ShopRite Giftcard Deal – $20 in FREE Groceries! {11/24-11/25}


ShopRite Gift Card Deal

Woohoo! The awesome ShopRite Gift Card Deal is back again this year! The Gift card deal will run from 11/24-11/25. The deal is Buy $100 or more in ANY gift cards between 11/24-11/25 and a $20 printed on your register receipt and is redeemable from 11/26 – 12/2.  You must use your Price Plus Card when making the purchase of the card. There is a limit of 1 per customer.  The $20 can not be used on future Gift Card purchases. (Excludes ShopRite Gift Cards)

Update:  We viewed this deal on ShopRite from home for more details, as we expected ShopRite Gift Cards are excluded. 


It’s hard to make out all the cards shown in the ad but it does say ANY gift cards.  I’m sure gas cards will be included. Remember, this is an easy money maker especially since store and gas cards do not require an activation fee.

*Please note, this deal is listed on the 2 Day sale page which specifies that a $10 Additional purchase is required for all 2 Day sale items.  Last year this was worded the same way, however the gift card promo did not require the additional purchase requirement.   We will not be able to know for sure until this promotion begins.

Please share in the comments it this offer worked with out the additional $10 purchase!  Thank you

Your deal will go like this:

Buy Gas or Store Gift Card $100
Get a $20 print out on the bottom of your receipt
Use your gift card as you would have used cash
$20 Money Maker!

Buy Visa, Mastercard or American Express Card $100
Activation Fee: $4.95 – $5.95
Use your gift card as you would have used cash
as much as a $15.05 Money Maker after paying for the activation fee


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  • Christine R.

    I love this deal because even if I don’t need a gift card to use as a gift I can purchase one for a store where I know I will be purchasing gifts. Or…I have a layaway at Toys R’ Us that I’ll paying off this month so I’ll just wait and get a TRU gift card to pay it off and get free groceries!

    • Ang In CT

      My thoughts exactly. By the end of the week I’ll need to restock my fresh fruits/veggies so meeting the requirement is easy enough for me. My husband uses Black Friday as an excuse to go out .. works for me. he can pick up my list..

  • Parm

    This deal on any gift card ?

    • Christine R.

      The ad says “any” 🙂

  • EMH

    As long as I buy $100 in one transaction, can I buy 2 different cards, $50 each? thanks

    • IK


  • Maria

    The fine prints states that a minimum purchase of $20.00 is required, in addition to the gift cards, not $10.00 as listed above.

    • nina

      that relates to the redemption of the $20 on your next shopping order

      • Maria

        Nina, thank you so much for clarifying that for me. I was bummed that I might have to spend an additional $20 instead of $10.

        • Christine R.

          It just means that you have to purchase a minimum of $20 to redeem the $20 coupon. You can’t just purchase a pack of tic tacs and get $19 cash back! lol

    • Barbara

      Nina is correct

  • klaral12

    Was anybody able to confirm that this deal can be done without additional $20 purchase? Thank you!

    • Sunil

      I’m going to get some cards in an hour or so.

      In previous years, the $20 all relates to using the coupon. You just had to buy $100 worth of gift cards. I doubt it’s changed. The fine print language at the bottom needs to be changed. It’s stupid and confusing. In years past, I’ve had CS tell me I had to get $20 of groceries with the gift cards since they were confused too.

      ShopRite corporate has always said just buy the gift cards and get $20 off your next purchase. The, you have to spend $20 to use the $20 off coupon is what they mean because you can’t just spend $1 and expect to get $19 cash back.

      • klaral12

        I just read the update and no additional purchase needed. Yay!

        • ueen

          did you try the deal without an additional $20 purchase? did it work?

          • klaral12

            Yes, only bought $100 GC and got $20 coupon printed on the bottom of the receipt.

            • Sunil

              Sorry, forgot to update earlier. As you confirmed above, just have to get the $100 worth of gift cards and the $20 minimum applies to the the next visit.

              I bought the Shell gas cards in case anyone was curious if gas cards were indeed included.

              • Ang In CT

                We did Toys R Us.. then used it later on line for Legos .. I love free shipping

                • Sunil

                  Nice. Best way to shop is to never leave the house in my opinion. Lol.

  • disqus_eizsgrfUr8

    Today at a shoprite in NJ, the cashiers were adamant about the $10 minimum requirement. Many customers were upset and left the store. I was there at 6:30am and no minimum purchase was needed. I returned at 8am and that was the deal.

    • Johnny

      Which Shoprite?

    • klaral12

      I am under the impression that it doesn’t matter what the cashiers say as it prints automatically on the receipt….they can’t control it. Anybody can purchase gc so they can’t deny you try it. I believe that they are misinformed. $10 additional purchase is for the other cheap items that are part of 2day sale. Anyway it worked for me this afternoon.

