Revlon Kiss Balm Only $0.29 at CVS!

Revlon Coupon

HOT DEAL ALERT!  The cold weather is here, your lips will thank you!  Now through 12/16, you will receive a $5.00 off Revlon cosmetics CVS Instant Coupon from the the ExtraCare Coupon Center when you swipe your card (all shoppers, limit 1).   Included in this offer is the Revlon Kiss Balms which are priced at just $5.29 in my local store.

There are no manufacturer coupons available for this particular product, but you can still score this for only $0.29 after the CVS Instant Coupon!  Remember to check your CVS app for special offers and discounts and scan your Extra Care Card at the Coupon Center in store… never know what surprises you might find there!

Here is your deal at CVS

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CVS {through 12/16}

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  • Annie

    Not sure why, but this deal didn’t work for me. This product was priced at $5.29 in my store, too, but the instant coupon only deducted $3.71. I didn’t use any other coupons which would have caused the reduction. The cashier said that this has been happening to other people as well, and she advised me to call CVS. I would have preferred to have just returned the item, but she would have had to have called a manager, and I didn’t want to hold up the line.

    • Marcia

      Thats ok, hold up the line. Its not your fault that they don’t have enough cashiers on duty, nor your fault that the CRT’s haven’t been deducting the amount they should. People are getting short changed left and right. Its a continuing problem at CVS, that won’t stop till a government office gets involved to have them correct this cheating customers out of what CVS is offering.

      • Annie

        Thank you both for your replies. I didn’t realize that this was a common problem at CVS. I thought it was just a glitch with this particular deal. Years ago, when their sales were better, I used to shop there once a week. Now, I only go there a few times a year. They recently built a very nice new store near me, and each time I’ve stopped in, there have been very few, if any, customers. The cashier yesterday kept on telling me how if I called to complain, CVS would send me coupons and ECBs for my trouble. I think they may be trying to drum up business for fear the store may close. So, I didn’t make an issue out of it. That being said, thanks for letting me know that this is happening to others. I won’t bother making the trip the next time.

      • Venae Nicolson

        Has anyone called Consumer Protection in their state regarding this issue with CVS? I would definitely be interested in their feedback and responses. This just doesn’t seems to be the time of year to be getting involved with an agency about this ongoing problem. But I certainly believe CVS is aware of the problem but are relying upon the fact that most customers are not reviewing their receipts, especially when purchasing many items. If it matches what I think the total should be that I have in my head, I usually let it go without checking my receipt. But stop and consider exactly how much CVS (and any other retail store, in fact) is collecting from all their customers nationwide. A few pennies here and there, certainly will and does change their bottom line. As Daddy ALWAYS said…..follow the money.

        • Marcia

          I completely agree. Thank you for naming a gov’t agency to be contacted. When I posted, I couldn’ t think of the name at the moment.
          I haven’t done so yet, but plan to after the holidays. I hope others will too, who can be more specific with their experience/transactions.

    • Barbara A.

      I agree with Marcia … hold up the line. I don’t know what’s going on with CVS and their coupons because this same thing has been happening to me, too. It’s not right. A couple of weeks ago I think it was the $3 coupon from the red machine off Colgate toothpaste wasn’t subtracting $3. One of the stores that I shop in has been very kind correcting it, most of the stores don’t know how to fix it. (and sometimes don’t care) I remember a couple of years ago Target used to do something shady with the coupons, subtracting them and then adding them back in. I stopped shopping there because of it. I know that Target has corrected it now but I still rarely shop there. I would hate to do the same thing with CVS. CVS has been sending out emails with discounts but its not a great deal when they don’t subtract coupons and discounts like they should. Many good things about CVS including if you do call CVS they will respond , several years ago I complained about something and a district manager called me.

    • sandyk

      This has been happening all most every week to me. The coupon says one amount but it only takes off part of it. The cashier sometimes can get it to work by putting the coupons in in the right order (she has to void the transaction and do it again until it works.) She said that she’s not allowed to adjust anything now if a coupon doesn’t scan properly; before she would just fix it manually but management says she can’t do that anymore. I’ve also had their own CVS coupons not come off even though I have the item and she has had to get someone to override it. They are defnitely nickeling and diming us.

  • Linda Hughes

    I emailed CVS last night because I had a lot of ECB’s from Thanksgiving ($48) and wanted to use them and I asked the cashier (who was actually the manager on duty) to tell me my total before tax so I could figure out what ECB’s to use, he said to just give them to him and if they didn’t scan that’s how he would know I went ‘over’. Well the last one didn’t take and he still put it to the side and I said that one didn’t come off so he handed it back to me. When I looked at my receipts I realized that my $4.49 ECB only deducted $3.76 and when I went back to ask him about it he said because my balance was zero before tax so it adjusted the ECB…I was mad because I would have used the $2.50 one and kept the $4.49 one! So I’m waiting for my response! Also I got a $4 off $20 coupon in the mail yesterday and it didn’t come off because I used ECB’s. 🙁

  • Valerie Abuela

    Same thing happened to me with the revlon deal. It was priced 5.79 in my store, gave cashier $5 red machine coupon, and coupon only deducted 3.81. I asked cashier why? He looked at it, I only had the one item and he had no explanation so he kindly gave me an ecb to make up the difference. I have not had this issue before and I am in CVS all the time! I guess we have to check and always be alert. If I had a lot of items I might not have even noticed. I have the most success with issues if I impress upon the cashiers that I know it is not their fault, but can they find a way to help me. If I get a really unsympathetic cashier I ask for the manager. At most CVS stores, the manager will try to keep customers happy and will try to solve issues. I have called corporate on occasion as a last resort but they are usually not as responsive as they could be at least that is my experience.

  • gilly

    Used two coupons yesterday at CVS both were lowered from $2 to $1.75 both coupons were on the CVS App..and after buying Aetna ,not like they are hurting financially…..will try this Revlon deal tmrrw ..but if it doesn’t take off the whole $5 will say something…

    • gilly

      Just used the coupon,,,no problem got the whole $5 off paid .29 …

  • Annie

    I had no idea this was such an issue with CVS. Seems to me, though, particularly with the Revlon deal, when you advertise a “HOT DEAL” on the front page of your flyer, indicating that you’ll get a $5.00 off coupon, you ought to get $5.00 off when using said coupon. Otherwise, that’s a problem. . .

    One other thing I wanted to note is that I always watch the screen as the cashier scans my coupons to make sure that the right amount is deducted. If I recall correctly, the CVS coupons seem to say something like “pending authorization” or something of the kind, & I’m not able to view the total deducted, until after the cashier rings up the order. In this case, I didn’t see the discrepancy until after I was handed my paper receipt. Had I been able to, I would have just had her remove the item from my order. Seems to me that it’s a lot easier to “slip one by” people when the coupons ring up this way. Don’t know if others have noticed this as well.