Confirmed Kimberly Clark Double Dip Catalina- Cottonelle Bath Tissue 12pks as Low as $1.00 & More at ShopRite!

Kimberly Clark Deal

Yay! Here is a great deal you can score at ShopRite next week! Last week we told you about this upcoming deal HERE  Starting Today, ShopRite has a Spend $25 Get a $5 Catalina of select Kimberly Clark Products.

We headed out this morning and can confirmed this deal is working off Pre Price plus Card prices.



Additionally we have this great National Catalina offer printing at ShopRite to sweeten the deal:

Cottonelle Brand Bath Tissue 12pk +
starts 3/4, exp. 03/26/2018
Buy 2 get $2.00,
Buy 3 get $3.00, starts 3/4, exp. 03/26/2018

We have the following offers available for this deal:

We have many possible deals here, we can buy 3 Cottonelle 12pks bath tissue and 1 Kleenex Hand Towels   get a $5 and a $3 Catalina making them just $1.00 each, thats $0.11 per roll

Checkout all the possible deal ideas we put together for this sale!

Although most of these  coupons say Do Not Double (DND) , we have confirmed that they do automatically double at checkout. Please note that although they automatically double, the final decision to double it is up to each individual store.


Here is your deal at ShopRite:

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  • Lesley

    Check your coupons for these. I printed them when they first came out and they all have an expiration date of 3/15.

  • Ash Patel

    are the cat’s printing for these offers? it says confirmed but someone in the shoprite matchups said it did not work for her did it work for anyone yet?

  • Anonymou5

    Cottonelle Ibotta offers disappeared…

    • bilinval

      I am sure it was there last night when I checked! Bought my Cottonelle this morning and it was gone!

      • Lesley

        Same here. Maybe it will come back this week. Receipts can be submitted up to a week, I think.

      • Ash Patel

        its expired sunday at 3am it ma come back….

  • Mel

    If I didn’t receive any Catalina for purchasing 3 Cottonelle and 1 Kleenex hand towel should I contact Catalina marketing?

    • Barbara

      yes many people on FB have confirmed this deal as working with out issue.

  • dowman

    You maybe able to do $0.25 better by substituting a scott toilet paper for one of the three cottonelle packages in the first two deals listed. The subtotal before coupons will be $1 more and you will get $1 less in catalinas ($5+$2 vs $5+$3 as originally posted), but that will be offset by being able to use another 75 cent digital coupon for the scott, $1 back on scott from C51, and maybe $.50 on scott from S*.

    • Lesley

      I got the $1 for Scott from Checkout51 when I purchased three toilet papers in one transaction. I rolled the $5 and $2 catalina from my first transaction (2 Cottonelle and 1 Scott paper towel) and received another $5 catalina.

      • sl

        Can u elaborate? How did you get the 2nd $5 catalina after rolling over the $5 & $2 catalina from the 1st transaction? what did you buy to earn the 2nd $5 Catalina?

        • Lesley

          First transaction was 2 Cottonelle and Scott paper towel. I got a $2 catalina for the 2 Cottonelle and a $5 for all 3 items. Second transaction was 3 Scott toilet paper. I used the 2 catalinas from my previous transaction and then earned $5 for purchasinf 3 Scott toilet paper.

    • sl

      If one saves the offer on Savingstar, Checkout 51 doesn’t permit users to redeem the cash back offer on Checkout 51. Checkout 51 now works in conjunction with Savingstar on cash back offers on the same items, even if the cash back amount is different. I don’t know a loophole around it.

      • Selma

        I use different emails and never had them link up together. If changing email doesn’t work, I think a few people changed the email first and then deleted and re-downloaded the app.

        • sl

          Change the e-mail address for which app? Savingstar or checkout 51?

          • Selma

            I think people changed it on C51. Did you delete the app and re-download? I hate that the apps just started communicating randomly, I’m very lucky that I used two different email when I dowloaded each app.

            • sl

              Yes, I did. I changed my e-mail address on Checkout 51, deleted the app and re-downloaded but my saved offers are still the same on the app with my updated e-mail address and the offers that I saved on Savingstar still reflect zero offers on the Checkout 51 app. Maybe, the two apps won’t be communicating with each other when new offers are available or when the offers reset on Thursday.

              • Selma

                Wow, that’s weird that it didn’t unlink! Maybe if you changed the email on both apps to completely new emails? Very strange, though these apps might be communicating by more than just email.

  • Jeanette Ksiez Gulick

    My shoprite didn’t honor this deal and I lost my digitals

    • Laura D.

      Fill out the forms at Catalina Support, hopefully they will mail you the catalina.

    • TD

      I purchased two Cottonelle and Scott bath tissues total preprice plus $25.37 and nothing printed. I should have at least gotten $2 for two Cottonelle.

      • Selma

        The catalina machine might not have been working. Use the link from Laura D. below to submit to catalina marketing.

