Barb’s ShopRite Shopping Trip: 62 items Just $0.05 each ! {Rebates}

ShopRite Shopping Trip January 2019ShopRite Shopping Trip January 2019 –

Wow what a week this is for deals at ShopRite! Between all the FREE and Money Makers right down to the basic stockpile items. My total cost of items was $154.24 before coupons.  My out of pocket was just $28.59.  I received $25.50 in rebates for a grand total of 62 items for just $3.09 and that is just a nickel per item.  I’m still not done, there are some out of stock items that I would like to go back and get if possible.

So let’s get to the details. Some items in my list are not in my picture.  The 7 Lean Cuisine, 12 Cans of ShopRite Veggies and the 4 Pepsi all were put away before I could get the picture.

Here in the city of Philadelphia, we have what is called the beverage recovery tax.  This is a $0.015 cent per ounce tax on any beverage with added sugar and all diet beverages.  This tax is levied on the bottler, the bottler passes this higher price to the store and then the store passes this higher price on to the the consumer.  This makes the average price of a 2liter bottle of soda when it’s on sale for $0.99 elsewhere,  to $2.01 in Philadelphia.  The past 2 weeks ShopRite has offered its Philadelphia shoppers some relief, making a few items available without passing this tax on to the Consumer.  This is what you see in my list with my Pepsi deal.

Below is a list of what was purchased. You can see the breakdown for each making it very easy for you to mix and match deals and know exactly how much each deal costs.

Check out my ShopRite trip this week!

Even More Savings: ShopRite Downtime Dollars!

Here is a list of what I purchased. Be sure to share your favorite deals this week as well. Happy Savings!

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Barb's ShopRite Shopping Trip Weel 1/6

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