Coca Cola Family 2 liters as Low $0.30 & More Deals at ShopRite! {2/18}

Coke/Nabisco/Hershey Catalina deal

Yay! One of my favorite deals! Starting Sunday 2/18, ShopRite will have a great Coca Cola/ Hershey/Nabisco Catalina offer running.  There are 3 different options:  (this will not stack, you will only receive one Catalina per transaction)

Choose one offer:

  • Spend $15 in participating products Get a $5 Catalina
  • Spend $25 in participating products Get a $10 Catalina
  • Spend $40 in participating products Get a $15 Catalina





We have the following offers available

This one is super great even without coupons.  We can score 20 Coke Family 2 liters and 1 Vitamin Water single Pay $21.25 get $15 in Catalina’s making them just $0.30 each.

*Assuming this is working off Pre Price plus Card prices, which can not be confirmed until Sunday. We will also scope out any additional products that may be included!

Here is your deal at ShopRite starting 2/18

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  • Sharon Yeager

    isn’t the dq $1.99?

    • Jenna

      HI Sharon. The cost is $1.99 after the $1.00 digital.

  • MisterBill

    MM if the C51 offer returns. Of course, YMMV since it says it cannot be used with other coupons.

  • meredith

    possible problem with this deal. according to my ad, the ppp price of the coke 2 liters is $1.88, not $1.99. the deal with 20 bottles would not reach $40 with that price unless something is added.

    • Michelle T.

      Ooh mine too! Need to look over the math for us…

      • Laura D.

        My ad too, $1.88.

        • Barbara

          Thanks ill update. IT was very hard to make out on the Blsck & White Ad scan.

          • Laura D.

            I still couldn’t make it out in the ad either! Don’t have a magnifying glass, luckily one of my kids was home to read it, lol.

            • Rocky

              Ha! I used a magnifying glass and still couldn’t make it out!!!

              • Laura D.

                Hahahaha!!!!! I’m not alone, lol!

    • Tracy Z

      Nice catch! Thanks!

    • Rocky

      Thank you!!!

  • Laura D.

    Heads up everyone! You will need to check “your stores pre price plus prices” for the deals above. My weekly ad is also showing $1.88 ppp for the soda instead of the $1.99 ppp used to calculate the deal above.

  • Liz Nowak Harwood

    Bought this morning with 1.88 showing on receipt. Only got 2 $5.00 cats for 21 bottles.

    • Bruce

      That would be correct for $1.88 each. ( 21 x $1.88 = $39.48 ) I guess that’s good news in that it means its Pre Price plus card prices. If not then you would have only gotten 1 $5.00 cat. (21 x $1.00 = $21.00)

    • Laura D.

      22 bottles prints 3 cats, I can confirm that.

  • Fiona

    Did anyone buy 15 two liters and have two $5 cats print? I just did this and I only got one, but I had to run back and ask my cashier for it because it printed late. I have no clue if 2 actually printed because it was hard enough getting the one (she thought it was the next customer’s). 🙁

    • Laura D.

      I just bought 22 and had 3 cats printed. You are right, they print out really late and slow. Idk what to suggest in your situation, sorry, hopefully someone else can chime in.

      • Fiona

        OK, thank you. I figured the customer after me probably got my coupon. Quite disappointing. Awesome deal on soda though!