Zero to Stockpile Challenge – Cindy’s Shopping Trip #9 (Rite Aid, Acme)

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Zero to Stockpile

It’s the start of week number four for Zero to Stockpile. This is the week I predicted would really start to show the my savings. And, it’s already looking like that will be the case.

My list is fairly short this week as I’m stocked with so many things now. Yes, I still have a bunch to go but, guys, it’s only week four! I’m beyond happy.

Sunday is usually my bigger shopping day but I had some family obligations that didn’t allow me to get much shopping done yesterday. I did get to Rite Aid first thing in the morning because the coupons for the Schick deal expired on Sunday and I planned out a nice little scenario to roll my Wellness+BonusCash rewards. It was my first time rolling those rewards since they replaced the Plenti points with the Wellness+BonusCash. I definitely like Plenti better but, over my last ten years of doing this couponing thing, I’ve seen so many changes at so many stores, that you just learn to roll with the punches.

Rite Aid does have some kinks to work out but, all in all, it’s not so bad. I’m just grateful we still have a rewards program to take advantage of.

Since there is an Acme in the same shopping center as the Rite Aid, I ran in there quickly to grab four turkey breasts. The price was great at just $0.98/lb. So, now I’m nicely stocked up on that as well.

As of this posting, I already did big shopping today. If you follow me on Instagram, you could see, step by step, my shopping, as it’s happening. I’ll post that, big shopping trip, tomorrow so you can see all my goodies.

Hope your stockpile is getting bigger and your grocery spending is smaller.

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My Budget Tracking

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Sunday Shopping Trip

This List Has Expired

Rite Aid



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Pictures of My Current Stockpile

Updated after this shopping trip!

Top left: Paper Goods
Top Right: Beauty Products (left side)/Cleaning Products (right side)
Bottom Left: Food
Bottom Right: Freezer

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