Free Califia Farms Unsweetened Almond Milk at ShopRite!


Califia Farms Coupon

UPDATE: It looks like the coupon is no longer available.

This is my favorite deal this week at ShopRite.  Now through 11/25, ShopRite has Califia Farms Unsweetened Almond Milk 48oz on sale $2.99


We have the following coupons available:

Because the coupon is for Unsweetneed Almondmilk and the eCoupon is good for Original or Vanilla, you must buy either the Unsweetened Almondmilk or the Unsweented Vanilla Almondmilk in order to get both offers and score these for free.

Here is your deal at ShopRite

This List Has Expired

ShopRite through 11/25

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  • Jo

    There is no coupon at this like for that item.

    • jo

      correction (link)

      • it was on page 2. Did you look through the second page?

        • Well actually it looks like it’s NLA now. Such a bummer!

          • Njdevilku13

            Sorry to hijack this thread but a repost of a question i asked last week: Can I ask a question of the LWRC staff and coders? If I add the Tresemme to my list, it requires me printing an entire page of listings. I wish that all of the deal ideas listed underneath a product could have an X to be removable. Most people are not trying each of the deal ideas. I can remember what coupons i have (as they are typically with me) but wish I didn’t need to print a 5 page list.

            • Thanks for your feedback. I’ll take a look at what you are referring to and see how we can make changes to make it easier to x out of your list.

              • JacJac

                I just Toggle the list and then print….This way if I forget what a certain deal is, it will still be there. Does that help?

            • Take a look at the ShopRite match ups for this week. Let me know if that works better.

              • Njdevilku13

                Awesome! (Though, it was more about the deals where there are more than one option (like the tresemme last week). I’m assuming that the line (and x) will be there for multiple deal options (none listed this week)) Thanks again.

                • I think you can see an example at the bottom of the main match ups (2 day sale) for the K Cups. There are 2 deal ideas and now they are separated and able to be Xd out individually.

  • tmp1968

    My coupon wouldn’t scan, but I’m going to try again at a different register

    • MisterBill

      Did it eventually scan for you? Qseer can’t read it (one phone doesn’t read it at all, the other one does and says it can’t figure out what it is) and I recall people having problems with coupons printed from this site in the past.

  • heads up

    coupon is back now!!!

    • MisterBill

      Thanks! And the e-coupon is also still available!

  • MisterBill

    So, I bought this today. I printed coupons using Firefox and Chrome. The Firefox coupon was larger than the Chrome coupon and would not scan. Fortunately, the cashier scanned the Chrome coupon for that order. But then when she went to scan the Chrome coupon for my 2nd order, it would not scan, so she had to enter the numbers and it required an override.