Zero to Stockpile Challenge – Cindy’s Shopping Trip #4

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Zero to Stockpile

My original plan for my Zero to Stockpile shopping trip #4 was just to pick up a few things I needed for the rest of the week. I started this trip with just about $30 left in my budget and knew I had to use it wisely. I still had items I needed like cheese, diced tomatoes and some produce. So, I was pretty focused on those items. But then, this awesome deal on CeraVe soap came along and I made a detour right to Walgreens. I mean, hello free awesome soap!

When I was doing the deal at Walgreens, my intention was to buy 6 and use 4 printable coupons and 1 digital coupon along with the Walgreens coupon (see below). It wouldn’t have been free but just $0.24 each bar.  The reason I was doing it that way was because I wasn’t sure how Walgreens would handle my overage. And, since I didn’t have much money to “play” with, I didn’t want to take a chance. So, I was going doing the safest deal.

However, my store only had 4 in stock. So, I grabbed the candy that was free this week and kept my fingers crossed the registers would take the overage. And, it did. Woot!

The rest of my shopping was pretty basic. I stocked up a little on the diced tomatoes ShopRite had on sale and swung by our local market, Dearborn. This market is more of an upscale market which means the have a bit higher standards on the look of their produce. And, they aways have a nicely stocked managers special section with items in it that you wouldn’t think twice about getting at full price. I love these hidden treasures 😉

So, now I’m done for the week, ending up with only $4.57 left in my budget. About $1.50 of that I’m expecting back in rebates.

Now, I’m already starting to plan next week which, by the way things are looking, will probably look a lot different than this week did. I’ll go into that more tomorrow when I do a summary of my first week into this Zero to Stockpile Challenge.

My Budget Tracking

Here is what I bought and how much I spent. You can see my progress by viewing the following documents:

If you are unsure, why I increased my budget or why I donated my entire stockpile, you can read more about that here.

Monday Shopping Trip

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Dearborn (local market owned by ShopRite)



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Pictures of My Current Stockpile

Updated after this shopping trip!

Top left: Paper Goods
Top Right: Beauty Products (left side)/Cleaning Products (right side)
Bottom Left: Food
Bottom Right: Freezer

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