My Stop & Shop Shopping Trip – 18 items totaling $12.75 a Savings of 50%!

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Are you guys taking advantage of all the great deals at Stop & Shop this week? I took advantage of a few of the deals and scored a nice amount of savings this week.

Okay let’s tackle my mess ups, I went in purposely to do the Cracker Barrel Deal and I somehow sorta messed it all up, but not completely. Firstly I didn’t start with my handy dandy scan it gun, I shopped old school today, and there in started my problems. Cracker Barrel Chunk Cheese, as well as the Cuts are on sale and both included in the Buy 5 Save $5 Instantly Kraft Deal. Be warned the CUTS do NOT count towards Ibotta. So I lost out on $2.25 in rebates but it’s ok, things happen we all make mistakes, really not that big of a deal. But I also caught a surprise! Unbeknownst to me the Cracker Barrel Baby Swiss actually rang up at $2.50 each instead of $3.00 So I caught a small $1 make up on that $2.25 mistake – Yay!

One of my favorite deals of the week is especially after catching another HUGE break is the Drakes Cakes Deal! They are on sale for $2.50 each this week and we have 2 regional coupons, as well as duplicate matching eCoupons. So I bought 2 of the Drakes Cakes, and I didn’t even bring a paper coupon, because I had clipped digitals, the exact same $3/2 and $1.25/1 coupons that are available for printing, were available not once, but twice in the Stop & Shop digital coupon center. I had all 4 clipped, and to my utter surprise, buying 2 boxes, resulted in receiving the $3/2 digital coupon coming off TWICE! Once on each box. So scored both boxes completely FREE + $1.00 in overage. This is most definitely a YMMV deal, if you try and replicate it.

Next up I went to score the awesome La Colombe Draft Latte’s deal with the Ibotta rebate, I picked up 2 cans and used my BOGO coupon, and paid $2.50 total, making each can $1.25. That’s a pretty spectacular deal, but I had clipped a $1/1 La Colombe Ibotta offer, and was expecting to receive that as well, but it was no longer in my gallery when I went to redeem it this afternoon. I picked these up for a friend who’s really helped me out the last few weeks while I’ve been sick so I don’t mind one bit.

And then the best deal of the whole trip is the Magnum Deal – Who doesn’t like Chocolate and Ice Cream? While I may not be able to indulge in the Ice Cream, my son and husband certainly can and I scored the deal exactly as written up in the list below. True story – Lost my box of Lipton Recipe Secrets somewhere between checkout and my house, no idea where it went, i’m hoping it’s floating around on the backseat floor somewhere where all things end up.

In closing not every shopping trip is perfect, and things don’t always go the way we planned. Did you read my Cracker Barrel debacle, and the NLA La Colombe Draft Latte’s Ibotta? Things happen, we can’t control. Just pick yourself up and try harder next time.

Remember don’t forget to get a raincheck when things are out of stock. I’m pretty pleased with paying just $12.75 for all these premium products. Not every shopping trip is going to be free, but I’ll gladly take 50% off of Sale Price any day!

Note: see the “My Deal Idea” portions to see how I scored all of these deals!

You can find most of these deals in the Main Matchups and Unadvertised list if the deal isn’t linked.

Be sure to share your favorite deals this week in the comments below!

Here is a list of what I purchased and how the deals went:

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Stop & Shop Shopping Trip Week of 5/24

Final Totals:

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