Acme Coupon Deals – Week of 12/15


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Acme Coupon Match Ups Week 12/15:

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  • lisa

    a sheet of store coupons good friday through sunday

    • JDE424

      Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is $1.99 with the store coupon so you can stack a manuf. coupon with it if you have one (I have a $1 off MyMixx manuf. e-coupon), and then submit for $1 S* and $0.50 Ibotta

      • MisterBill

        Good idea on S* — I still have it to use on one account!

        Sadly the C51 is gone.

        • JDE424

          I got the regular jar on Friday ($1.99 – $1 MyMixx manuf. e-cpn – $1 S* – $0.50 Ibotta = $0.51 moneymaker) and then got the squeezable today ($1.99 – $1 printable – $0.50 Ibotta – $0.50 Ibotta bonus when you redeem 2 Hellmann’s offers = $0.01 moneymaker). So, $0.52 moneymaker on 2 very useful items that would have cost me $10.28 otherwise.
          I hope they continue these types of deals. I did notice that there was no MyMixx Saturday Morning Sampler this weekend but these deals offer some serious savings on items that are sometimes difficult to find at low prices.

          • MisterBill

            I’d already redeemed the Hellmann’s bonus on the S&S and SR deals last week. I just scanned the receipt in Ibotta and it picked up both Hellmann’s offers. I’ll see if it actually credits both. I was actually going for the 77c cauliflower. I had 2 coupons but only brought one with me. I actually should have taken the 2nd coupon with me because the cauliflowers were really nice, once I figured where they had hidden them. They had a big table of them as you walked in, but it was blocked by a taller display so you couldn’t see the cauliflower! I went to CS to see if they had an extra coupon but as expected they said no, so I only bought one. It was nice that the coupons had no minimum purchase requirement.

            I used self-scan but sadly it required the cashier to scan coupons. The cashier didn’t even look at the coupons before scanning them, so I don’t see a lot of value in that!

            • JDE424

              The few stores that I’ve been in that have self-scan all require cashiers to scan coupons; I just go thru a full-service lane since it’s usually less trouble.

              The coupons took off “promotional savings” so unless you did 2 transactions you would only be able to get 1 cauliflower. Their registers only allowed one of each coupon, and the coupons stated “limit 1 offer.”

              The person in front of me pulled up the deals on her phone for the cashier to scan, and it was a nightmare. Even though the page clearly says you can show the coupons on the phone, their handheld scanners (or at least the ones at my store) are horrible at reading phone screens. Cashier wished they would’ve just released them on MyMixx so they would deduct automatically. He had to manually calculate and deduct the savings since the coupons show the final price and not the deduction.

              • MisterBill

                Yes, I would have bought the 2nd cauliflower on a separate order. Did not know about them being online — that would have been a good idea.

  • JDE424

    New MyMixx store e-coupons for Lucerne Eggs 18ct, SK Chocolate Chips, Lucerne Butter, SK Peanut Butter, Lucerne Whipped Cream, SK Flour, Lucerne Cream Cheese, and SS Marshmallows.
    Ideally, the flour e-coupon should make a 5lb. package only $0.24 since it is already on sale for $0.99. But, I’m thinking based on previous purchases that the e-coupon will deduct $0.75 off the sale price of $1.79 and then the promotional savings will still only drop it another $0.05 down to $0.99. I still plan to get it and will go to CS if this happens.

  • JDE424

    Progresso Bread Crumbs are $1.25 this week, there is a MyMixx $1 off 2 e-coupon and a $1 S*. So $0.25 each.
    Progresso Broth, as stated in ad, is 2/$3 with MyMixx e-coupon and then there is also a $1 S*.
    Also, Well Yes soups were on sale at my store for 3/$5. Interesting since some of the varieties were just on clearance last week.

  • geoff84

    For Hershey single bars, how should it work when you stack B2G2 with the BOGO manufacturer coupon? Buy two, Get four?

    • MisterBill

      It really should be buy none get 4 free. Although Acme registers do tend to do strange things when combining free coupons with B1G1F deals.

  • MisterBill

    Great produce prices this week, with 99c red grapes, asparagus and broccoli crowns.

  • kelly

    the xtra savings friday-sunday store coupons are loadable on mymixx

  • JDE424

    Two awesome deals I got today: I bought Kraft Pepperjack Singles for $1.99, used the $0.50 printable coupon and got $0.75 back on Ibotta. I believe the rebate is only good for Pepperjack and Mozzarella. Also, I got Marzetti Dip which was on sale for $3, used a $0.75 insert coupon and got $1.10 back on Ibotta.
    So, total was $0.64 for both of these items.

  • meg

    got a $2 oyno catalina from cheezit. used the 60 cent coupons from the kelloggs 25 days of cheer emails. it is listed on the catalina page here as buy 3+ get $2. nice bonus i wasn’t expecting.