Confirmed Kimberly Clark Catalina- Scott Bath Tissue as low as $0.25 per roll & More ShopRite

Kimberly Clark Deal

Yay! Finally It seems like it took forever for this deal to work right?  Through 1/13, ShopRite has a Spend $25 Get a $5 Catalina on Select Kimberly Clark items .  We told you about this deal last week  HERE. Well its finally working.





We have the following offers available for this deal:

We have many possible deals here, we can buy 3 Scott 1000 sheet bath tissue pay $13.47 after coupons and get a $5 Catalina making them just $0.24 per roll.

Checkout all the possible deal ideas we put together for this sale!

Although most of these  coupons say Do Not Double (DND) , we have confirmed that they do automatically double at checkout. Please note that although they automatically double, the final decision to double it is up to each individual store.

Here is your deal at ShopRite through 1/13

This List Has Expired

shoprite through 1/13

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  • Rachel Johnson

    I just did this deal and the cat didn’t print. About 20 minutes ago

    • Alan Stein

      Same here… had to have it printed at customer service.

  • Jaye

    Which deal did not work?

    • Alan Stein

      2 Scott Bath Tissue 12pk 1000 sheet $5.99 ($9.79) + 3 Kleenex $1.34 ($1.99) did not work.

  • anon

    Which of the four deals have been confirmed? tia

  • CathyN

    Anyone tried the deal in NJ?

    • Alan Stein

      Did not work at SR of Flemington on Monday… see below…

    • Laura J

      I tried it last night at the East Windsor location and it did not work. I had to go to customer service and request it. They must be used to it because the guy didn’t even really look over my receipt or ask to see the items – he just printed it out for me.

    • Rachael Park

      I tried it in Somers Point, NJ.


    Has anyone Tried this deal in LI NY??

  • Barbara

    The picture above is the deal i did last night in Philadelphia, maybe not the best deal, but i needed both items. The Catalina printed for me. i did not have to go to CS. I hope that helps.

    • Chris

      The picture listed above isn’t one of the listed deals. Someone might want to amend the posting, as it appears none of the listed options are working.

      • Barbara

        that deal is still a shelf price deal, whether 1 bought 1 towel or 2 doesn’t matter my shelf price for that deal was over $30. and my sale was just over $20. so it works on shelf. i just really needed both items so i grabbed an extra back of towels. i would have had the same result with just one pack. ill add it in. But its not the best deal

        • Chris

          Pat from LI bought your deal + an additional paper towel and his cat didn’t print lol. The mystery continues…

  • bilinval

    I did the 4 Scott paper towels on Monday and the cat did not print.

    • Barbara

      It did not work monday at all for any deal we tried Sale prices and shelf prices. that was explained in the other post

  • Chris

    Bought (3) Scott 12-pack 12,000 sheet yesterday 1/9 at the Hazlet, NJ store and it DID NOT work. Purchased (2) Scott 12-pack 12,000 sheet and (1) Scott 6-pack Paper towels today 1/10 at Middletown, NJ store and it DID NOT work. CS at both stores would not print the catalina, as I did not spend the required $25 for the promotion.

    • Chris those are my 2 stores as well and nothing has printed for me on it’s own this week at either of those stores. I did the Buy 6 Unilever get $5 nothing. They gave me the cat because it was just a straight by 6. I did the Unilever Dove, Axe and nothing. But after some negotiating with them, they gave it to me. Then I went to do the scott deal and decided to go to hazlet because Middletown was just not working for me and still nothing. So, now I’m just submitting to Catalina Marketing. I have no idea what’s going on with those 2 stores but it doesn’t make me happy. If I do anything catalina deal I may head over to Aberdeen or marlboro. I head in those directions any way at times so it’s not really too much out of my way.

      • Chris

        I submitted through catalina as well. Thanks for the update.

        I did the Unilever deal at the Middletown, NJ store today and the cat printed for me. I bought (1) Axe 3 in 1 (Total Fresh) , (1) Axe 2 in 1 (Apollo) , (1) Suave Professional Gold Biotin infusion Conditioner (purple label) , and (1) Dove Mens 2 in 1 Complete care with Caffeine. All ecoupons and paper coupons worked without issue. Hope this helps.

