Update! 3 FREE boxes of Banza Chickpea Pasta at ShopRite! {Ibotta Rebate}


Banza Coupon

Woot!  This deal just got better Through 10/28, ShopRite has Banza Chickpea Pasta on for the $1.49.  We have this nice $0.50/1 Banza Pasta Ibotta Rebate available, this rebate can be redeemed up to 3 times per receipt


We have these offers available

Stacking  this  $1/1 Banza Product coupon with the ibotta rebate we can score 3 boxes for FREE!

Here is the deal at ShopRite:

This List Has Expired

shoprite through 10/28

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  • Nicole

    also $.50 off via ibotta!

  • Joy

    Anyone tried this product and if so is it good or weird? Not a chick pea fan but hubby is.

    • Ash Patel

      i have i personally like it. i love chick peas, chick pea flour etc… its also high in protein!!

    • Jaime

      I gave some of the regular Banza pasta to my stepfather (who is gluten free). I often give him gluten free products I get on the cheap. He asked me not to get him anymore because he really didn’t like it, and he is not by any means a picky eater.

  • MisterBill

    These seem to be on Price Plus, with a pre-card price of $2.99. If you were to hold off scanning your Plus Plus card and scan the B1G1F coupon (on the same sheet) before your card, you could potentially get $2.99 and $1 off, making it 48c in the store instead of $1.47. Or just buy 4 and use 2 B1G1F coupons and it could be free in the store!

    • Harry

      It will ask to enter an amount for the BOGO coupon and whatever you enter it will complain as too high. So will depend on attendant and what they enter. For that reason BOGO coupons at SR are always YMMV MMs at best and actual value most other times.

      • MisterBill

        Right, that was my experience. But if you do not scan your PP card right away, when the cashier looks for the item price, it SHOULD be $2.99 with no discount showing.

    • Etah

      Thanks for the suggestion. I did self checkout and pretended to be looking for my card while the CS rep took $2.99 off twice! I also submitted for Ibotta and got the $1.75 so it was a MM. Guess that’s incentive to try it and eat healthy!

  • Linda

    All coupons have the same bar code, is this going to be a problem at checkout?

    • Sandy

      Not sure how you printed this coupon but if the barcode on the top right of the coupon is the same then yes – you can only use one otherwise it is considered coupon fraud. If you’re referring to the longer bar code on the bottom left then no it will not be a problem (GS1 Databar). Most computers will allow you to only print a coupon twice and they will have different identifying numbers on them if you look closely.
      Google: barcode (dot) graphics for complete explanation

      • MisterBill

        Did you look at the coupon before replying (I guess I know the answer to that)? It’s a PDF (or similar) file that gets opened with no unique identifying numbers. The coupon does not get generated each time you open it.

        • Sandy

          Nope as I have no inclination to eat this product whatsoever nor did I want to sign up for their emails to check it out which is why my answer was lengthy.

          • MisterBill

            You could have used a phony email.

            • Sandy

              I have 5 of them! But thx for your suggestion. I won’t sign up for things I’ll never use and yes I donate tons of stuff already 🙂

        • Linda

          ok I think I understand so if all the coupons look the same how can this deal be done 3 times?

          • Sandy

            My store does not accept PDF coupons as they will not get credited from the manufacturer for these coupons. If my FEM or savvy cashier saw these they’d accuse me of copying coupons as all identifying numbers are the same so realistically deal can’t be done at my store nor would I ever try.

            • Linda

              Thank you

            • MisterBill

              I’m not sure how they can claim they will not get credited by the manufacturer when it’s the manufacturer that is making them available.

              And there are no identifying numbers to check.

              • Sandy

                I hear ya but I pick my battles wisely. Like you I use a ton of coupons. Everyone knows I’m a couponer and a donater but I’m not willing to mess up my good relationship with the employees at SR for a specific product or deal that I have no interest in. I like to stay under the radar!