Acme Coupon Deals – Week of 11/17


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Acme Coupon Match Ups Week 11/17:

This week's Acme Match Ups









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  • Danette

    Free Arla cream cheese and Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cheerios with the mymixx app

    • JDE424

      Again, these discounts did not come off for me. Did anyone else have success? Second weekend in a row that I’ve had this problem with the free items.

      • Danette

        Mine came off with no problem.

        • JDE424

          Thank you. I think there is an issue with either my account or the registers at my store. The employees have indicated that they have been having a lot of issues lately.

          • Laura D.


            • JDE424

              Chestertown, MD

      • MisterBill

        Also worked for me. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

  • LD

    2 Questions:
    Can you combine free arla cream cheese q with one of the free arla blinkies?
    If you buy 2 Chocolate PB cheerios will both the free eq and $1/2 GM cereals eqs come off? Or just the free one?

    TIA if you can help. Don’t often Acme as their price are much higher on most things. But these two could be worth a trip!

    • MisterBill

      The Cheerios coupon will probably beep but the cashier can override it. I think the Arla coupon will be a problem.

  • D

    I looked at their coupon policy online but don’t see any answer – what’s Acme’s policy on how many alike coupons you can use in 1 transaction and how many of those would double? For example, at SR you can use 4 of the same coupon and all 4 would double. At S&S, you can use 16 of the same coupon but only the 1st 4 will double.

    I’m asking b/c I see the ZonePerfect single bars listed above for $1 and the $0.50 coupon that doubles making them free. I am wondering how many I’d be able to buy at the same time with coupons being accepted and auto doubling to $1. Again, at SR & S&S the answer would be 4 but I see nothing in Acme’s coupon policy limiting the # of same coupons per transaction or stating how many would double.

    • JDE424

      They don’t have a company-wide policy on how many like coupons you can use. They have the right to limit your purchase quantity of items if they choose, which would therefore limit your ability to use coupons.

      The store I most frequently shop at doesn’t impose limits; last month I got 16 of the Well Yes Soups for free since there was no limit stated on the coupon.

      However, they do enforce limits stated on the coupon. So, because the ZonePerfect coupon specifically states “limit of 2 identical coupons in the same shopping trip,” you can only get 2. This would be the case at any store, not just ACME.

      • D

        Okay, thanks. I asked about the ZonePerfect before actually printing the coupon and seeing the 2 per transaction limit. However, another example this week would be the Chobani Smooth 2 packs on sale for $1 since the version of the insert coupon I got was $0.50/1 (not $1/1) so I wanted to make sure there were no limits on how many they double per transaction since I have like 8.

  • etah

    How is the Puffs free with a $.25 coupon (even if it’s doubled) and $.25 ecoupon? Thanks.

    • Yan

      it’s free with “$0.50/1 Puffs Facial Tissues excluding to go singles, 10/29 PG, exp. 11/25/2017”

    • D

      You can’t combine digital/paper at Acme on the tissues but there is a regional $0.50/1 that came in the Nov. PG insert that would double making the box free. It’s listed above, you just missed it. I got the $0.25/1 version in my insert, naturally.

  • JDE424

    There are some new MyMixx store e-coupons for store-brand products that expire on 11/19.
    $0.50 off SK Pumpkin – so $0.75 for a can
    $0.75 off Lucerne Whipped Cream – so $1.64 for the small container
    $1 off SF Bagged Vegetables – I got the SF Carrots which were $1.67 so $0.67 after coupon
    $0.50 off SK Jarred Gravy
    $1 off SS Pumpkin Spice Iced Cake Cookies
    $1.50 off SS Bakery Pie
    $2 off SF Whole Turkey

  • Denise McDonald

    The ACME MyMixx coupon for Hellman’s is $3.00 off two.

    SAVE $3.00 when you buy any TWO (2) Hellmann’s or Best Foods mayonnaise products
    + the 11/12 RP Unilver circular $1 off 1

  • MisterBill

    THREE freebies this week! Odwalla juice, Fage Crossovers and Avitae Caffeine + Water.

