My Stop & Shop Shopping Trip: $6.70 for Everything – $0.39 per item (72% Savings)

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Are you guys taking advantage of all the great deals at Stop & Shop this week? I took advantage of a few of the deals and scored a nice amount of savings this week.

On Friday I went in for my weekly run, and to gather the awesome unadvertised deals list. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. There are tons of great new deals posted there every week. I head in store and do a full walk through to bring you as many of the Unadvertised Deals as we can.

I headed in for the cheap Powerade Drinks at only $0.49 each – Must Buy 5 and then also scored 2 boxes of Kellogg’s Cereals. Joseph requested some Apple Jacks for back to school. There’s only 99 other varieties on our shelf, and now we have 100 with the addition of Apple Jacks! Yes i’m totally exaggerating, but there’s a bunch of cereals on those shelves!

I also grabbed my Nature Valley Wafer Bars Freebie (NLA to clip)

With school starting I also grabbed 2 packages of the FREE Kleenex Wet Wipes, while mine weren’t free $0.09 per pack is pretty awesome!

The rest of the deals are listed in the Main Matchups and Unadvertised list if it isn’t linked in this post.

Remember don’t forget to get a raincheck when things are out of stock.

Note: see the “My Deal Idea” portions to see how I scored all of the deals!

Be sure to share your favorite deals this week in the comments below!

Here is a list of what I purchased and how the deals went:

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My Stop & Shop Shopping Trip

Final Totals:

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