Up to a $2.00 Money maker on Splenda Naturals Sweetener at ShopRite! {Ibotta Rebate}

Splenda  Coupon

If you are looking to stock up on sweetener for your morning coffee or tea, then ShopRite has a deal for you! Through 3/17, a 40 ct box of Splenda Naturals Sweetener is on sale for $2.99.

We have these coupons available:

any ONE (1) SPLENDA® Brand Product

There is also a Catalina offer currently running at ShopRite.

Splenda Products:
starts 1/27, exp. 03/18/2018
Buy 2 get $2.00,
Buy 3 get $3.00,


Although the ShopRite eCoupon is no longer available to be clipped, it has not yet expired. We can score  2 Splenda Naturals Sweetener 40ct boxes for FREE +$2.02 Money maker after stacked offers!

Even with out the eCoupon you can score this for $1.02 Money maker,  its a Win Win!

Here is your deal at ShopRite

This List Has Expired

shoprite through 3/17

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  • bilinval

    Coupon must be NLA. Can’t find it.

    • Laura D.

      same here. try the first link in the list of coupons within the body of the post, it will take you to the splenda site. hth.

      • MisterBill

        Specifically, https://www.splenda.com/coupons.

        Sadly, Smartsource is acting up and not printing reliably. I generally get a server error.

        • Laura D.

          I’ve been getting a server error too. I can’t print coupons.com coupons either since Sunday morning. So here’s a question, do they both use Java? I usually print from google chrome, windows 10, which I believe doesn’t support Java. I can’t remember if we need it or not to print coupons. However, it’s no longer on this computer. I thought it was.

          • MisterBill

            Neither is Java. Most browsers no longer support Java these days. The coupons dotcom thing seems to be only in Chrome. This is obviously something on the Smartsource server. I was able to print a few today but I had to keep trying. Just save the FDF file and keep trying to open it.

            • Laura D.

              Even if I save and open the FDF file for SS, it’s blank. I also loose my prints for both sites. Nothing prints and if I keep trying it tells me I’ve reached my print limit. I emailed cdc but have not gotten any response yet.

              • MisterBill

                If you’re getting blank pages from Smartsource, it’s because you have Acrobat set to print in grayscale or save ink. That causes SS coupons to print as blank. However, it does not count as a print. Coupons dotcom printing blank from Chrome does count as a print, so “print” something you don’t want to see if it’s working. Then you can save to PDF or cancel if the page is blank.

                Also I was just able to print the Splenda and one other SS coupon.

                • Laura D.

                  So this is crazy. I was just able to print the splenda coupon from yesterday that was sitting in the FDF file. I tried to print a second print from the link, and its blank. I don’t get it. Btw – it printed in color, so I don’t think its a greyscale issue.

                • Laura D.
                  • MisterBill

                    Seemed to be fixed today.

                    • IK

                      back to broken

                    • Laura D.

                      I just printed IK at 11:40 a.m. hope you can print too now!

                    • IK

                      me too, thanks!

                    • Laura D.

                      Yes!!! Just saw your comment. I think it definitely has to do with how long it takes from going from the dog chasing the paper screen to the print window. If it takes too long, that’s when we get the plain white page. That’s my conclusion. Wifi? Storm clouds? Connection from cdc?

                • Laura D.

                  Just finally got the second Splenda coupon to print. Hope it gets fixed soon!

              • nick hill

                I am able to print from app on ipad and iphone for ss but issues with the computer printing all of a sudden?

                • Laura D.

                  I have never been able to print SS from my phone, android. All of a sudden for me too. Could it be something with daylight savings time? That doesn’t seem likely, but its the only change that happened.

                • Laura D.

                  Computer is printing!!!! I didn’t do any of the suggestions from cdc due to lack of time. It fixed itself!!! I think it has to do with the timing. Its going to the print window much faster now and not getting hung up like it was the other day. Wifi maybe? Storm clouds? Up and printing now and in time to print more coupons for this weeks deals!!!

          • Ash Patel

            try printing with ie explorer because it works for me all the time in ie

            • Laura D.

              I did try that and kept getting the same results. I had contacted cdc and they replied with about 6 things I had to do that were very time consuming. Not having that time this week, I let it go. I just saw the Schick deal at Target and I might be near a Target today, so I figured I’d give cdc another try. I choose to first print a coupon I wasn’t interested in. To my surprise it printed!!! I also printed the coupons I haven’t been able to from this computer!!! It fixed itself!! I’ll take it! 😀 Thanks for the suggestion, I will go directly to that in the future!

    • Michelle Feliz Larsen

      I saw it yesterday but did not print it )-:

    • IK

      just printed it

  • joe

    My Ibotta was $1.50 then changed the middle of last week to $1 each? This was while the $1.50 was still active

    • Barbara

      Mine is still $1.50

    • MisterBill

      My Ibotta account is $1.50. My wife’s is $1. Not sure why, but they do this from time to time. Tried to buy today but the store I went to only had one box.

  • MisterBill

    My store had these today so I bought 2 batches (different cards). Will submit on my Ibotta account that has the $1.50 offer and hold onto the 2nd receipt and hope it comes back at that level. A $1/1 coupon printed on the Catalina as soon as I scanned the first item.