Update & Confirmed! ShopRite Nivea Catalina- Up to a $4 Money Maker on Nivea & Eucerin & More Deals

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Early this morning we headed out to test the Nivea Catalina deal this week. As you saw from our first report, the catalina was not working so much so that customer service couldn’t even push the catalina through.  However, as the day progressed, it appears the catalina is working at many more stores now.

My guess is, the stores and/or Catalina Marketing are acting quicker this week after last week’s Unilever disaster. So, we are marking this as confirmed but, please note, that there may be some stores still not working.

Just so you know, the catalina prints after payment and not like last week’s catalina where it came out after the last item was scanned.

We but together a few  more ideas below,  if you found something that works or did not work, please leave a comment with your deal and your store location.

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