Target Coupon Deals – Week of 2/18


Target Coupon Match Ups Week of 2/18:

Target Unadvertised Deals

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  • Michelle T.

    Come on, guys! The Tidy Cats litter at 35 pounds is NOT the lightweight variety! Lightweight is like 8.5 pounds. This makes it confusing to those that don’t know the difference. The heavy litter keeps being listed as lightweight week after week. Please review the sizes and what coupons apply. Thanks so much for the rest of the great matchups!

  • Andrea Sicari

    Is the Target deal $10 gift card off of a 40 pet product purchase a one time deal or can you do this repeatedly throughout the week?

    • TheGroom

      Target does not track you. You could do this deal multiple times in one day if your coupon has no restrictions on it. That’s what’s nice about Target and their gift card deals.

      • Andrea Sicari

        It’s sent as a mobile target coupon- as 10 off a purchase of 40- with a upc as well. I’m sure they issue these based on the number that txted the code?

        • Michelle T.

          Yes, you can get one as a mobile coupon. It is also in your wallet in the Target app. It is also a paper coupon in the Target ad. You can do it once per coupon.

  • Ann

    I’m confused how you are getting that Ritz crackers would be .88 each after coupon wyb 2.

    • TheGroom

      I agree–the arithmetic doesn’t track at all. Two pkg for $5.00 – 75¢ off 2 is not 88¢ each. Medic!!!

  • Tammy Ellis

    I’m confused about the $10/40 pet coupon. It says $10/40…. If i’m not mistaken we are getting $10/40 on our purchase not a $10.00 GC. Am i wrong?

    • Laura D.

      I believe it is $10 off instantly after the coupon is scanned. Not a $10 gc.