Stop & Shop Gas Rewards: Cheap Luigi’s and Hungry Jack Pancake Mix Plus a 3x Visa Gift Cards! {10/12}

Stop & Shop Gas Rewards

Note: The Gas Rewards are a Limit of 5 Offers and You Must Have a $25 Additional Purchase

It’s that time again!  Time to check out what deals we can score at Stop & Shop beginning Friday, 10/12 with their new gas reward offers!  This week we have 3 gas reward promotions. The first deal is Buy 6 participating products and earn 500 gas reward points, which is equal to $10.00 ($0.50 off per gallon, up to 20 gallons of gas).

If you are not familiar with Gas Rewards here is a breakdown…


There are always many different deal ideas you can work with gas reward deals depending on what you want, need and have coupons for.  For the “Buy 6 Get 500 Gas Rewards” offer the best deal I’m seeing to Buy 6 of the Hungry Jack Pancake Mixes priced at $2.00 each.

We don’t currently have any coupons available for this deal, but at $0.34 each after gas rewards that’s a really great savings, and while you won’t see it at the register you’ll surely see it at the pump!

Here are the additional items participating in this offer:

For the Second Gas rewards section, We have a Buy 5 Get 400 Gas Rewards which is equal to $8.00 ($0.40 off per gallon, up to 20 gallons of gas).

The best deal we are seeing here is to pick up 5 of the Luigi’s Italian Ices priced at $2.50 each. You’ll pay a total of $12.50, assuming you can fill up with the full 20 gallons of gas you can score the Ices for as low as $0.90 each!

Here are the additional items participating in this offer:

The third Gas Rewards deal we have this week is for 3x Visa Gift Cards! these cards have a Max Activation fee of $5.95!

Here are the items participating in this offer:

It’s a 3x Gas Rewards Deal and is running through 10/18. You can purchase $500 in Participating Gift Cards and earn 3 times gas points on this purchase.  You earn 1 point for each dollar you spend at Stop & Shop, so if you bought $500 of these Cards during this promotion, you will earn 1500 gas points, which is equivalent to $1.50 off a gallon of gas at participating Shell Gas Stations. The Visa Gift Cards have a max fee of $5.95 on them. Assuming you purchase the $500 card you will pay $505.95!

NOTE: * you can only use a max of $1.50 off per gallon, the rest will remain on your account until they are used or expired.

You can fill up with UP TO 20 gallons of gas using your gas points. If you buy $500 in Gift Cards you will have earned $1.50 off of 20 gallons of gas, which is equivalent to $30.00 in savings. So to summarize, with 1,500 gas points (which you will earn for buying $500 in participating products) you can get UP to $30.00 in FREE gas, assuming you can fill up with 20 gallons of gas. After Service Fee you’ll score a $24.05 Money Maker!

These Gas Rewards deals are such a great way to rack up the savings at the pump, while saving on your grocery budget! Watching the bill drop on one of our biggest expenses has been amazing!

As always with gas reward deals, there’s a bunch of different deal scenarios you can work depending on how many prints/coupons you have, however here are some deal ideas assuming you can fill up to 20 gallons of gas!

Here are your deals at Stop & Shop Beginning 10/12:

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This week's Stop & Shop Gas Preview

Buy 6 Get 500 Gas Rewards – a single $25 Minimum Purchase and Limit 5 Offers Per Household

Buy 5 Get 400 Gas Rewards – a single $25 Minimum Purchase and Limit 5 Offers Per Household

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