Here is Why The New Noxzema Coupon Is Not Meant for Shave Cream Products

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Noxzema Coupons

Noxzema Coupons

This is just a quick public service announcement on the recent Noxzema coupons listed in the recent 5/13 RMN (formerly Red Plum) insert. The coupon is for $1 off any Noxzema product excluding 2 oz product and trial and travel sizes.

This coupon can not be used on any Noxzema Shaving Product such as the Noxzema Shaving Cream (currently and ECB deal at CVS) or any Noxzema Razors.

Noxzema facial care brands are owned by Unilever . However, Noxzema shave products are owned by Universal Razor Industries Div of Kai-USA which is a completely different company. Universal Razors (Kai Group)  bought the license to make the shave products from Unilever meaning KAI-USA pays Unilever license rights for the shave products but it’s marketed and distributed through Universal Razor Industries Div of Kai-USA. Unilever distributes coupons for their facial care brands and Universal Razor Industries Div of Kai-USA distributes coupons for their shaving products.

Here is an example of a Noxzema Shave Product coupon which is owned by Universal Razor Industries.

You can see the coupon at the top of the post is showing Unilever at the end.

Some confusion, I’m sure, comes from the marketing of the coupon (as you can see at the top) where it says, Deep Cleanser – Makeup Remover – Shave Cream. This marketing line is actually referring to the uses of the particular Noxzema Classic Cream Cleansing Cream that is shown in the picture and not referring to the Noxema Shaving Cream product.

For your reference:

  • List of Noxema products owned by Unilever – their customer service number is 1-800-436-4361 Monday-Friday 8:30 AM-9:00 PM Eastern Time.
  • Contact info for Universal Razor Industries Div of Kai-USA which owns the Noxzema Shave Products: 1-800-441-1394 (they had a website called but that site is no longer in operation)