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Shopping Trip Breakdown ShopRite

Check out Jill’s trip to ShopRite.  She received the Huggies, Unilever and Kimberly Clark catalinas.  And scored the Centrum money maker and lots of freebies!  Jill brought home all of these items for $19.16!

This is what Jill had to say about her trip:

I have a 2 year old in diapers and I just had a baby girl! So this week was great for me to stock up on diapers and wipes! We are all out of tomato paste so the Muir Glen at $0.29 each was a good deal for me (but I got 1 for free with the digital coupons) everything else was just really good deals I couldn’t pass on!
I had the biggest smile on my face leaving Shoprite this week!!! Thank you for all the great deal ideas and matchups!

Great trip Jill!!!!!!!!

Here’s the breakdown of Jill’s trip:

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  1. Total out of pocket may or may not include tax.
  2. Deductions of coupons may be rounded down when doubled therefore the full amount of each coupon may not be reflected in the final total.  The amount listed as the out of pocket (OOP) is the amount that the featured reader has told us they paid.
  3. We have tried our best to insure that each coupon was correctly used however, there may be a chance that we missed something as we are looking through and piecing together many different shopping trips. If that is the case, please email us at so it can be brought to our attention immediately.

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  • Mary

    I don’t understand how she got the Kimberly Clark Catalina. The store flyer says you must spend $25 to get the $5 Catalina. Her deal totaled $17.36. Please explain.

    • Rachael Park

      The shoprite fine print does not mention the total of $25.00 can not include sale items/discounts/coupons. I had the same issue with my shoprite and had to go to the courtesy desk to obtain a $5.00 Catalina coupon.

    • Jill Kairey

      if you ad up the pre-sale price it is over $25

      Scott Bath Tissue 1000 Sheet $5.99 ($9.79)
      Scott Paper Towels $4.99 ($6.99)
      KLEENEX Facial Tissue $1.39 ($1.96)
      total b4 sale price and coupons $25.73

      So you add up the regular price and if it hits over $25 your catalina should print (mine printed right at the register, no need to go to customer service)

    • Rocky

      Also note that this type of deal calculation only works for items that are on a Price Plus sale. They will have the picture of the PP card next to the items in the ad.

      For any regular sale items that are part of any deal, that is the price that gets calculated.

  • wow! This is a great shopping trip!

    • Jill Kairey


  • rosa

    I purchased same as above: 2 axe shampoos ($4.49 each) and 1 dove men’s shampoo ($3.99) and 1 Suave gold shampoo ($2.79) and did not get $5 catalina. I went to customer service and was told the Axe shampoo is NOT part of the deal. Can someone please explain? Thank you.

    • Rocky

      Did the items have the deal sticker/tag hanging on the shelf where they were stocked?

      • rosa

        No, they did not have the deal sticker hanging on the shelf, I checked after customer service told me that axe was not included.

        • Jill Kairey

          my shoprite has the sticker under the item that it was part of the deal…

    • deb

      by my shoprite only the axe shampoos that were 5.49 had sticker by it.

  • Rocky

    Great haul!!!