Zero to Stockpile Challenge – Cindy’s Shopping Trip #2

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Zero to Stockpile

I didn’t waste too much time between shopping trip #1 and shopping trip #2. I feel like a woman on a mission these last couple of days.

Not having a stockpile is a very unsettling feeling without an abundance of food in the house. In the last two days alone, even my small little kitchen pantry was starting to look sad.

So, for me, this week I have been very focused on stocking up on food items and thankfully, my local food store, ShopRite (and my little market) have played a huge part in helping me stay focused on my goals. Thank you Can-Can sale!

After this week, I will have more room in my budget, since I feel a bit more stocked on food, to venture out to other stores besides just my super market.  That will allow me to stock up on a bigger variety of items that are not considered staple food items for us.

After yesterday’s shopping trip, I have just about $58 left in my budget. High priority on my list is toilet paper!

My Budget Tracking

Here is what I bought and how much I spent. You can see my progress by viewing the following documents:

If you are unsure, why I increased my budget or why I donated my entire stockpile, you can read more about that here.

Monday Shopping Trip

This List Has Expired





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Pictures of My Current Stockpile

Updated after this shopping trip!

Top left: Paper Goods
Top Right: Beauty Products (left side)/Cleaning Products (right side)
Bottom Left: Food
Bottom Right: Freezer

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