      • TD

        I sent contacted Catalina and they could not find the offer. Anyone know exact offer name for store $5 cat and $2 national cat? I did attached my receipt when I contacted them.
        Thank you.
        This is what they emailed me…
        We are unfamiliar with this offer based on the information provided. It is possible it is not a Catalina offer.

        If you feel that this is incorrect, please “reply all” to this email within 48 hours of receiving this email with a photo of the Retailer’s ad so that we may assist you further.

        Catalina officially recognizes retailer advertisement in the form of ads directly from the store or the store’s website. Additionally, stores may advertise using shelf tags, in-store signage, and Catalina message prints/announcements that advertise future offers.

        Catalina realizes that blogs and word-of-mouth are an additional source to learn about offers however, please note that these cannot always be relied upon to provide accurate information. You may also include a photo or scanned copy of your receipt so that we may assist you further. Please make sure the full receipt, including any transaction numbers at the bottom of the receipt, is clearly visible in the attachment. If you do not have access to a scanner or camera, you may fax your receipt to 1-864-349-5904. You must include the Incident # (found in the subject line of this email) and your full name in the fax.

        • Laura D.

          Send them a scan of the ad in the paper along with a scan of your full receipt. They should mail you the $5 cat at least.

          • TD

            Thank you.

            • Laura D.

              You’re welcome, good luck!

    • wondering

      Which shoprite?

    • rosa

      The shoprite is South Philly did not print out any catalina. I purchased (3) Cottonelle 12 pk. and the cottenelle wipes. Should have received $5 and $3 catalina. The customer service gave me the $5 catalina but had no clue what I was talking about the extra $3 for 3 cottonelle.

  • KLM

    I purchased (1) Scotts paper towel 10 pk. and (2) cottonelle 12pks. I received a $5 cat and a $2 Cat. be careful because there are a lot of options with paper towels and toilet paper. make sure you purchase the right ones.

    • Lesley

      True. Cottonelle needs to be the 12pk or larger to get the additional catalina.

      • Beth

        I did this deal with 2 cottonelle 12pks and 1 scott towels…got the 5$ cat,but not the 2$. But I didn’t mind because I did the hershey deal and got the 5$ catalina for that, so all in all, I’ll take it!

        • Lesley

          You could contact Catalina about not receiving the $2 and they should be able to mail it to you.

          • Kara Levine Wallace

            I only got the 3$ cat, you said to contact Catalina. How would I do that? Thanks.

            • Lesley

              Laura D. was kind enough to post the link to contact Catalina in this thread, so scroll through to find it! Good luck!

  • D

    I plan on doing deal #1 but in addition to that was wondering if anyone saw any issues w/ buying:

    -2 Scott paper towels 10 pack $7.99 ($10.99)
    -1 Cottonelle flushable wipes 84 ct. $3.49 ($3.99)
    Total would be $19.47 ($25.97)

    Then there would be 2 separate $0.75 Scott digitals & 1 $0.75 Cottonelle digital as well as using 2 $0.75 Scott coupons & 1 $0.75 Cottonelle coupon which from CDC, it’s my understanding all double to $1.50 each.

    Total would be $12.72 and should get a $5 CAT back (I’m not including rebates in this breakdown).

    Sound good? Has anyone done or know of anyone who did that deal combo and can confirm it? We go through paper towels like crazy at my house so I’d like to get more of that than TP.

    • D

      Ooops, meant to say I plan on doing deal #3 (not #1). 😉

    • Laura D.

      It should work, numbers are good. This is also one of my options for this week. Haven’t decided yet with my go to deals.

  • Laura D.

    My ad and srfh has the scott bath tissue showing $9.59 shelf price, not the $9.79 stated above.

  • Joy

    I did the 2nd deal and got the $5 and $3 cat however my 4 .75 coups did not double. I saw the cashier examine them but did not see her do anything overt to stop them from doubling. I was disappointed that i paid $3 more than planned. YMMV.

    • Laura D.

      which source were your coupons from? Inserts?

      • Joy

        Coupons dot com. Weird thing was i was sure i saw them double on the cashier screen. I know they said DND but coupon checker app said they would double (if no intervention).

        • Laura D.

          It sounds like the dnd button was hit and the cashier wouldn’t allow them to double. Sorry, that’s frustrating.

      • Joy

        Just curious do the newspaper insert coupons for Cottonelle not say ‘do not double’? Double negative i know….
        Plus why does mfr care anyway since the stores pays the doubling part, no?

        • Laura D.

          Sorry, I didn’t get the inserts, so I am unsure, but I think they don’t say dnd. As far as the stores go, I don’t know the answer to that either. Maybe someone else may be able to chime in on that.

        • Jenna

          The insert coupon for Cottonelle does NOT say DND.

    • Alicia C

      Just did deal #2 everything w/ my printable coupons did doubled… got my cat…

    • Selma

      When they prevent a coupon from doubling, they just have to hit this little button on their screen, and then they scan the coupon. I had it happen twice (once with an Arnold coupon and once with the A1 Sauce coupon). They can be subtle with it for sure.

