HOT! Quadruple Dip on Unilever Ice Cream at ShopRite!

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Ice Cream Deal at ShopRite

Check out this super HOT Ice Cream Deal you can score at ShopRite this week. And, it doesn’t even require a single coupon.

Through 6/23, ShopRite has Klondike Bars on a Pick 4 Pay $1.99 each (must buy 4 to get the $1.99 price) and Breyers Ice Cream is on sale for $2.50 each.

We also have the following Catalina Offers that overlap with these two products making for some super HOT deals.

Here are the catalina offers:

Catalina Offer #1:

Klondike Products
6/11/18 – 7/8/18
Buy 3 Get $1.50
Buy 4 Get $2.00
Buy 5+ Get $2.50
Participating Stores:
ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Giant/Martin (more to come)

Catalina Offer #2:

Breyers Cookies or Candies Products 48oz Ice Creams
6/11/18 – 7/8/18
Buy 2 Get $1.00
Buy 3 Get $1.50
Buy 4+ Get $2.00
Participating Stores:
ShopRite, Stop & Shop, Tops Markets (more to come)

Catalina Offer #3:

Klondike, Popsicle or Good Humor products
6/11/18 – 7/8/18
Buy 3 Get $1.50
Buy 4+ and Get $2.00
Participating Stores:
Giant, Giant/Martin, ShopRite (more to come)

And, finally Catalina Offer #4:

Buy $15 in Unilever Products and Get a $5 Catalina on Produce
Note: this offer was advertised a few week back and still running.  We know it runs through next week as well.  But do not know when it officially ends.  We do know  that all Unilever food items are included, and that this does work of pre Price plus card prices.

So we can pick up 4 Klondike Bars, 2 Breyers Ice Cookie or Candy Ice creams  Pay $12.96, and get $10 (two $2.00 Catalina for Klondike,  one $1 Catalina for Breyers and one  $5 Catalina from Unilever) in Catalinas making them just $0.49 a pack.

There are so many ways you can do this deal but of course we gave you some great options below. Let us know what you came up with this week.

List of Flavors Working and Not Working

Not Working

1. Bars Double Chocolate
2. Bars Chocotaco
3. Bars Vanilla No Sugar
4. Bars Krunch No Sugar
5. Bars Chocolate Chip Mint
6. Bars Rocky Road


1. Bars Neapolitan
2. Sandwiches Mrs. Fields
3. Bars Oreo
4. Bars Brownie Fudge Swirl
5. Bars Original
6. Bars Reeses
7. Bars Krunch
8. Bars Carmel Pretzel
9. Sandwiches Vanilla
10. Bars Heath Bar
11. Sandwiches Oreo

Here is your deal at ShopRite

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