4 Better Than FREE Purina One SmartBlend Dog Food Bags at ShopRite!

Purina Coupon

Here is another sweet deal you can score at ShopRite this week! Through 2/17, ShopRite has the Purina One Smartblend Dry Dog Food Bags on sale. The 8lb Bags are on sale for $11.49 and then 4lb Bags are on sale for $7.49.

We have the following offer available:

After coupons we can score 4 FREE Bags of Dog Food + $1.50 money maker!

Here is your deal at ShopRite

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  • Kim

    This coupon keeps saying APPLICATION ERROR … the one that is $7.49 off. I’ve tried the app and three browsers 🙁

  • bilinval

    Wouldn’t the register have you pay $11.49 and take off the $7.49 and then repeat it? That would only be $15 off not $18.98. I am not sure the register would take off the $11.49 the first time. Is there an order to have them scan the dog food?

    • jonathan

      I would think it would take one for $11.49 and one for $7.49 since each bogo is for the same 2 out of the 4. also, they are probably going to beep anyway and have to be entered manually. so again one for the 3-4 lb. bag and 1 for the 6-8 lb. bag

  • KLM

    I just did the one transaction.. bought two 8lb bags.. the 12.49 came off (my price is higher in NY) and they manually put in the $12.49 for the other one. I didn’t; want to risk doing all 4 bags… I can go back and get the smaller bags another time

    • bilinval

      That’s exactly what I will do! Thanks KLM!

      • KLM

        np!! I was even concerned because I have a $1.50 digital for ONE bag… wasn’t sure if that one was going to come off instead.. but the higher amount for buying two bags did…..plus I had a bunch of coupons today.. I didn’t want to “push” it with buying 4 bags…even though it is legit, they would always question!

  • klaral12

    Please consider getting it even if you don’t have a dog and donate to local shelter

    • MisterBill

      Sadly, not totally free because of sales tax if you’re in NY or NJ. Not normally a big deal but you’re talking about almost three dollars in sales tax if you buy all of them (plus another dollar for the cat food deal), which is not insignificant and makes them not really free. The good news is the 6-8 pound bag is the one with $1.50 overage and that covers most of the sales tax.

      If I were in CT (or PA) I’d definitely buy them all since sales tax is deducted on manufacturers coupons. HOWEVER, the “glitch” where SR puts the e-coupon deduction at the top of the receipt and does not flag it as taxable for multi-item e-coupons where the price exceeds the cost of one item (as it will in the case of the 6-8 pound bag) will very likely cause the $12.99 to NOT to have the tax deducted.

      I am not telling people not to do this and donate, just letting them know that it’s not as free as they think it is.

      • Jessie

        Thanks MB. Totally forgot about the sales tax. Is sales tax calculated before coupons? Can’t figure it out as different stores calc in different ways. Tks!

    • Laura D.

      Food pantries are happy to accept these!

  • tim

    I can confirm all came off. Did it in one transaction with the cat food.
    The coupons did beep and had to be over ridden with the pricing.
    Be nice and have the sale price ready for the agent. This way they don’t have to look anything up.

    • KLM

      good to know!! was concerned! thanks!!

    • EMH

      i bought two 3.5 lbs cat food bags but one rang up as 7.99 and had the $1.50 ecoupon attach to it , not $7.49 off two. Might be best that you check prices and make sure both ring up as $7.49, I might be wrong but I’ll try again and test my theory!

  • Melissa

    I had my dgtr do this deal this morning and manager would not allow the printable coupons so just the eq’s came off and total was about 19.00. If I return them and buy them back will my eq’s gonnack on my card so when I repurchase they will come off. Should I just go to Cs and tell them she forgot to use them and hope they give me the cash?

    • Selma

      Once the transaction is completed, the digital coupons are gone. They should’ve canceled the transaction, why weren’t they able to use the printable coupons??

