Zero to Stockpile Challenge – Week In Review, My Plans for Next Week & My Challenges

Zero to Stockpile

My shopping trips are now starting to look like my old shopping trips before I started the Zero to Stockpile Challenge. Shopping trips that make people wonder, what is this girl feeding her family?

Shopping trips like these were the ones that were hard to explain to new couponers. I would always get comments like, I need coupons for food. I can’t eat shampoo, vitamins and toothpaste. I get that it looked odd but what they didn’t know where the many shopping trips I made stocking up on food items. That my freezer was packed with all the good stuff.  And that is what has gotten my grocery spending to be lower than $75 a week.

This week I hit just $55. I still need some items but nothing I need right away. I’m in need of foil but I’m still about halfway through one of those big Costco boxes. I need paper plates and napkins (Costco will have them on sale in about a week) but we don’t use those on a daily basis. They are just for big parties which usually happen during the summer months. And yes that goes for the napkins too. We are completely paper napkin free on a day to day basis using just a more casual, farmhousey style napkin as opposed to more linen type napkins for company. But I do love these flour sack towels which can be used more casually or for more of a formal dinner.

I hope, through this process, which, by the way, isn’t completed yet, you can see how the stockpile truly controls your spending.

What I Gave Up

I’m happy to report that, once again, there is nothing we needed to give up.

How I Shopped

Another super easy week of shopping for me.  I shopped on Monday at ShopRite, Aldi, Rite Aid and CVS. Then I stopped back into ShopRite to pick up a pack of my corned beef which was part of their 4 day sale.

My Plan for Next Week

Next week I’ll be getting more corned beef, cabbage and potatoes to help us, not only celebrate St. Patty’s Day, but also to celebrate Pat’s birthday. I do need raisins and buttermilk for my Irish Soda Bread  but I’ll probably get the best prices on that at Aldi so I’ll be heading there as well.

I’ll poke around with some of the drugstore deals to roll my rewards.

Now It’s Your Turn

So, now it’s your turn. How did your week go? Did you have goals you wanted to reach? Did you reach them? Did you stock up on some important items your family needs? Did you challenge yourself with any new challenges or any of the ones I posted during the past two weeks?

What You Might Have Missed

In case you missed my shopping trips, you can see each one of them below.  I also show my budget as well as the items currently sitting in my stockpile and freezer.

I Challenge You

And, I challenged you with five things to make this an even more successful journey for you:

Zero to Stockpile Giveaway Winners

This week’s Zero to Stockpile Giveaway Winner is Lina Kim. She won a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Remember, head to our Zero to Stockpile giveaway page to find out how to enter.

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