        • I bought almost the exact same thing. Just different scents. Didn’t print at Middletown. Did it on Monday. Not sure what’s up but it’s making me nuts trying to figure it out. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’m usually pretty good at finding patterns as to why something isn’t working. These deals have me completely stumped. Just when I think I’m onto something, like maybe it was both our stores, something like this (you getting the cat) throws me for a loop. It’s almost like they turn the deals on and off at random.

          • Chris

            lol I guess I just happened to get the right combination for today. Seems like these catalina offers are failing more and more. Looking at Pat’s comment from LI, he actually spent over $25 on the kimberly-clark deal and still didn’t get the cat. Yet, Barbara bought one less paper towel then him and did get it. Makes zero sense.

    • Rachael Park

      I purchased 3 12-pak of Scoots toilet paper and the Catalina did not print out. I spoke with a manager at the courtsey desk and they read the fine print in the Shoprite ad. The fine print did not mention anything about including the coupons, ecoupons or discounts in the final $25.00 price. They issued me a $5.00 Catalina coupons and I went on my merry way.

    • gabby

      I also did these deals in Hazlet, and I didn’t get cats. Middletown is better.

  • Pat

    Went to my ShopRite in Comack, Long Island this morning. I bought 2 Scott toilet paper and 3 Scott paper towels. Cat did not print.

  • Aron

    Has any one done the Kimberly Clark Deal at a Shop Rite in Connecticut?

  • No ma’am

    Combined this deal with the vitamins paid $7.02 and the cat didn’t print. Customer services gave me a $5 gift card instead.

  • Toledo

    This deal does not work. It only calculates the sale price not the original price. To make it work you need to buy more than suggested here, Meaning $25 of sale items, this deal is not worth it.

  • hoping

    My store in Poughkeepsie, NY said the catalina is only triggered if you spend $25 after coupons and using the sale price.

  • tritac72

    I tried the beginning of the week on Delaware (2 Scott toilet paper and 1 Scott paper towels) and it didn’t print. I didn’t stress too much because we needed toilet paper 🙂 and I was happy to have a shopping trip where I saved $148 and only had to pay $18.51 for 50 items 😀

  • Kathy

    I have done this deal multiple times since yesterday in northern NJ. The catalina printed just fine. My first transaction was 4 Paper towels, used 4 .75/1 coupons and the cat printed. My second transaction was 3 Scott 1000 count blue package, used 3 .75/1 coupons and the cat printed. Hope that helps.

    • Jessie

      Hi Kathy, which store did you go to?

  • Peter Kim

    i bought the 3 bath tissues but cat did not print

  • Chris

    Bought (2) Scott paper towels, (1) Scott TP 12,000 sheets, and (1) Scott 9 roll Extra soft and the cat printed. Purchased in the Middletown, NJ store. That’s the only combination that has worked for me so far.

    • Ok Chris, I have a question for you. I’ve been thinking about why we are having so much trouble at our 2 stores and I’m still stumped. Did you use a catalina to pay for this transaction? The one above that you just mentioned. And, did you use a catalina to pay for the other transactions you did when you did not get the catalina? I’ve exhausted every other option in my head and the only thing left for me to consider is rolling catalinas and the possibility that is effecting it.

      • Chris

        Hi Cindy. No I didn’t use a cat for that purchase. This last attempt, listed above, is the only time I received a cat. I did use a cat for another purchase, but it was the Unilever cat. The two previous attempts prior to that no cats were used and I didn’t receive any either. There really doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer as to why it prints or not.

        The weird thing I’ve been noticing is the cats are not printing right away. Twice now I’ve noticed in Middletown the cat printed well after the cashier already gave me the receipt.

  • Abby

    Yesterday I bought 2 Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care and 1 of the Scott 1000 and I got the cat at the Springfield NJ location. I did have a cat in my stack of coupons but that was from last week. The other thing that surprised me was I had a $1 eco upon ate came off each Cottonelle (only recall 1 being in my account). I did hold my breath waiting for the cat to print.

    Helps make up for the horrible way I was treated at the CVS in Summit NJ where the Colgate Toothpaste coupon wouldn’t scan, and they kept telling me I was getting the wrong toothpaste (even though I had the exact one in the pic on the coupon), and once they told me which toothpaste I needed to get and rerang the order several times, did not take off the CVS $2.50 coupon. I knew the total was off but the manager was so nasty to me, especially after I showed her the receipt price on 1 of the items I bought was more than the shelf price, and she started making some racist remarks, so I was a bit nervous and just left.