    50c MM on the Fage with 50c/1 Ibotta offer.

    There’s also an offer for Odwalla but not valid at Acme.

    • Yan

      The coupon didn’t come off for the green odwalla. For whatever reason the arla cream cheese had a shelf tag for $1.99 sale price, rang up full price then coupon deducted max value of $2.99, so I ended paying $.30 oop, which cs gave back

      • MisterBill

        Yeah, same for me on the green stuff. Oddly, it did work last time they had the e-coupon. Got CS to give me the $2.50 back, will go back and get a flavor that did work (Mango Tango and Blueberry Monster). CS said that many people were having problems with the offer.

        • Yan

          It worked on the strawberry version

          • MisterBill

            Too bad you only got 30c from CS, should have been a MM for you. I had not clipped the Arla e-coupon but just did. Too bad I didn’t think of using it today, I actually spent money there.

            • Merk

              Does anyone know if Acme will let you scan card last (after scanning coupons)?

              • JDE424

                Do you mean enter your MyMixx Number last? ACME doesn’t have a card. You want to enter your number at the beginning of the transaction because if you scan your coupons and then enter your number, the MyMixx e-coupons will void any matching paper coupons. Remember that MyMixx e-coupons are “dominant” over paper coupons so they will attach to items automatically once you enter the number and will prevent manuf. paper coupons from attaching to the same items as manuf. e-coupons. And unlike Giant, you’ll get the same number of gas points regardless of when you enter your number.

                • D

                  I am confused here – what difference does it make? If you can’t use a digital/paper combo at ACME then no matter what order you do things, won’t the digital take precedence in the end?

                  For example, if you have a $0.50 digital for Wonder bread and a $0.50 paper that will double to $1 for Wonder bread – if you do your MyMixx # first, the $0.50 digital will come off when the bread is scanned and then when the paper is scanned after, it will beep and the cashier won’t take it so you miss out on the $0.50 paper that would have doubled.
                  If you do it the opposite and have the paper scanned first that doubles to $1, then when the MyMixx # is put in afterwards, it will void the paper and use the $0.50 digital instead.

                  Isn’t it the same thing in the end – the paper is either voided by the system (if you do the # last) or rejected by the cashier (if you do the # first) and the digital is what comes off?

                  • JDE424

                    Yes, you’re absolutely correct in that case. However, I have experienced issues when I try to combine MyMixx store e-coupons with paper manuf. coupons as well, which is in accordance with their policy. An example of this would be combining the Kellogg’s Cereal store e-coupon from last week with printable/insert manuf. coupons. When you put the number in first, the store e-coupon will come off and then the paper coupons will scan without a problem. I had an issue where the paper coupons were scanned and then the number was put in and the store e-coupon still voided the paper manuf. coupon.

                    • MisterBill

                      Agreed. Putting the card number in last is not the way to go because it voids the paper coupon without warning and if you don’t notice, the cashier will keep it AND you won’t get credit. Better to have it beep and hopefully the cashier will force it thru.

      • MisterBill

        Did you (or anyone else) buy the caffeine water? If so, were you charged the 5c deposit?

        • Yan

          I was not charged deposit fee in PA

          • MisterBill

            I was charged it in NY. I hadn’t found it the other day so I asked today when i went back to get the last Odwalla. Turns out it was in the organic section.

    • geoff84

      This morning, none of the three free coupons came off. So I took the three items over to Customer Service and they gave them to me for free.

  • Rocky

    I padded my broth stockpile with 17c College Inn 32 oz., today ($1.67-$.75/1 coupon). Cheaper than the 38c I’ve been paying at SR!

  • amy

    My 10/1 RP doesn’t have the College Inn coupon, was it regional? I’m in the Philly area, so disappointing to miss that deal!

    • Rocky

      Yes. Did you check your 11/5 RP? There was a $.55/1 version that week. Or, if you’re not against the idea you could try some of the coupon clipping sites to see if they have any. I’m not sure you would receive it in time for the Acme sale, though.