the non-sale price total was over $30.00. if you bought two huggies the 9.49, then two of those and one of the pull ups would not make the total over 30 dollars. (9.49*2+10.69=29.67)

      the first time assuming you bought the same Huggins if they were 9.49(non sale price) the pull up non-sale price is 10.69 so the total wold have been (9.49+10.69*2=30.87) which would put you over 30 dollars.

      • Jamie Jarry Ceruti

        Ty that’s exactly what I did

    • Barbara A.

      Did you buy the Little Movers or the Snug & Dry diapers? Snug & Dry have a less expensive shelf price and wouldn’t trigger the cat.

  • Toledo

    it worked in Bristol, CT

  • Dawn Nicole

    Did anyone have 2 of the pull ups ecoupons and had both come off buying 2? I plan on getting 1 diaper and 2 pull ups but want to make sure both will come off. TIA!

    • Selma

      Yes, both came off for me!