      • Melissa

        The manager gave her some excuse as to “already getting the item for free” however that wasn’t the case or my total would have been 0.00. I told her she should have just canceled the transaction and left but she didn’t know and didn’t call me first

        • Selma

          Wow that’s crazy! Manager definitely doesn’t know what free means.

  • KLM

    Can someone give me some advice.. so I went to do this deal again.. first time I had no issues, second time I did. I purchased two large bags…the digital came off.. manager would not allow me to use the buy 1 get 1 free coupon. She said I would need to buy 4. I called corporate and the lady said the exact same thing to me. She said I would need to buy 4 bags. She said she would look into it and call me back…. how do I explain this to them.. she even said they accept a digital and manufacturer coupon on an item….need opinions

    • Laura D.

      I would go to a different store and not deal with it. It’s always best to stay under the radar.

      • KLM

        I wont do buy one get one at that store again if there is a digital attached I guess.. but am I wrong? Corporate said the same thing to me….need to buy 4 bags

        • Laura D.

          I don’t think it’s wrong. Digital are allowed to be used with paper coupons.

          • KLM

            Didn’t get a call back from corporate today… oh well. Seems like other people had issues too… I’ll just avoid those kind of coupons at that store, which sucks cause it’s so close

    • IK

      this does not sound right to me… so you had no issues purchasing two small bags, but had issues with two large ones? could you please update us on what the corporate comes back with?

      • KLM

        it was a different day.. but the one went through with no issues yesterday ,than today the manager wouldn’t let me…she said over and over I needed to buy four since the digital came off.. I couldn’t apply the coupon of buy 1 get one. Called corporate when I went home and the agent said the same, that I needed to buy four, but she said she would look into it and call me back. I duno, doesn’t sound promising. I will of course update..i’m just confused..

    • Melissa

      I had the same issue if you see my comments below. I tried to go to 3 local stores all owned by the same family and no one would give the the money for the coupons that were refused. I also tried to return all the bags except the 2 I got free with the 1 B1G1 they did accept and was told I have to return the entire 4 bags of dog food and 2 car food. I called corporate and they told me each store is different in their policy. So basically I am stuck with 6 bags of food total for 20.00 or returning all of it and getting none

      • KLM

        ugh.. I never like to make a big deal and argue with managers….I just said “ok than take it off my order” I wont do buy 1 get 1 at that store.. they made me feel dumb

      • Chrissy

        I went through the same problem, and none of it makes sense. By their logic, that would mean that if you have a digital $1.00 off 2 products and a MC for $1.00 off 2 products, they expect you to buy 4 products? Clearly that is not how it works. I just had a manager tell me that shoprite doesn’t stack digital with MC because shoprite coupons are MC’s. He gave me some long story of how digital coupons were started to get away from paper, but senior citizens haven’t gotten on board with digital coupons. Clearly he doesn’t know his own company’s policy which is incredibly frustrating when you’re being patronized. Not to mention, one of the clerks insinuated that I was trying to scam them, which is ridiculous. I take precious time every week to make sure I use coupons accurately. I’m contacting corporate immediately with a copy of their policy. Hopefully they’ll forward it to the manager with my regards.

  • Rebecca Weinstein

    I tried this yesterday at WLB Shoprite and the lane manager said to me that I’d have to get four bags of the food to use the coupon with the ecoupon. She claimed that since I already was buying one getting one free with the ecoupon, I couldn’t get another one free. She made me feel really stupid when she was trying to explain it, and I kept telling her the ecoupon isn’t B1G1, it’s just $x off the purchase of two. Her exact words were “we don’t pay you to take merchandise out the door” which isn’t true because I’ve gotten loads of free stuff from them over the years stacking coupons. The whole debacle held up the line, annoyed people (they stormed off to a different lane even), and was not only an inconvenience but I wound up with the two small bags, two large bags, and two cat food bags for $30! (Which I’ll probably return) Seriously disappointed with this store and its employees.

    • Danielle

      Me too! At two different shop rites