New “Ugly” Produce Line Launching Soon at Kroger

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Ugly Produce KrogerUgly Produce Kroger

Billions of Pounds of produce goes straight into the trash every single year. That number is ASTOUNDING and Kroger is willing to do something about it!

Kroger’s New Brand (coming in 2019), Pickuliar Picks, will encourage customers to buy produce that has flaws such as brusing, freckles, bumps and more on them. They still taste perfectly fine, they just look a little bit different! These are the main items that go to waste!

According to Delish, who spoke with a representative from Kroger, “Kroger is excited to introduce Pickuliar Picks  “to transform the narrative around imperfect produce” as part of the grocery chain’s Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Plan. Customers who buy the “ugly” produce will help Kroger’s efforts to limit food waste.”

We love this initiative and hope it spreads to other supermarkets across the United States to help end hunger and eliminate waste!

We are huge fans of buying clearance Fruits & Veggies at our local store because of how many things you can actually Freeze (like strawberries).

What do you think about this new brand? Would you purchase this produce line?

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