Huge Case of Georgia Pacific Toilet Paper for $40.14 Shipped – Below Stock Up Price!


Stock Up Price on Georgia Pacific Toilet Paper

If you’ve been around this site for a while, you may remember when I posted this awesome deal on Georgia Pacific Toilet Paper. Well it’s back and even better.

The toilet paper, as I mentioned, is from Georgia Pacific and is a 2 ply thin embossed paper.  It’s very similar to Angel Soft. I’ve bought it and used it myself.  It comes in single wrapped rolls in a box of 80 large rolls (550 sheets per roll or 61.1 sq ft per roll) with 4950 sq ft of toilet paper in the case.  Yep, a lot. And since it’s priced at, a super low price, of $40.14, that makes this just $0.008 per sq ft.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 11.10.02 AMThe stock up price for 2 ply thin toilet paper, according to our detailed Toilet Paper Stock Up Price List, is $0.01 per sq ft which would make a this an awesome stock up price.

Remember, if you want to get an additional 5% savings with Subscribe & Save, that would make this box just $38.13 or just $0.0077 per sq ft.

As always, you can cancel Subscribe & Save at any time.

Here is how to get the deal:

Just a note on these prices…as you can see these rolls are actually $0.50 a roll which would appear to be a lot but, as I mentioned in my stock up price list, no 2 rolls are a like so you MUST go by the square footage and take into consideration the type of paper it is.  These are large rolls with 61.1 sq ft of 2 ply thin where a roll of Angel Soft Double has just 33 sq ft.

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