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There is a new ShopRite eCoupon available to clip. The coupon is for a FREE on Arla Cream Cheese (Up to $2.99 Value, 7 oz. Tub)

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  • Andrew

    It’s amazing that this brand is offering their product for free again. They did this a few months ago as well. Is this brand not selling well at all? Acme also has an ecoupon for the free Arla however, theirs expire on 2/2.

    • Christine R.

      I think because it’s so new they’re trying to get it noticed, and what better way than to try it for free? I just recently started seeing commercials for this product as well.

  • Lady J

    We tried the strawberry cream cheese. It had the consistency of yogurt.. It spread way to easily for refrigerated cream cheese. We didn’t like that. I can tell from the picture above, the Blueberry looks the same way. Are they all like this? I guess I am used to Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

    • sandyk

      The plain is similar to Philadelphia’s soft cream cheese in a tub. Haven’t tried the flavored varieties.

    • Ann

      i tried the herbs and spices and felt it was very close to philadelphia cream cheese veggie variety

    • IK

      They are all like that…moreover, the tubed ones are even worse.

      • MisterBill

        Wow, that’s too bad about the tubes. i had hoped they wouldn’t be as bad as the old ones. I looked for the tubes at Acme on Sunday since their free e-coupon was valid on both but they only had the regular ones.

        I also hate how the foil line never seems to peel off cleanly which means it doesn’t seal well.

    • D

      The Herbs & Spices seems to be a better consistency that is more in line w/ regular soft cream cheese, although maybe a bit thinner, but the other varieties are watery gross goop – or at least the blueberry, strawberry, regular and Mediterranean flavors are.
      I’d go for the Herbs & Spices if you can find it – to me it’s the only decent one.

    • Lady J

      Thanks for all the replies. I am grateful for them. I will try the herbs and spices.

  • Jessa

    Universally people seem to hate these things! Personally, I like them but if you are getting one free and don’t like it just spread on a bagel like usual cream cheese try to get the Herb & Spices one and add a spoonful to your eggs when you scramble them then cook like normal. They make a nice fluffy, flavorful scrambled egg.

    • Rocky

      I haven’t yet tried this cream cheese, though I have had their sour cream. I actually like the idea of the softer consistency of the Regular, or Herbs & Spices flavors (not the soupy flavors ones!), since I make cold cuts Roll-Ups a lot, and, for other brands, it is more expensive to get the soft varieties! I take a slice of ham or baloney, spread cream cheese on it, layer with a slice of salami and/or Swiss, and roll it up! Using regular cream cheese is a pain because I have to soften it up, first! So, since this is free, and, soft, should work out well for me! I also like your idea of mixing it in eggs! And, also, it will be good to mix in things like Broccoli Cheese soup! I’m going to make the most of these freebies, lol!!!

      • Jessa

        Oh I think the herb and spice would be a great one to use in meat and cheese roll ups! What a great idea.

        • Rocky

          I agree! At times, I use Slug Slime, which is akin to Trader Joe’s ‘Everything But the Bagel’ seasoning, on the cream cheese layer, before I roll them up. I think the Herb & Spice would be another nice version of that!

      • sandyk

        I used to do the roll-ups for my kids’ lunches. My son loved having a dill pickle slice in the center of his (take a spear and cut in half lengthwise so it’s small enough to roll well.)

        • Rocky

          Oh, I like this idea, thanks!

  • Parm

    Hi guys I try herb & spices on turkey avacodo sandwich on a wheat bread is so good no other dressing

    • Christine R.

      That sounds yummy!

  • michelle

    I’ve used the herb and spices in stuffed baked potato soup and also in a hot crab dip, both of which recipes called for regular cream cheese. The added flavor was a great addition to both. I also try to make the best of all the freebies!

    • Rocky

      Oh, hot crab dip, nice use for it!

      • Laura D.

        I was thinking of a vegetable dip because it’s so soupy.

        • Rocky

          Another good choice!

  • Laura D.

    Anyone know if these can be frozen?