Still Printing! Nivea, Eucerin & Aquaphor Catalina at ShopRite – Huge Money makers on Eucerin & More!

Nivea, Eucerin or Aquaphor Catalina

Woot! This awesome Catalina Offer is still printing ShopRite and the best part is most of the prices are the same as last week , ShopRite has a Nivea, Eucerin or Aquaphor Catalina Offer available – Spend $20 on  Nivea, Eucerin or Aquaphor Products, Get a $5 Catalina. We confirmed this deal last week,  it works off Pre Price plus prices and I can confirm its still working.



We have these coupons available:

We can score 4 Eucerin Hand Creme for FREE +$5.20 Money maker.

You can mix and match this to fit your needs.  Woot!

*Please note the Nivea Silk Mousse Body wash did not trigger the catalina last week,  we can not confirm if its is or is not working this week.    My store did not have the Nivea Silk Mousse  body wash in stock to try.

Here is your deal at ShopRite through 10/21

This List Has Expired

ShopRite Through 10/14

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  • CJ

    I did not have any luck with this one. ShopRite did not have the hand cream on the shelf. I bought the 2 men’s body wash and 1 silk mousse body wash. The $3 digital came off the men’s but not the $2 on the silky wash. I called ShopRite Corporate and she said since the price of the silky after my printable coupon was $1.74 it will not take off or give me the $2 digital. Never had this happen before but she refuse to credit my account the $2. Oh well, better luck next time. 🙂

    • Chayne

      which silk mousse did you buy? tia

      • CJ

        Nivea Foaming Silk Mousse Body Wash

        • cam

          Hi CJ, Just wondering if I should try this. Are you in NJ? And there are 3 foaming silk mousse body washes in Virtual Pantry that should work : Creme Moisture Foaming Silk Mousse Body Wash UPC:07214002183 …
          Creme Smooth Foaming Silk Mousse Body Wash
          UPC:07214002184 …
          & Creme Soft Foaming Silk Mousse Body Wash
          Was yours one of these? Thanks in advance.

          • CJ

            I am in CT – I will stop at the ShopRite courtesy desk this week and see if they will make the correction. If not, I may return it. I only picked it up because it would have been free. It was the Silk Mousse Body Wash Creme Moisture one. UPC:07214002183

            • LD

              I am in CT as well and bought the same one. Digital coupon came right off.

              • Loyda Glaser

                Did you guys get the Catalina?

                • LD

                  My store didn’t have the hand cream and the CAT deal’s not worth buying/not a MM without it. I just bought the Nivea as it is still a MM with eq and IP.

          • Jersey

            What is Virtual Pantry?

        • Jasmin

          If it’s the one that has jasmine and almond oil. It also did not work for mine. But I went to CS and was given my two dollars. That is the only one that did not work for the digital coupon. Other varieties came right off

        • Chayne

          One possible reason I can think of is that the $3/2 body wash ecpn (the silk mousse is inclided in this ecpn) attached to the silk mousse and so the $2/1 sill mousse ecpn didn’t have anything to attach to.
          I will make sure that the silk mousse is scanned after the other 2 bodywashes to try to avoid this happening.
          Thanks for telling us.

          • CJ

            ShopRite had 2 separate ecoupons – $3 off 2 Nivea men’s wash (which I bought) and another $2 off the single Silk body wash (which I bought). It should have been $5 off the 3 items. Good luck everyone who are going to do this deal. Hope it works for you. 🙂

            • Chayne

              Yes, I know that. But sometimes, depending on the order the items are scanned, will depend on which items are attached to which ecoupons first.

            • D

              I agree w/ Chayne – the $3/2 digital is actually also coded for the silk mousse body wash so what most likely happened was that the silk mousse body wash and 1 of the men’s body washes is what triggered that digital so the leftover men’s one didn’t trigger anything, especially not the $2 silk mousse digital which is only coded for that specific item.
              We’ve had this happen before like w/ a Neutrogena deal a few months back.

              Don’t know if you got the cat but best bet for deal #2 would be to buy 3 silk mousse body washes and 1 hand creme, use 3 $2 coupons and that should trigger both the $2 and $3/2 digitals since the silk mouse is coded for both & then of course the $3 Eucerin paper/digital. I don’t know if the silk mousse works w/ the cat though and I’m not planning on doing this particular deal variation.

    • IK

      what was the name of the rep? Helen?

      • CJ

        Not Helen.

  • MicheleAna

    Where’s the like button?

    Never made it last week—S&S took my budget, lol.

  • Cynthia Barba-Bey

    Is it still working for the 4 lotions?

  • Tracy Z

    Check your store’s shelf price. My store has the Nivea Men’s Body Wash listed as $4.29. That will bring the total under $20. This could be why some people are not getting the Catalina.

    • penny

      that should be the shelf price for everyone. the nivea is 25% off, as shown in the pic above from last week’s ad. the men’s body wash has a lower shelf price and a lower sale price. thanks for the heads up.

    • geoff84

      Same here. And Eucerin Hand Creme was also less – $5.29 vs $5.49. So I would have had to buy another item to receive the Catalina.

  • Ash Patel

    did anyone try the mousse body wash this week? is it triggering the catilina?

  • Pat K

    I just tried to do this deal at the Shop Rite in Stirling NJ and it didn’t work. Not only didn’t it work, but the customer service person had no knowledge of a $5 Catalina this week and neither of us could find it in this week’s Shop Rite ad. How could I have proved to her that there was a Catalina?

    • mel18

      What did you buy?

      • Pat K

        I had 1 Aquaphor large size healing ointment; 1 Nivea Body Lotion; 2 Nivea Shimmer lip glosses for a total of $22.46 before sale prices/coupons.

  • kathloon

    Bought 4 silk mouse body wash + 1 normal body wash last week. Catalina printed. Stratford CT. I didn’t know they still work 🙂

    • meg

      which type or package color of the silk mousse body wash did you buy?

      • kathloon

        uhh I took one of each type haha

        • meg

          so then all 3 varieties of the silk mousse body wash must be counting toward the catalina. it was reported as a possible problem item. thanks for the info.

  • frink

    Got my cat this evening, still printing.

    • meg

      what did you buy?

      • frink

        I did the deal #2 above. I did it again this morning on a different card too and got the $5 CAT, but I noticed the $3/2 NIVEA MEN BW eCoupon did not come off, I bet it didn’t last night either when i did the same deal on the first card. Will need to go to CS. Is the $3 eCoupon coming off for others?

        • meg

          it’s been said that deal #2 is under $20 if the sale price of nivea men’s body wash is $3.21, because the shelf price is then $4.29. some areas have a higher price, though. is the price higher at your store?

          • frink

            I am not sure but I did get the $5 CAT. I can check if I go back…what I did point out that was interesting that I have not seen posted elsewhere, that the SR $3 eCoupon for the Body Wash did not come off.

  • anon

    Still Printing? Does anyone know the end date of this catalina? tia

    • frink

      Still printing as of 2 hours ago.

  • D

    After striking out at 3 other SR’s, I finally found 1 with the hand cream restocked and did Deal #3 this morning and coupons scanned, digital came off and $5 Cat printed.