Eat at Home Meal Plans are On Sale Again & They are Amazing!

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If you didn’t grab an Eat at Home Meal Plan last time – you have another chance!

You can get 30% off the Life of your Membership of the Eat at Home Meal Plan using code YES through 8/27.

We did a challenge a few months ago with these plans and challenged all of you to make dinner at home for 7 days! Cindy & Megan became obsessed with this meal plan along with tons of other LRWC readers! WE are SO excited the sale is back for you guys to get your hands on these plans!

We are always sharing what we are cooking at night in our Eat at Home Challenge with LRWC Facebook Group! Go join us over there for inspiration! It’s super fun!

What are the Eat at Home Meal Plans

You know, it gets boring after a while, cooking the same things all the time. Use the Eat at Home Meal Plans (30% off with coupon code YES), to make it super simple.

Two Recipes Cindy made from the Eat at Home Meal Plans Recently

I’m excited because they are easy to follow plans that give you a month’s worth a meals, grocery lists & Recipes! The ingredient list is so simple and basic which I love. And, they use seasonal vegetables which I double love. Another way to cut down on your groceries is to buy produce that is in season.

With this Eat at Home Meal Plan, you have different meal types to choose which are all included. The plans include:

  • No Flour & No Sugar Meals (that’s the one I’m using),
  • Traditional Meals,
  • Slow Cooker/Instant Pot Meals
  • Wholesome

Here is what you’d get:

  • Month Worth of Traditional Meal Plans, Recipes & Shopping Lists
  • Month Worth of Wholesome Meal Plans, Recipes & Shopping Lists
  • Month Worth of Slow Cooker/Instant Pot Meal Plans, Recipes & Shopping Lists
  • Month Worth of No Flour/No Sugar Meal Plans, Recipes & Shopping Lists
  • Grocery Lists are COLOR CODED for each weeks recipes
  • Serving size options: 4-6 or 6-8
  • Access to the entire month
  • Access to EVERY Meal plan option

How to Get the Eat at Home Meal Plan

One of my favorite things about this Eat At Home Meal Plan is that I can choose to do the Traditional Menu one week and the Slow Cooker Menu the next week! I also LOVE the color coded grocery list – I know what to eliminate if I don’t want to make one of the meals!

Use coupon code YES for 30% through 8/27.

That breaks down to:

  • 1 Month – $14/month – 30% (code: YES) = $9.80/month
  • Annually – $84/Year – 30% (code: YES) = $58.90/Year ($4.90/month or $1.13/week)
  • Quarterly – $31/Quarter – 30% (code: YES) = $21.70/quarter ($1.35/week)

Get your Meal Plan for 30% off Today!

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