Zero to Stockpile Challenge #4 – Prepare Your List Early

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Prepare Your List

Prepare Your List – Zero to Stockpile

Being prepared! Isn’t that a boy scout motto? Well, it’s now a couponer’s motto.

Your next challenge, challenge #4,  is to start prepping your shopping list early. Not just now but each week.

How to Prep Your List

Prepare your list

If you’ve caught some of my Instagram Live Videos, I went through how to start prepping your list. If you missed them or don’t follow me, no worries, I’m going to tell you right now. (and go follow me) 🙂

The first thing you need to do it keep a running list of the things you need. I have a notebook in my kitchen. Maybe you rely on your Alexa app or a white board on or frig. Wherever you want to keep it is fine, as long as you have a running list of the things you need.

Now, the fun part starts….

Depending on the store you shop at will depend when you start your planning. I’m going to use one of my favorite stores ShopRite as an example.

My ShopRite starts their sales on Sunday. On Living Rich With Coupons, we start posting deals, for the upcoming week, as early as Tuesday before the sale even starts. The great thing is, our site has a built in list maker…you’re welcome 😉

To make your list, simply check the box on the left side of the item and it will be added to your list. On top of being able to make your lists, if you have a LRWC Plus Account (did I mention it’s free?), you can save multiple lists. Yep you can!

So, why is that helpful? Good question and I’m very happy to tell you why. Not only can you have an ongoing shopping list for this week, you can start another list for next week at the same time. Or, maybe you want a list for each store. You can organize your lists however you want.

How I Prep My List

Prepare your list

Let me get into a little of my process…

Starting on Tuesday (prior to the start of the sale) I go through LRWC and look for deals I’m interested in doing. By Wednesday, we have previews (hottest 10 deals) for the majority of the stores as well including CVS, Rite Aid, etc. I then glance through and add any and all deals I’m interested in to the list I’m prepping for the next week. Each day I keep an eye out to see if anything else pops up.

I don’t do anything else at this time. I don’t clip a coupon and I only print coupons if I think (comes with experience) the coupon may be no longer available.

On Shopping Day

Prepare you list

The day comes for me to shop so, either the day I actually plan on shopping or the night before,I go through the handwritten list I’ve kept in my kitchen. Remember, I already have a “coupon list” prepped on LRWC just waiting for me.

If any items, from my handwritten list, were not included in the deals I placed on my “coupon list” (from the LRWC match ups), I then check the GPC (grocery price comparison tool) to see if any other stores in my area are having a sale on that item. For instance, I don’t  make a regular habit of going to Walmart but if they have eggs at a great price and I need them, I add that to my ongoing list. (yep you can add items from the GPC too!)

Prepare your list

Then, once I’ve included those extra items I found on the GPC,  I click the printer icon to print my list.

Before the list actually prints, a page will appear where you can sort or remove items. You can even print coupon directly from that page which makes it super easy.

It’s at this point that I go through the list, take out items I decided I don’t want to get and start getting my coupons ready.

Getting your coupons ready from this list is super easy because the inserts are listed for the coupons you need and like I said above, you can then print your coupons right from this list.

There are times when I don’t have that coupon in my insert or the printable coupon is no longer available. If I decide that I don’t want to do that deal any longer, I simply delete it from my list.

Now I’m ready to actually print my list.

Once it’s printed, I hand write onto the list any, must have, items that weren’t included in the “coupon list” and weren’t found in the GPC search. Then everything, coupons and my printed list, get put into my small coupon holder and I’m ready to shop.

Go Plan Now!

So, what are you waiting for. Find your store(s), start selecting your deals and get ready for your shopping day.

Things to Keep In Mind:

  1. You need an LRWC Plus account to save multiple lists. You can save up to 10 lists in your account
  2. On top of taking out deals you decide you don’t want to do, you can also reorder deals however you choose. Maybe you’d like them to be in the order of the store aisles or any other way you’d like. You can also, remove extra details in the deals you don’t need. For instance, we list a lot of the coupons available. You can remove all that and just leave the exact deal you are doing. Makes your list shorter.
  3. You can email your list to yourself and view it from your phone.

Tips to Follow My Journey

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  2. Join our Zero to Stockpile Facebook Group.

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