Maxwell House Coffee as Low as $0.99 at ShopRite! {11/19}


Maxwell House Coupon

Woot, this sale is extending another week! Through 11/25,  ShopRite has Maxwell House Ground Coffee, Max by Maxwell House Boost Coffee and Max by Maxwell house Indulge Coffee Drink Mix on sale for $2.49.  We are expecting this  $0.75/1 Maxwell House Coffee Product any in this upcoming Sunday’s 11/19 Smart Source insert, making these just $0.99 after coupon.



We also have these great rebate offers available:


You can also take advantage of these rebates as well, each rebate can be redeemed up to 5 times. You can score Maxwell House Max Boost and Indulge Drink Mix cans for just $1.24 after Rebate.  (please not these rebates can note be combined with coupons.

You  can score regular Maxwell House Ground coffee for just $1.74 after rebate.

Here is your deal at ShopRite through 11/25

This List Has Expired

shoprite through 11/25

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  • Rocky

    HOORAY!!! Thanks, Barbara!

  • Jack Herr

    its on sale this week

    • Rocky

      Yes, so the rebate deals can be done, now, but, the insert coupon isn’t due out until this weekend (though some folks get theirs early). I’ll have to wait since I don’t do Checkout 51…!!!!

  • Jules

    All of the Maxwell House offers in my Checkout 51 are “0 remaining”. 🙁

    • MisterBill

      That’s interesting.. I still have them. I bought 3 of each of the Max cans and 2 of the pod yesterday and got credited. There are also matching S* offers, which in theory can be mentioned here since there is no coupon or even e-coupon involved and makes them free.

      The Max k-cups are also free if you have the $1/1 coupon from a few weeks ago and $2.50 S* and C51.

      In addition, I found a booklet titled “Simply Holiday Joys” on a Kraft display at S&S today. Included is a 75 coupon for Max Indulge. It claims to be DND but Qseer says it will. It also says some other interesting stuff but I will leave that for people to find out for themselves. In any event, it makes the Max Indulge better than free. Back to the C51.. I tried to buy more to max out the C51 offer, but the SR I went to did not carry them (or the coffee). Will try another store tomorrow or Tuesday.

      • IK

        Where is that Kraft display you speak of in Stopandshop?

        • MisterBill

          Near the seafood department. Next you’re going to ask me what’sin the display, I don’t remember.

          The booklet had baking recipes in it. None of them call for the Max Indulge product, although one does call for some brewed MH coffee.

          • IK


    • IK

      I also have them – the balance 4 of each available after submitting one of each.

    • nick hill

      CHeckout51 denied my Maxwell House for using coupons. S* credited it.

      • MisterBill

        Wow, that’s unlucky. Mine all got credited (and I maxed out both Max can offers). And the C51 offers are back this week, still limit 5. The K-Cups are $5.99 at S&S starting Friday and are part of the $4.99 deal at SR, also on Friday.

        • nick hill

          Glad it worked for you. It’s a conundrum with CK51 of late. Sometimes they accept purchases made with coupons and sometimes they don’t even for the same offer.

          • MisterBill

            That’s odd. They initially rejected one of my submissions (I split across 3 orders) because they could not find the store name. I updated the submission by telling them where to find it (which was odd) and it got approved before the other 2 receipts. And I didn’t buy much on the orders — just the Max and the free almond milk.

            BTW S&S has a $1/1 e-coupon for Maxwell House K-Cups so it will be $4.99 before any coupons and free after C51 and S*. I have one S* account that I did not buy on, so I think I’ll get it at S&S.

  • MisterBill

    I can confirm that buying the Max coffee also triggered the 75c Maxwell House S* for a 75c MM. The normal S* offers also got credited, so free or better after S* and C51.