ShopRite Will Stop Stacking Digital Coupons Starting 5/5 (UPDATED)

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Important information regarding the new ShopRite Digital Coupon policy that will go into effect on May 5, 2019.


ShopRite No Longer Stacking Digital Coupon –


UPDATED 4/27 7:53am:

As of this morning, 4/27, there is a new ShopRite Coupon Policy posted on their website. In the policy it outlines the new changes taking place regarding ShopRite no longer stacking digital coupons.

From the new ShopRite Coupon policy:

Effective 5/519 (SIC), we will no longer combine both a digital coupon and a paper manufacturer coupon for the purchase of any one item.

• Multiple coupon offers cannot be combined to purchase a single item.

• If more than one coupon is offered for a single item, our registers will deduct the highest value offer.

• The remaining coupon will either be returned to the customer or returned to the customer’s PPC during the transaction. If both offers have the same value, the digital will be honored.

You can read more about it here

UPDATED 4/26 2:09pm:

Store image regarding the policy change. Image courtesy of @missholly beth from our facebook group.

UPDATED 4/11 7:30 am:

We have an update on how the no stacking will be handled at the register when you already have a digital coupon loaded to your card.

  1. If a customer has a digital loaded to their card and a paper coupon for the same item, the register will apply the one with the higher value after any doubling.
  2. If a digital has been applied, and then a higher value paper coupon is scanned, the paper coupon will be applied and the digital coupon will be reversed and put back on the customer’s Price Plus card. This is supposed to happen immediately.
  3. If the digital that has been applied has a higher value than the paper coupon, the paper coupon will beep and a “coupon does not match” code will pop up. This will alert the cashier to look for a digital coupon for that item. If a higher value digital has already been applied, the paper coupon will be returned to the customer.
  4. In the case of a “tie” with both coupons having the same value, the digital coupon will be applied. The system will notlook at expiration dates when considering which coupon to apply, only value.

Store signage and bag stuffer inserts explaining the new no stacking coupon policy is suppose to start next week.

UPDATED 4/6 12:25 pm: Thanks to a comment from bjlombo in our weekly ShopRite Match Ups discussion, here is a quote from the memo:

“After much thoughtful discussion, the Corporation has made the decision to eliminate ” coupon stacking”–the practice of combining both a digital and paper manufacture’s coupon for the purchase of any one item. Effective May 5, 2019, we will no longer allow stacking, following in the footsteps of other traditional grocery stores, which eliminated it long ago.”

Some of you may have heard rumors of changes in ShopRite digital coupon policy. I can confirm that the rumors are, unfortunately, true.

As of May 5th, ShopRite digital coupon stacking will come to an end. We, as couponers, will no longer be able to stack a ShopRite Digital Coupon with a manufacturer coupon.

ShopRite stores have received memos on this new policy this past week. I have not actually seen the memo but my source is very reliable. As far as I know, at this point, the memo does not include any other information except that it will also include Fresh Grocer stores.

Other Ways to Save at ShopRite

I know this is disappointing to a lot of you, but please know that we have seen lots of changes in coupon policies over the years and there are always great ways to save. For instance, here are some savings opportunities currently available at ShopRite:

  1. Digital Coupons, although we can’t stack them they will still be available for savings
  2. Use of printable coupons and manufacturer coupons (make sure to check out coupon database for thousands of coupons)
  3. Catalina offers
  4. Stacking super coupons (found in your circulars) with manufacturer coupons and/or digital coupons
  5. Clearance Deals (we will work on finding and posting more clearance deals in the coming weeks)
  6. ShopRite from Home promotions.

We also have Rebate Offers such as


I know you will have lots of questions regarding this. As of today, this is all the information we have. As we hear more, we will update the post.


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