  • Joy

    Besides the main rack I looked in every nook and crannie where my SR hides their giftcards and could only find Shell for gas cards. Not even what i wanted but will have to do as we have travel plans. I think this has been brought up in the past but Shell in my area charges a cash price and credit price. I will expect they will ding me for the credit price when using the Shell gas card but if anyone has a different experience pls let me know? Tho I expect it is a YMMV situation (but probably shouldnt be).

    • klaral12

      Apparently each gas station owned individually can decide if they charge it as a cash or credit price. I only know one gas station that’s is in Summit on Morris ave that does it as credit. Other than that I always got a cash price.

    • Sunil

      I never even knew they were able to charge a gift card as credit. They shouldn’t be able to. It’s why they tell you to treat this gift card as cash because it essentially is. I’ve only ever been charged the cash price, but will be on the lookout for this. Thanks.

  • Maria

    I bought $50 Macy’s and two $25 each Dardan gift cards, total of $100 in gift cards in one transaction and nothing printed at the bottom of the receipt. I did not have any other items, just the gift cards. How do I get the $20 coupon that was supposed to print. Customer service insists that $20 minimum is required. Gift cards are not refundable.
    If anyone had a similar experience please share.
    Thank you!

    • Michelle Feliz Larsen

      Did they scan your SR card? It should have printed.

      • Maria

        Yes. The card was scanned, my card number is on the receipt.

  • Tracy Umbrella

    I attempted to buy a $100 Visa gift card this morning at the customer service desk. I asked them if they knew if the Visa card would work. One guy said “No” and that he tried the deal. Since he’s employed by Shoprite, I don’t believe him 100% since buying a Visa gift card would mean that I’m getting $15 worth of groceries for free essentially. Can anyone confirm/deny about the Visa gift card? It worked for me last year, but things may have changed this year. TIA

    • Barbe5

      I just bought a $100 visa gift card and some bananas for about$2 and the cashier said “you know you have to spend $20 to get the $20 certificate”. I didn’t answer her and waited for the receipt to print to show her I got the $20 certificate anyway. She then asked the cashier next her who I think may be an assistant manager and she said “yup, you need to spend $20 to get the certificate”. They have no clue. I also did the deal on my two other family cards, each time buying $100 of shell gc only and both times the certificate printed.

      • Tracy Umbrella

        Thank you! In that case, I will be returning to buy the Visa gift card! I was tempted to risk the activation fee and try it anyway.

      • Joanne Stephanie

        you can’t do multiple transaction for the same card?

        • barbe5

          I believe the ad specified one deal per card.

      • Tracy Umbrella

        got my $100 Visa card and my $20 certificate 🙂

  • Njdevilku13

    I prefer to use the SnS gift card deal. Shoprite (at least in Monmouth/Northern Ocean) got a new vendor for the giftcards and last year were missing a lot of stores. SnS has the entire gamut of stores.

    • Harry

      Each has its Pros and Cons… SR gives best values for the $20 and easy to get the deals that would make the $20 more valuable. S&S is mostly overpriced for the redemption and will need to expertly stack to get the best value.
      I agree that SR GC selection changed for the worse when they changed vendors, but still there are several useful options.
      The other good thing about S&S is limit 10 offers per card (which appears to be not enforced) and no one even says anything about additional grocery purchase. I am up to 11 on one S&S card and 5 on another: I think I will just have to buy stuff at regular price without doing a lot of planning, but still free is good.

      • IK

        am i hallucinating, or did the $20 SR certificate from this deal work PARTLY on SR gift cards last year? i.e. get $10 SR gift card, and around $12 or so of groceries to make total go over $20?

        • Harry

          Hmm, not sure of the exact scenario you describe, but what I usually do for the redemption and worked today as well is I bought a $100 non-SR GC with groceries which after coupons including the 10 off 50 coupon from earlier this week ended up with a total of $92 (and printed the 20 coupon for this week as well). So you will have to buy groceries totalling more then $20 though they can come out less than 20 after coupons so long as you have GC to cover the negative balance after the 20 coupon plus mfr/SCs.
          There are enough freebies/MMs to make this happen.

          • IK

            i THINK this is PROBABLY what i meant, lol – thank you!

  • Lisa

    Did anyone else find it strange that it wasn’t a Catalina but instead a printout on bottom of receipt ? Same barcode that CS would scan for a return… not an additional barcode for a separate deal.??? Can others confirm theirs was also NOT a Catalina but just on the bottom of the receipt ?

    • Sandy

      As stated above, it prints on bottom of cash register receipt. This does not print like a catalina coupon.

      • Lisa

        Thanks for the reply! Glad to hear it’s not just me. Great! I was worried it wasn’t legit since a lot of the workers there really had no idea about all the sales. One said thanksgiving week is usually quite a mess just because they have so much going on.