  • Sophie

    Thanks for posting this great deal. Did a variation of deal 2 (2 Cotonnelle 12-pack 5.99, 1 Scott 9-pack 6.99, 1 Cotonnelle flushable 3.59), and it worked with no issue. Got 5 + 2 Catalina. Somehow had two DMs for Cotonnelle toilet paper, and the paper coupons got automatically doubled. Came down to about $1.5 average for each item.

    • D

      2 Cottonelle at $7.79 PPP price + 1 Scott toilet paper at $9.59 PPP should have been enough for the $5 and $2 Catalinas since the total would be $25.17 – you didn’t need to add the Cotonelle flushables I don’t think. I was actually considering doing this combination w/ just the 3 toilet people – 2 Cottonelle & 1 Scott.

      Just to confirm – the 3/11 SS version of the $0.75 coupons are doubling right? I know people confirmed the printables that say DND are.. just want to make sure.

  • Michelle T.

    I got two Cottonelle, and one Scottowels and received both $5 and $2 Cats. Also a .75 digital coupon came off for each item, and my three .75 coupons fully doubled.

    • nick hill

      Super Coupon at local sr for $6.99 Scott 10 pk towels so even a $1 sweeter.

    • Rocky

      Thanks, Michelle, this is the deal I did today (NW, NJ), and it worked just as you said!

      • Michelle T.

        Yay! Glad it worked for you too! I was dangerously low on TP and PT recently, and have stocked up on the great deals the last few weeks. Time to stop, my stockpile is full LOL!!!

  • Cathy

    Has anyone done deal 3 with the Viva towels instead of Scott and received the $5 cat?

  • D

    Has anyone tried or know of anyone who tried 2 Scott toilet paper 12 packs & 3 Kleenex tissues? Total PPP would be $25.15 so just enough and should trigger the $5 CAT but not sure.
    There are so many combos, it’s overwhelming!

    • Laura D.

      If you can’t get confirmation of this deal, I would suggest….
      Check your stores shelf prices to make sure the price will be over $25.00.
      Get “visual” confirmation of seeing cats printing from the catalina machines lane you choose to go onto “before” getting on line.
      Cat should print! Make sure you don’t leave and give the machine a chance, I haven’t done this deal yet, I’m unsure if cats print right away or take some time to spit out.
      Hopefully, someone will be able to confirm it for you.

      • D

        I finally went to SR early this morning and did 3 transactions on 1 card – I rolled my Cats and everything worked.
        1) 3 Cottonelle 12 packs + 1 Kleenex hand towel = $5 & $3 Cats
        2) 2 Scott 10 pack paper towels + 1 Cottonelle 84 ct. flushable wipes (PPP $25.97) = $5 Cat
        3) 2 Scott 12 pack toilet paper + 3 Kleenex tissues (PPP $25.15) = $5 Cat

        I have to go back & do it all over again on a 2nd card. Hope this helps people looking for alternate deals.

        I was thinking about also doing my deal #2 but subbing in 2 Viva for the 2 Scott paper towels and just paying $.75 more since the Cottonelle wipe digital is gone BUT the $7.99 Viva 8 pack which is what I’d pick & what I know is coded for both Viva digitals, is showing up as $10.29, not $10.99 as the regular price online which would make the deal short at $24.57.
        Assuming this is correct, just a heads up for anyone trying to put together deal combos, the PPP for Viva 8 pack might be $10.29, not $10.99 as advertised.

        • BM

          Thank you for sharing! I want to do your second scenario, so glad it worked 🙂 debating on the third… I’ll see how I feel when I finally get a chance to get to the store… How are the Cottonelle toilet paper? Mom complained that the last batch of Scott was not good, so she has a theory that when they go on sale those batches are not good 😉

          • Laura D.

            Your Mom is right about the Scott not being the same. IMO, Scott changed a little over a year ago. It never used to flake apart, now it’s flaking apart. I keep buying it thinking something has to be wrong with that lot, but, we still have the same results. I’ve been looking for new tp. Cottonelle is good, but we are forever replacing it, it gets used up too quickly, I think. I switched to Charmin from a deal at Target, that brand is not supposed to flake, and it does flake. I was asked once we’re out of it not to buy it again. I was thinking of just giving in and buying Kirkland when I go to Costco. Then this deal came along. I’m definitely buying paper towels which we need. We also will be needing tp shortly. Hmm…..

        • Laura D.

          Yay!!! So glad it worked out for you! I believe you are right about the Viva! My store shows lower shelf prices too. I haven’t shopped yet, glad to see your deals working!

  • Cindy Melucci

    i wonder if it is possible for you to do a deal using prices that are not pre-price plus. NY SR’s are not doing the deal that way so the totals you give never work. Just a thought

    • Ash Patel

      you can do the deal the total are pre price plus but you can calculate based on sale prices in your area using the deals you see here as a guide. to get the 3 dollar catilina you have to buy 3 cottonelle 12 pack each or larger and the 5 cat is spend 25. buy 4 cottonelle (12pk) and 1 kleenex hand towel your oop would be 9 dollars after the catilina’s so $1.80 pet item. hope that helps!!