Happy Thanksgiving! Message from Cindy

Happy Thanksgiving!

As I was looking at some old Thanksgiving posts, I realized that this is the ninth Thanksgiving post I am writing. Nine! I seriously can not believe it. And it really got me thinking about what has happened in those nine years.

What started as a tiny little blog that I started because I was excited about saving money has grown into something I never would have imagined.  We have grown from just me sitting at my dining room table searching for every single deal I could possibly find, to a team covering many different stores. We have had our growing pains from time to time but we’ve worked through it and are always grateful for feedback from you guys. Both positive and negative. It helps us to know where we can improve and what you love.

I am forever thankful for each of you. I hope you have enjoyed the benefits of couponing and have found Living Rich With Coupons a helpful tool for saving money for your family. Some of you have been around from day one and I’m honored and humbled that you have grown with us and been a part of our couponing community for so long. Some of you are new here and I hope you will quickly see the benefits that couponing can bring to your family. Trust me, it’s totally worth it.

All of us here at LRWC would like to wish each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! We hope your Thanksgiving is filled with joy, laughter and lots of FREE food 😉

There will be a few deals posted throughout the morning today but we will be spending most of the afternoon with our families.  If you are around tonight, we’ll be here monitoring the online deals.  For me, Black Friday is best spent in my PJ’s in front of the computer.  😉

And finally, I’d like to share a quote I recently posted on my Instagram page:

A Meaningful Life
is not being rich, being
popular, being highly
educated, or being perfect.
It’s about being real, being
humble, being able to
share ourselves and touch
the lives of other.


I hope that we have touched your life in some way because I know you have all touched mine.

Keep on couponing 😘,



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