5 FREE Dannon Light & Fit with Zero Artificial Sweeteners 4pks at ShopRite! {1/21-Rebate}

Dannon Coupon

Yay! This awesome deal is back at ShopRite next week! Staring 1/21, ShopRite will have a Pick 5 Pay $1.49 each on Yogurt. Included in this offer is: Dannon Activia Fruit Fusion, Activia Lactose Free, Activia Regular 4pks, YoCrunch 4pks, Dannon Light & Fit Regular, Light & Fit with Zero Artificial Sweeteners 4pks, Danimals Smoothies 6pks, and Dannon Whole Milk 4pks  (must buy in increments of 5, limit 4 offers)


We have these offers available:

We can score 5 Dannon Light & Fit with Zero Artificial Sweeteners for FREE after Rebate.

Of course you can mix & Match this deal to fit your needs.

Here is your deal at ShopRite starting 1/21

This List Has Expired

shoprite starting 1/21

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  • Eliane Sovich

    I don’t like checkout51 because they never gave me the rebate on the yogurt stating that I already got it which was not true. This happened more than once already and I am fed up with them….

    • Dawn Nicole

      If you have the offer clipped in savingstar it’s most likely the reason. I actually just cashed out of CO51 (which seems like it took forever) and deleted the app off my phone. I had nothing but problems with CO51 from the offers running out so quick (most times it will be available when I get to the store, but by the time I check out it would be gone) and now not being able to combine with coupons, other rebate apps, etc. I’ll stick with Ibotta and Savingstar for now, less hassle. I know a lot of people love it and don’t have any problems with it, but for me, it was a lot of aggravation for $20.00 LOL

      • Igor

        I fully agree with you! C51 has definitely gotten much worse lately, to the point of not being very relevant or useful. I basically keep it around for when I don’t have a coupon for something, or for the rare offer that can still be stacked with a coupon. The other thing I really dislike about it is inability to redeem partial balance – they really need to address this.
        I may not keep it for much longer either the way it’s been going.

        • MisterBill

          It works for me. First, despite what their offers say, I don’t know anyone has had a submission rejected because of coupon use. You may not want to do it, but it does work. As for partial balance redemption, you just need to cash out as soon as you get to $20. Also, Paypal redemption only took a week the last time I did it, so that’s now a good option (it used to take as long or longer than a check).

          • Selma

            Definitely agree! I use separate emails for S* and C51 and never had an issue with the offers listed as redeemed, and they’ve never denied my submission even if I used coupons. I was able to cash out $150 last December for Christmas so it’s definitely still worth it for me at least 🙂

          • Igor

            They rejected two of my submissions because of coupons and S*, so very reluctant to keep trying. Though maybe I’ll use your suggestion of cashing out and creating a new account with a different email address than S* – thanks for the idea. It just takes me a while to get to $20, that’s why I’d like the partial redemption option.

            • MisterBill

              So you’re saying that you had the offer and they rejected it because you also had S*? That seems odd. I know that some people do not see offers if they have them on S*.

              • Igor

                Not quite. I thought I would first submit to C51 then activate the S* offer. As soon as I activated the S* offer, my C51 submission was rejected. I can’t remember if I ended up getting the S* rebate.

      • MisterBill

        You could try using a different email address for C51 than you do for S* and see if that helps you. Since you cashed out of C51, you can just create a new account.

        • Dawn Nicole

          I might give that a try. Thanx MisterBill!

      • Eliane Sovich

        That is exactly what is happening to me and I will cash out too….