CVS Coupon Deals – Week of 2/25/18


CVS Coupon Match Ups Week of 2/25:

CVS Rolling Deal Ideas Week of 2/25:

You can Coupon Like a Pro at CVS by rolling your Extra Care Rewards to keep your out of pocket as low as possible.  CVS is a great place to stock up on all kinds of products from health and beauty aids to groceries. Be sure to check out the How to Build Your Stockpile at the Drugstores page to see all the Best Deals at all the drugstores this week.  The post is updated every Monday with the newest deals for the week.

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CVS {2/25 – 3/3}

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CVS Monthly Deals

These are the monthly Extra Care Bucks deals going on this month at CVS. The limits shown (if any) are done per month, not per week. You can see your progress of the offers by checking the bottom of your receipt.


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  • geoff84

    If I was a “select shopper,” how would I receive those coupons? The red coupon machine? Online? Snail mail? Thank you!

    • Selma

      The red coupon machine. 🙂 You can also see the coupons on your app, so every Sunday when the new ones come out I see what I get, make my deals, and then print them at the red coupon machine.

      • rncarradini

        the red coupon machine constantly tells me there are no offers at this time. I do not like the red machine lol

  • BM

    Did the Tresemme deal work for anyone else? Was wondering why I had to use so many ECBs to lower my out of pocket cost, but was in a hurry. Finally realized the cashier removed $3.15 instead of the $6.29 for the BOGO coupon. Is that the way its suppose to be? Don’t think a $1.90 a bottle is a deal 🙁 and that does not include the tax! Wondering if they can be returned… SIGH

    • Selma

      Unfortunately some cashiers take off the lower price on BOGO50% with BOGO mqs. I made sure they scanned my conditioner, then shampoo, conditioner, shampoo because the coupon makes the conditioner free, that way they had to put in $6.69.

    • Nanci LRWC

      I did the deal today and mine worked out the same as Selma.