Kohl’s: 3 FREE Waffle Maker, Griddle and More! {After Rebate and Kohl’s Cash}

Kohl’s Deal

Hurry over to Kohl’s and get your Black Friday shopping started today! 15% Off with code SAVEBIG15 Code for Everyone+ $15 Kohl’s Cash back for every $50 spent. Check out all the deals we will be posting the next few days! One deal is Kohl’s: Waffle Maker, Griddle and More! FREE {After Rebate and Kohl’s Cash}

How to do it:

  1. Add your choice of three of the following Small Appliance items to your cart:
  2. Use 15% off promo code SAVEBIG15
  3. Total will be $50.97
  4. Submit for – 3x $12 Rebates Kitchen Electrics = $14.97
  5. Earn $15 in Kohl’s Cash w/ your purchase
  6. Makes this deal 3 FREE appliances after rebate and Kohl’s Cash

Kohl’s: 3 FREE Waffle Maker, Griddle and More! {After Rebate and Kohl’s Cash}

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  • Michaela Malone Hansen

    Stopped doing these mail in rebate offers, I have not received any of the rebates I mailed off last year or the year before.

    • Linda

      Thank you !!!!!

    • gilly

      I have done this numerous times with Kohl’s and Macy’s and have always received the rebate…make copies before sending out and have to follow exactly what they ask for ….

    • diana lomuti

      I agree, same here…. did the rebate 2 years in a row and NOT 1 rebate came back to me after sending in copy of receipt along with the UPC’s from the boxes.

    • MisterBill

      I always get the rebates. Did you follow up on it? As Gilly said, make a copy of the submission so you can call them if you don’t get it.

    • Martha

      I stopped as well! I mailed for TWO YEARS STRAIGHT and they DENIED my rebates! I kept a copy of what I sent and they still denied it!

      • MisterBill

        Why was it denied? Did you contact them to complain?

  • Amberlady

    can I buy all three of the same product and still get the rebate?I would like to get the three waffle makers

    • Sunshine2007

      yes you can up to 5 rebates per product per household.

  • Sunshine2007

    I have always received my rebates. Make sure to make a copy of your submission. I had one problem last year because my rebate was mailed to incorrect address, called and received my rebate within a week. Yes, (Amberlady) you can submit up to 5 rebates on the same product per household.